Furniture Giveaway Cancelled At Last Minute

January 23, 2024 | 8 Comments

[Updated] Crowds of people were left disappointed today [Jan 23] after the furniture giveaway at the Fairmont Southampton was cancelled at the last minute.

In advance of the previously announced starting time, there were large crowds of people at the property and at the door, and cars were lined up outside the property even extending to the road.


Fairmont Southampton previously announced that they would host a “special event open to the general public, where you can acquire furniture items that are no longer needed” on Tuesday, January 23rd and Tuesday, January 30th, with items available set to include guest room furniture, mattresses, tables, framed pictures, mirrors, desks, chairs, hotel restricted TV’s [only works with HDMI input] and more. The event was due to start at 11:00am today, and it was cancelled without notice.

We asked the hotel owners for a statement and we will update as able.

Update 4.09pm: A spokesperson said, “Today marked the continuation of Fairmont Southampton’s community outreach initiative, offering free distribution of used items from the hotel to the public.

“The turnout far exceeded the hotel’s expectations, reflecting the significant need within the community. Though full preparations were in place including additional security, interest in the event proved to be overwhelming. Citing safety concerns, the police advised shutting it down.

“The hotel team remains committed to supporting the broader community by making available to the public any remaining items no longer required.

“Further updates and a revised plan will be communicated as soon as it is finalized.”

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  1. SMH says:

    The Vultures were disappointed. Anything free people are guaranteed to show up in the hundreds. Put support for a good cause, you get no shows.

  2. hey says:

    This was poorly thought out. Am glad nobody was physically hurt, shame that some suffered financially from booking a truck, losing work. I was going to go after work as can’t get time off. I’m not wealthy and could do with one or two things to use.

    • Smh... says:

      “Poorly thought out”
      Maybe so but you still can’t excuse the poor behavior displayed and lack of cooperation. People can’t even comprehend simple instructions like back up space so things can happen in an orderly fasion

  3. puzzled says:

    Anything sanctioned by the PLP is a disaster.

    People are fools.
    Vote em out. Noting left anyway.

  4. Steve says:

    Another PLP mess

  5. Adelle says:

    I don’t think they thought this through, They should have contacted
    Seniors residences
    Salvation Army RE-Harbour Light
    The Family Center
    Women’s Resource Center
    Age Concern
    Transformational Living Centre
    And there are many other charities, that Could have benefited.

    • Payattention says:

      Keep up Adelle. The charities received first offerings last month.

  6. debra tucker says:

    I don’t want that molded dust mite furniture that has been stored up for nearly 5 years.

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