Asphalt Plant Reopens, Crews Working On Roads

February 12, 2024 | 8 Comments

The East End Asphalt plant reopened today [Feb 12] and the Ministry of Public Works “has ramped up efforts to address the condition of the island’s roads.”

Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said, “We are taking the necessary action to improve the state of our roads.”

A spokesperson said, “The East End Asphalt plant, a crucial resource for the island’s road maintenance, reopened today at 10.00am.

“Therefore, after the recent heavy rainfall, crews from the Ministry of Public Works has ramped up efforts to address the condition of the island’s roads.

“The Ministry’s highways teams have embarked on an extensive pothole repair campaign, focusing on critical areas to ensure safer and smoother travels for all.

“Starting this week, one crew began work on North Shore Road, moving from the East End Asphalt location at Blue Hole westward towards Spanish Point.

“Concurrently, another team initiated repairs on South Road, heading west from Hamilton Parish. These actions are part of a broader strategy to rapidly respond to the damage, caused mainly by the adverse weather conditions.”

“The Collector’s Hill area in Smith’s is in desperate need of paving and repair but this is a particularly complex area due to underlying queue loops for traffic lights.

“Repairs in this area require careful planning to avoid disrupting the traffic light system and those preparations are underway, including securing substitute loops and issuing traffic notices to reroute traffic via Middle Road, to ensure that the repairs can commence without unnecessary delay.”

Minister Burch said, “Tomorrow, our crews will be deployed in several key locations to continue their work. One team will be working on the Causeway, another crew will initiate repairs on Tee Street and Middle Road, in Devonshire, progressing towards Cavendish Road.

“Additionally, a third crew will advance their work along South Road, moving west from Hamilton Parish through to Smith’s and into Devonshire Parish.”

The Government spokesperson said, “The public is encouraged to continue to report potholes via the email address.”

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  1. LOL says:

    Leave a full potholes to place the OBA in after the next election.

  2. what says:

    If the PLP had properly maintained the roads over their 20 years in power then we would not be patching up holes all over the island. The PLP took the money away from road repair and resurfacing, the resurfaced miles were reduced every year until they reached ZERO. This is not the fault of the rain, this is the fault of the PLP. We are a Sub tropical island, guess what , it rains. Tank rain isn’t a new concept, so QUIT blaming weather.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      What you do not mention is that the PLP Government widened many of the roads to allow for larger vehicles, straitened many curves in the roads to allow for faster speeds and removed the restrictions that limited the second-hand vehicle market, so that a greater number of people could own cars and trucks.

      • What says:

        They didn’t widen any roads.

        They allowed bigger vehicles, which has led to more accidents and higher car insurance costs.

        They did not straighten roads, and they did not introduce the second hand car rule.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          The PLP Government most certainly did widen roads, notably South Road in the western parishes.

          As for introducing a “second hand car rule”, you are correct. The PLP Government did not “introduce” any such thing. It lifted previous restrictions. It was all done on Dr. Brown’s watch and Dr. Brown even offered the opinion that the previous restriction on second hand cars was only in place to enrich the white establishment that owned the dealerships

  3. trufth says:

    1st: quit blaming the weather. Rain is a scapegoat and excuse. Rain has been falling on asphalt forever. In fact, I’m pretty sure it rained a few times while the OBA were in office.

    2nd: if you only pat down the asphalt with the back of a shovel, guess what, it won’t stick regardless of weather. Duh. Do it properly the first time (for a change) and it will last longer.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Concurrently, another team initiated repairs on South Road, heading west from Hamilton Parish”

    [GASP!] That is Tuckers Town! And it is east of White Hill!

  5. Marine Life says:

    Another point: The record rainfall of 2023 only makes up for the number of lean years of rain when most
    peoples’ Lawns when Brown and crispy every spring into Summer! The MAIN PROBLEM is Government Dropping its Hands down with Repaving the roads. It was clearly evident with the numerous cracks in the roads. Every time it rained, vehicle tires would roll over the many cracks with ‘muddy’ water coming up out of the cracks and running down the roads. This makes voids under the asphalt and there you go, POTHOLES! Totally Government’s fault! So much for 14% paving each year, that went out the window years ago. They think the public at large don’t remember the stated facts they dish out for plaudits!

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