Swan & Smith To Launch Golf Links Society

December 4, 2023 | 1 Comment

Kim Swan and PGA professional Andrew Smith have announced the launch of the Bermuda UK & Ireland Golf Links Society to promote Bermuda as a golf destination to United Kingdom and Ireland golfers.

A spokesperson said, “A new golf society is being launched to bolster the awareness of golfing in Bermuda among the millions of golfers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“Former PGA European Tour player Kim Swan is spearheading the initiative along with PGA Professional Andrew Smith from York, England.

“Andrew Smith is the PGA Professional at York Driving Range in York and Secretary of the PGA in Yorkshire, England and Kim Swan, Bermuda PGA Professional have collaborated for 15 months and their friendship through the game of golf has evolved into the formation of the Bermuda UK & Ireland Golf Society.

“In the summer of 2022, Kim Swan and Andrew Smith met in York, England when Swan booked a lesson for a club fitting with Mr. Smith, Teaching Professional at the York Driving Range. Since that lesson, the pair kept in touch and their shared vision for golf led to the staging of the Bermuda vs Yorkshire PGA Challenge Match at Forest Park Golf Club, York, England.”

Mr. Swan said, “I was in the York area to play an event at historic Pannal Golf Club and found a friendly place to practice. I was impressed with Andrew Smith’s teaching methods and enjoyed our conversation. We are a similar age and quite possibly competed in the same events when I was on the PGA European Golf Tour.

“I’m not surprised that our efforts have led to the formation of a Golf Society, there is a sense of de ja vu, because for me our meeting was reminiscent of the Bermuda vs New England PGA Challenge Cup Matches we started back in the 1980′s that my dear friend the late Fritz and Joan Reiter would sponsor through Lobster Pot.

“Andrew Smith and I both want to leave a legacy for the young golf professionals and leading amateur golfers from of our respective regions.

Golf Links Society Kim Swan & Andrew Smith Bermuda December 2023

“The structure we are building is one that will continue long after we are off the stage.

“Our inaugural match in September 2023 revealed how many different entities we touch to make a successful international event happen. But we want the event to outlive us, so we are developing a Matrix which forms the structure of the society and the schedule the competitions events will follow.

“The objective of the society is to build relationships through the game of golf in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland as the foundation of promoting Bermuda as the go to golf destination.

BBO PGA March 2023 Outreach

“In March of 2023, through the combined efforts of Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bermuda Government Golf Courses, Newstead Belmont Hills and other on-island stakeholders, we hosted a small contingent from BBO PGA Region and Donnington Grove Resort which initiated the relationship which has grown exponentially. That FAM Trip allowed us to involve locals through a boutique pro-am and reception which showcased Bermuda at its finest. That first initiative was the precursor for the formation of the Bermuda UK Ireland Golf Links Society.

“The Golf Society, through outreach of stakeholders, community partners and golfing friends both professionals and well-established amateur golfers, will connect with diverse golfing communities throughout the UK and Ireland. The ultimate aim of the society is to build a relationship bridge to Bermuda.

“The society will be self-funded, accept sponsorship and operate solely as a nonprofit society with proper accounts kept and an annual report provided.

“All funds raised will be for the express purpose of promoting Bermuda through golf in the United Kingdom and Ireland and transporting persons to and from Bermuda for golf.

“The inaugural event in England featured a hybrid team of Bermudians living in UK and Friends of Bermuda. The Bermuda teams will consist of professional and amateur golfers, featuring male and female competitors of all ages.

“In addition to organizing events for the purpose of building relationships between Bermuda, UK and Ireland the society will have teams consisting of Bermudians and Friends of Bermuda living overseas and travelling from Bermuda. We are still considering potential names of the representative teams.

“The society is busy planning golf events for Bermuda in the spring and the UK in the summer of 2024, while looking ahead to 2025 and beyond.

“We are driven to forge this relationship between Bermuda, UK and Ireland through our mutual love for the game of golf. There are mutual benefits that can evolve from this that we collectively envision. Our mutual passions are fueling the realization of this shared vision.”

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