Bermuda Brownies Celebrate 105th Anniversary

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First Devonshire and First West Pembroke Brownies marked the 105th anniversary of Guiding in Bermuda with a health and fitness day, creating a ’105′ display with fruit, and presenting a donation to support the Bermy Bouncers.

A spokesperson said, “First Devonshire and First West Pembroke Brownies celebrated the 105th anniversary of Guiding in Bermuda with a health and fitness day featuring Coach G from Bermy Bouncers. The girls created the number ’105′ with fruit, emphasizing Guiding’s impact on Bermuda for 105 years. They used apples and oranges for the historical display, later enjoying them as healthy snacks. The day included a Jumping Extravaganza with cartwheel jump rope tricks and various moves to keep the girls active.

Bermuda Brownies Celebrate 105th Anniversary

“Brownie sponsor Alicia Virgil, Director of Bermuda Party Promotions, presented Coach G with a $100 donation for travel expenses as Bermy Bouncers will compete abroad. Brownies completing the Family Fitness Challenge received certificates, fitness patches, and $20 gift vouchers for fruit purchases. They are promoting family fitness and wellness for all residents on the island, publishing 100 Meatless Cookbook/Calendars to fundraise.

“Proceeds will buy air fryers for patients in need, particularly those with end stage renal failure and high blood pressure. Donations will also go to the Diabetes Association for children and young adults with Type 1 diabetes, with the remainder supporting Brownie health and fitness ventures. Argus Insurance Company is a generous sponsor.

“Brownie leaders aim to reduce non-communicable diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Talks from medical professionals will be part of their health, wellness, and fitness program. Dr. Ayesha Peets Talbot of Ocean Rock Wellness, a former First Devonshire Brownie, serves as the Brownie health mentor.

“Current leaders and helpers include Snowy Owl Aliyah Philpott, Brown Owl Cathy Bassett, Kiterri Zuill, a BHS student, and Ilani Furbert from Berkeley Institute, both former First Devonshire Brownies. They are assisted by CedarBridge Academy’s Maya Lake.

“The Brownies are preparing for the Thinking Day Service at the Cathedral on February 18th, with the theme ‘Our World, Our Future… Thriving.’ Thinking Day is officially on February 22nd and is celebrated worldwide.”

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