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“Thanks to its gorgeous beaches, quintessential architecture, and rich history, Bermuda should be on everyone’s list to visit at some point in their lives,” according to an article by Smarter Travel.

The story said, “The size of the island is tiny- just over 20 miles long and less than 2 miles wide at its widest point- so you can easily explore the entire island during your stay. Don’t let its tiny size fool you, though; there is still a lot to see and do while you are there. From shipwrecks, caves, and stunning beaches, here are some of the reasons you should visit Bermuda, and where to stay while you’re there.

“Bermuda is loaded with fun things to do- no matter what type of vacation you want to have. From lazing on the beach to exploring shipwrecks, these are the top things to do during your trip to Bermuda.

“Beaches should be enough reason to visit anywhere – but Bermuda’s beaches are particularly spectacular. Popular beaches include Horseshoe Bay Beach, Tobacco Bay, and Elbow beach, and you can find tranquility at beaches like Chaplin Bay Beach, or John Smith’s Bay, which tend to be quieter than the bigger, more popular spots.

“Those looking for adventure won’t have to look far while visiting Bermuda- there is snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, horseback riding, rock climbing, cliff diving, parasailing, jetskiing and more. You can even dive, snorkel or swim down to one of the many shipwrecks around. For those who want to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace, don’t worry there is plenty for you to do too! Hiking, biking, the Bermuda Arboretum, and other slower-paced activities are abound.”

Read the full story here on the Smarter Travel website.

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