Column: Honouring Wade “Tick” Gibbons

January 3, 2024

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

“No, I won’t be afraid
Oh, I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me”

- Ben E. King

We often hear claims about men not supporting each other in times of need. Or that men are afraid to show their true emotions.

On Friday, 29th December, hundreds of persons, most of which were men, gathered at Brighton Hill Church of Christ to show respect, love and support to the family of Mr. Wade Lofton Gibbons aka Tick. He was the much loved husband of Rhonda Rosetta Gibbons, son of the late Barry and Venetia [Outerbridge] Gibbons, father of Sewadjah Gibbons, Kiwadme Roberts, Rhondel Pitcher and Samika Morrison.

Wade Lofton Gibbons aka “Tick,” a friend to all

Wade Lofton Gibbons Bermuda Jan 3 2024

As a lifelong employee of Works & Engineering, Mr. Gibbons spent his career in every section of the Waste Treatment department. Along the way he touched the lives of each one of his co-workers. As importantly, he touched the lives of many Bermudians.

Countless persons can attest to meeting him at the Tynes Bay facility and greeting him with love and kindness.

When he could have very easily ignored requests, anyone asking him to look out for a particular item, whether it be a doll house, fishing rod or vinyl record collection. He would patiently look out for the requested articles then skillfully fish them out of the skip with his hook and call the persons to let them know they can pick up their gifts of love.

Just as skillfully, he could be found off the rocks farming the sea and bringing home freshly caught seafood to cook for his entire family. Testimony was given as to how addictive his cooking was.

“And he said to them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

- Matthew 4:19

Without a doubt, his greatest “hook skills” were used in serving his Lord and saviour at the Brighton Hill Church of Christ. Both he and his wife served in several ministries looking out for not just fellow church members but the wider public. Untold amounts of Bermudians can testify to how Mr. Gibbons showed them the true meaning of Christianity.

After the service, Mr. Gibbons was given a guard of honour and motorcade from Devonshire by the Bermuda Police Motorcycle section and privately owned vintage motorcycle riders.

What would forever stand out in the mind of all was the hundreds of men from Works & Engineering that attended the service for their fallen brother. Outside of the church were four or five freshly cleaned, shiny blue waste collection trucks, tires and rims polished as a sign of respect to the man regarded as a father figure.

Those present witnessed the Works & Engineering brothers and sisters comforting each other as they escorted Mr. Gibbons to Trinity Church for internment. It was a sight to behold.

Indeed, grown men put their emotions on the line and stood by each other in a show of love and respect for the man known to many as “Tick.”

- Chris Famous

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