Two Chronic Kidney Disease Screenings Held

December 12, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Diabetes Association [BDA] hosted two community chronic kidney disease [CKD] screenings in collaboration with Carna Health.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Diabetes Association is proud to announce it hosted the first two community chronic kidney disease [CKD] screenings, in collaboration with Carna Health, aimed at increasing early detection of CKD. Kidney disease is prevalent in Bermuda and far too many people only discover they have the disease when they have reached the more advanced stages.

“The Association is supporting screening for early detection because it can reduce the number of people who need dialysis or kidney transplants. People who have diabetes are at greater risk of developing CKD.

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“Community CKD screening has garnered support from key figures, including the Kim Wilson, Minister of Health, whose endorsement underscores the critical importance of new approaches to address this growing health concern.”

Minister Wilson said, “I find it encouraging that the Bermuda Diabetes Association and Carna Health are taking proactive measures by providing crucial screening for early detection and prevention of diabetes complications, mainly focusing on chronic kidney disease.

“Bermuda is currently facing a challenge, with 14% of the population dealing with chronic kidney disease. This subtle ailment often goes unnoticed until it reaches a critical stage.”

The spokesperson said, “Community screening aims to identify patients in earlier stages of CKD, supporting early interventions that can significantly alter the course of the disease. CKD progresses silently or with minimal symptoms until advanced stages, when interventions become less effective, potentially leading to hemodialysis or transplant.”

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Dr Salvatore Viscomi, Carna Health’s Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, said, “Carna aims to empower individuals at risk for CKD to live longer and healthier lives by providing them with a convenient, scalable and comprehensive testing platform. This solution will not only identify disease early and closely monitor its progression, but it will also direct the appropriate patients to timely interventions so dialysis and transplant can be avoided in the future.”

The spokesperson said, “Statistics reveal a concerning trend of only 7% of CKD patients in Bermuda being diagnosed in stages 1 or 2, while 20% are diagnosed at the more advanced stages 4 or 5, highlighting a trend of diagnosis occurring at later disease stages.”

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Lori Rockhead, Executive Director of the Bermuda Diabetes Association, said, “The Association is pleased to be involved in this effort as it can make a significant difference to the people who are affected. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and genetic predisposition are risk factors for CKD. BDA will host more screenings in 2024.”

The spokesperson said, “The objective is to identify at-risk individuals, providing them with appropriate interventions and referrals to nephrology specialists. Anyone interested in being screened can contact”

Claire McDevitt, Carna’s Director of Operations, said, “Carna Health will track screening participants to help ensure they receive follow-up testing and referrals to specialists when needed.

“I want to acknowledge the important contribution Kidney Care Bermuda is making by eliminating co-pays for treatment. Co-pays can be a significant barrier to people accessing treatment, so I applaud Kidney Care for its efforts,” said Lori Rockhead.

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