Suspicious Envelope, Police & Fire Respond

January 3, 2013

[Updated: At 5pm police, fire and ambulance attended the airport after a report of "suspicious substance" in an envelope that originated overseas. As a safety precaution, one airport staffer was taken to the hospital and three others were quarantined.

At 10pm the police said the envelope was forensically examined and no traces of any toxic substance were found, and a police investigation has commenced into a possible mischievous or malicious disruptive act]

At around 5pm this afternoon, the Police and Fire Service responded to a report of an “unknown substance” found by staff at the LF Wade Airport. The police said that in the “abundance of caution” one of those individuals has been taken to the hospital and three other members of staff have been quarantined.

At 5.30pm, there were at least three fire vehicles on scene, and multiple police and fire personnel. Some of the airport staff could be seen standing in the airport’s parking lot, and the ambulance arrived on scene at approximately 5.40pm.

Slideshow of police, fire, and the ambulance on the scene. Click right hand to move to next photo:

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said: “A few minutes after 5pm, police responded to a report of unknown substance that was found by a member of staff with airport operations.

“As a result one of those individuals has been taken to the hospital and three other members of staff have been quarantined. This is being done in the abundance of caution until more information can be gathered about the foreign substance.”

Mr Caines noted that three other first responders have also been put into a safe area, and said: “The parking lot adjacent to the arrivals hall has been cordoned off and has become a command center for operations.“

“The Bermuda Police Service and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service are fully trained for scenarios such as this, and the scene is being managed.”

Flights have not been affected at this point, and Mr Caines said he wishes to discourage persons from coming down to the airport to look, as it is a very active scene and said he will provide more information to the media as able.

Update 6.36pm: Two more fire vehicles arrived, and personnel can be seen putting on Hazmat suits.

Update 6.47pm: Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes said airport staff contacted them after having concerns about an envelope. He said envelope was taken away, and the police are treating it “as a suspicious package at this time.”

Analysts will conduct tests, and determine whether it is a dangerous material. He said a female staff member went to the hospital went to get checked out, which he called a routine procedure, and said there “are no major injuries at this time.”

Update 7.20pm: The police crime scene tape has been removed, and the area appears to be back open to the general public. Most the fire vehicles have left the area, and there are a few police officers remaining.

Update 8.14pm: Audio above swapped for video, additional photos added to slideshow above.

Update 10.09pm: Police spokesperson Dwayne Caines said the envelope was forensically examined and “no traces of any toxic or other substance was found in the envelope or the contents which originated overseas.”

A police investigation has commenced into “what appears to be a mischievous or possibly malicious disruptive act by persons unknown.”

Mr Caines full statement follows below:

Please be advised that following a call to the LFWIA Emergency services attended to a report of a suspicious envelope that had been delivered by regular mail.

The envelope was forensically examined and no traces of any toxic or other substance was found in the envelope or the contents which originated overseas.

No injuries were caused to any staff at the airport however one staff member was taken to KEMH out of an abundance of caution. Two family members who escorted the staff member to the hospital were checked and released soon after.

There was no danger to the traveling public or other airport staff and airport operations were not disrupted. Incoming and outgoing flights were not affected.

An investigation has commenced into what appears to be a mischievous or possibly malicious disruptive act by persons unknown. Anyone with any knowledge is asked to contact Detective Sergeant B.T. Smith of the Eastern Criminal Investigation Unit.

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  1. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    drill time….to be continued.

  2. Concerned Traveller says:

    That place is infested with monster mold spores & is an Outbreak waiting to happen!!

    • Mrs. Simmons says:

      What does monster mold spores have to do with a suspicious envelope being found and cautionary measures taken? People continue to go off the deep end with comments, let’s try to stay on topic in 2013. I do hope all those concerned are ok, and that authorities remedy the matter as soon as possible.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        I’m guessing potentially hazardous envelope, potentially hazardous environment it’s kinda on topic

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    Nice jeeps the police have there, are they the same ones as W&E got, tax dollars working very hard!

    • reporter says:

      Yes it’s called refurbished police vehicles from the UK smartest decision they have made fully servicable and equipt vehicles without all the extra expenses. Stay up to dates with your current events so u don’t make ignorant comments as such multiple press releases where put forward to inform the tax payers where theIraq money is going.

      • James says:

        The jeeps are locally sourced and preped, the new riot vans, BMW and Audi are ex uk vehicles, maybe you should stay up to the times before throwing stones

      • Come Correct says:

        A Jeep Patriot is a referbished police vehicle… Gtfoh lol I’ve been in one doing 90kph…not cool, it will roll, and 90 is nothing. I’d pay you $1000 if you could roll a Land Rover, I’ve been in the back looking down at my mate who WAS across from me. If I wasn’t holding on it would have been a moment neither of us brought up again. Just a cushy unconventional jeep for the po.

      • Y-Gurl says:

        Do you wear big shoes and a red nose because you sure talk like a clown apparently you are not up to date as you think, the 2 UK vehicles are still on the road and these jeeps were purchased in Bermuda with TAX dollars and are nicely appointed with leather and a very nice sound system

    • enough says:

      You’re on here spouting anti-police stuff so often I doubt you have a job so tax dollars aren’t really something you should concern yourself with.

  4. Watching says:

    Did they taste it? We all know what happened on Caddy Shack with the pool incident!

  5. Tyrone Biggums says:

    Is anthrax bad?!

  6. Come Correct says:

    I feel bad for the sniffer dog…

  7. Family Man says:

    I wonder if this was intended to arrive before Dec 17th but didn’t have the correct address?

  8. Gabbani says:

    Well go up prospect, the Audi is mashed all up….I guess nobody knows about that!!! One

  9. D'OWL says:

    To whooom was this addressed?

  10. TED says:

    FALSE FLAG. Expect more.

  11. you all r funny says:

    The police are DUMB!!!
    CLEARLY THAT PACKAGE is a decoy!!! to distract them from the whats really being shipped here!!!

    • observer says:

      another conspiracy theorist, why dont you tell us all what being shipped here ?

  12. Dude says:

    Test Package got caught… change of plans…


    Only one test package got caught… proceed as planned…

  13. Xman says:

    Looks like the Drugs got in.
    It also looks like a well planed decoy.
    The Police and costoms have been fooled — a textbook trick!