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December 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop; a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown – Matthew 13:8.

In Devonshire, like all other parishes in Bermuda, we are taught that it is about deeds, not words. We are brought up from a young age to take care of our neighbourhoods, our elders, our youngsters, our clubs, our schools, and our churches. Essentially, to take care of each other.

Most of all, prepare the next generation to do all of the above.

On Sunday, 10th December, Christ Anglican Church aka Devonshire Church aka the little church with the big heart, held its annual candlelight service. In attendance was Her Excellency the Governor, the Premier and other parliamentarians of both sides, President of the Senate, the Anglican Bishop of Bermuda, and other clergy.

The church pews were full with nearly 300 attendees from all walks of life. They sat in the glow of hundreds of small lights that gave the appearance of that night in Bethlehem.

Sowing good seeds requires patience and love.

Christ Anglican Church Sowing Seeds Bermuda December 2023

The program included Christmas songs by youth and adult choirs, select readings by members of different community organisations such as local Devonshire schools, the Barn and a fabulous song sung by puppets. There was a ministry of sign language, accompanied by the distinct sounds of Cuba, performed by First lady Mrs Konnie Garcia-Tucker.

Sowing Seeds

If one is lucky enough in life, they live long enough to recognise the value of elders taking time and effort to set them on the right paths. Every so often, one has to publicly give homage to those persons who ploughed the fields before them. There are many who sowed seed into my life; far too many to mention them all. However, three that should be named are Rev. Jermaine “Jay” Tucker, Lew Trott, and Neville Tyrrell.

As importantly, those life values must be patiently handed on to upcoming youth. In doing so, they too will learn to uphold the traditions that have built our parishes and our country. Likewise, they too must be acknowledged for their works.

Christ Anglican Church remains rooted in the diverse Devonshire community.

Christ Anglican Church December 2023

So, it was a great feeling to have two young men of Devonshire, Amon Robinson and Deszion Davis, applauded and honoured by the congregation. Unfortunately, Razi Garland is away at university, so he could not attend in person. Each of the three young men had multiple family members in attendance showing their love and support.

Deeds not Words

It only takes but a few moments to plant a seed. Yet, it takes much more time to nurture the plant to maturity. Over time, the crops will bear good fruit. So, thanks to Rev. Jermaine Tucker, his congregation, and the Candlelight Committee of Devonshire Church. As importantly, all those who attended for that brief moment in time of sowing seeds into the young and not so young men of Devonshire and their families.

- Chris Famous

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