Bermuda Pub Talk Helped Blummenfelt Win Gold

February 14, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Norwegian triathlete Kristian Blummenfelt has revealed how a meeting in a pub in Bermuda helped him win the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo three years ago.

Blummenfelt was part of a Norwegian podium sweep in the men’s race at the inaugural World Triathlon Series Bermuda in 2018, finishing second.

He was invited for a drink with Patrick Kelly, the Japan team’s head coach, and another coach Murakami Koji later that evening to discuss the secrets behind Norway’s success.

Kenji Nener, who was part of the Japanese squad at the time, remembers how Kelly was eager to pick the brains of Blummenfelt.

“Patrick really wanted to know how Norway had become such a dominant force in a short period of time,” Nener told

Team Norway Bermuda Feb 14 2024

“Following that meeting, Patrick’s relationship with Norway initiated an MOU [memorandum of understanding] agreement in 2019.”

As part of the agreement, the Japanese team were invited to training camps with the Norwegians in exchange for helping them prepare for the Tokyo Games.

Arild Tveiten, the Norway team’s head caoch, said the relationship was a huge benefit for both parties.

“In July 2018, we had our first of many camps together in Font Romeu [in France], which was a success, and we got to know the Japanese team,” Tveiten said.

“Over the years, we met again in Font Romeu, Thailand, and Japan for camps, and we got well connected.

“Our pre-camp in Miyazaki before the Olympics was perfect because we got access to facilities that we never would have without the MOU.

“The Japanese team had some really good athletes who pushed us during our open water swims and brick workouts.

“When we had our important race prep sessions, organisers from the World Triathlon Cup in Miyazaki came in and arranged a T1 and T2, including racks and blue carpets for these workouts.”

Blummenfelt went on to claim gold in Tokyo, while Nener finished an impressive fourteenth.

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