78-Year-Old Injured In ‘Suspected Hit-And-Run’

January 30, 2024 | 3 Comments

A 78-year-old female pedestrian was injured in a ‘suspected hit-and-run’ collision in Hamilton Parish, with the police appealing for anyone with information about this incident to please contact them.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 1 pm Monday, 29th January 2024, uniformed police officers responded to a suspected hit and run road traffic collision, involving a 78-year-old female pedestrian, at the junction of North Shore Road and Callen Glen Rise in Hamilton Parish.

“It appears that the Hamilton Parish resident was crossing North Shore Road from the waterside, heading towards Callen Glen Rise, when she was apparently struck by a motorcyclist traveling east. It is understood that the rider continued east along North Shore Road.

“On police arrival, the 78-year-old woman was found lying in the grass near the westbound lane, being assisted by members of the public. She was then transported to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and later discharged.

“Inquiries by the Bermuda Police Service [BPS] continue regarding the circumstances of this suspected hit and run road traffic collision. So far, no description of the motorcycle or rider believed to have been involved has come to light.

“Any witnesses, or persons with relevant information, particularly anyone who may have seen a motorcyclist traveling east at speed along North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish, between Francis Patton Primary School and Blue Hole Hill around 1 pm Monday, 29th January 2024, are encouraged to contact Constable 2572 Tyler Nelmes on 211, e-mail tnelmes@bps.bm, or speak with a police officer they know.

“Information can also be provided through the BPS online community reporting portal at https://portal.police.bm/.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    North Shore Road is often a known raceway for motorbikes. I lost count of how many times a motorbike roared past me while I was bicycling. Thought about using a GoPro knockoff video camera to gather evidence but why is that my job? Then I have to testify in court as a witness to verify what was videoed. No point in reporting the speedsters because you get tired of the paperwork and being questioned by the police who never seem to be around on North Shore Road. Perhaps someone could open up a doughnut shop or roadside stand that would draw the BPS to be around.

  2. Maddog says:

    What kind of person hits an old person, or any person and leaves them in the street? DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR. ….Oh wait I know….the person who likely has no lisence no insurance was speeding and under the influence is carrying a weapon and has illegal substances on their person. Maybe throw a few warrants in there too. There are too many selfish unkind lawbreaking uncaring people out there. It’s the new normal. It sickens and saddens me.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You definitely have a grasp of what’s going on out there on the roads !

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