Airport Earns Level 1 Carbon Accreditation

February 14, 2024 | 4 Comments

The airport earned a ‘Level 1 Mapping achievement under the Airport Carbon Accreditation [ACA] program,’ with Skyport saying this “signifies a crucial milestone in Skyport’s ongoing sustainability journey.”

A spokesperson said, “L.F. Wade International Airport, managed by Skyport, is proud to announce its Level 1 ‘Mapping’ achievement under the Airport Carbon Accreditation [ACA] program, the only institutionally endorsed global carbon management certification program for airports. This accomplishment signifies a crucial milestone in Skyport’s ongoing sustainability journey.

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“The ACA is the only institutionally-endorsed, worldwide carbon management certification specifically designed for airports. It independently assesses and recognizes the efforts of airports in managing and reducing their carbon emissions through six levels of certification: ‘Mapping,’ ‘Reduction,’ ‘Optimisation,’ ‘Neutrality,’ ‘Transformation,’ and ‘Transition.’ It provides a robust, common framework for active carbon management with measurable objectives, accommodating airports of all sizes, including hubs, regional airports, general aviation, and freight-focused facilities.”

“In our bid to reduce carbon emissions and positively impact the environment, obtaining Level 1 ACA is a significant milestone,” says Skyport’s President, Aaron Adderley. “This recognition is a testament to our commitment to carbon reduction and an affirmation of our data-driven approach towards sustainability.”

“The accomplishment was celebrated by the Latin America Caribbean [LAC] region of Airports Council International [ACI], the world’s largest representative organization for airports, representing over 2,100 airports globally.”

“ACI-LAC extends its sincere congratulations to L.F. Wade International Airport for achieving Level 1 ‘Mapping’ under the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. This significant accomplishment highlights the airport’s dedication to sustainable practices and sets a commendable example for the entire aviation industry in the region. We, at ACI-LAC, are proud to endorse and support such proactive initiatives as we work together towards a greener and more environmentally responsible future for airports across Latin America and the Caribbean,” says Dr. Rafael Echevarne, ACI-LAC’s Director General.

Chloe Minors, Head of Safety at Skyport, shared insights on the importance of the achievement. “L.F. Wade International Airport’s attainment of Level 1 of ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation is a significant stride in our sustainability journey,” said Minors. “We are excited to strengthen our partnerships and enhance our collaborative efforts, particularly in areas of renewable energy and sustainable development.”

Minors also spoke about Skyport’s future plans. “This recognition is more than just validation of our sustainability efforts—it is a clear statement of our commitment to a sustainable future. We look forward to advancing through further levels of the ACA program as we continue implementing carbon reduction strategies, improving energy efficiency, and actively contributing to reducing our environmental footprint.”

“As an active participant in the global efforts to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint, Skyport remains dedicated to sustainable operations and will continue its robust carbon management strategies.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Reducing CO2 emissions means that plants suffer and that is not positively impacting the environment. And then we have that nebulous word, sustainability.

    What exactly is a “sustainability journey?” Is that anything like a walkabout? Something experienced with special mushrooms?

    Environmentalists are pushing to limit flights per person during their lifetime, except if you are trying to save the planet by flying to COP annual summit meetings. How does that four flights per lifetime whale swim with the LF Wade Airport spokesperson?

    NOOO! Not “robust carbon management strategies”!!!! Seriously, why does not one reporter ever ask for metrics?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Reducing CO2 emissions means that plants suffer ”

      Will there be enough carbon dioxide left for plants to engage in photosynthesis?

  2. Kent Stewart says:

    I’m happy for any effort to help the environment but an airport that obviously handles aircraft is not the biggest help in the aviation sustainability issue…

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      You mean like touting “clean” electric vehicles in Bermuda, where almost all of our electricity is generated by the burning of fossil fuel?

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