Minister Darrell Attending CTO In Saint Martin

February 7, 2024 | 7 Comments

The Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport Senator Owen Darrell is attending the 2024 first-quarter Caribbean Tourism Organization [CTO] Meeting in Saint Martin.

A Government spokesperson said, “This gathering, hosted by the Honorable President Valerie Damaseau and her team, is an opportunity for collaboration with our Caribbean partners to strengthen Bermuda’s efforts in advancing sustainable tourism initiatives outlined in the National Tourism Plan [NTP].”

Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of the CTO, Dona Regis-Prosper pins the Minister.

Caribbean Tourism Organization Bermuda February 2024_2

Minister Darrell shared, “The Caribbean Tourism Organization [CTO] serves as a key platform for regional tourism development, boasting 25 member countries and numerous private sector allies. The CTO’s vision to position the Caribbean as the premier year-round, warm-weather destination strongly aligns with Bermuda’s tourism objectives.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Bermuda acknowledges the significance of sustainable tourism in safeguarding our cultural and environmental assets. By collaborating with our Caribbean partners through initiatives like the CTO, we can collectively advocate for sustainable practices that benefit our economies and diverse cultures.

Minister Darrell with chair of the council of ministers and commissioners. The Hon Kenneth Bryant, Minister of Tourism from Cayman Islands, Dona Regis-Prosper, Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of the CTO, and Rosa Harris, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and Director of Tourism, Cayman Islands.

Caribbean Tourism Organization Bermuda February 2024_1

“Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan is rooted in principles of conservation, community engagement, and cultural preservation, and the plan outlines actionable strategies to ensure Bermuda’s leadership in responsible tourism for future generations.”

Minister Darrell concluded, “I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this insightful CTO meeting and look forward to the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport supporting Bermuda to have a growing and balanced tourism sector.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Oh no! Not “advancing sustainable tourism initiatives…” and “the significance of sustainable tourism…”

    Government spending is not sustainable… Learn to video conference!

    The rub here is that we are meeting and “collaborating” with our competitors for the tourist dollars. Why? Why collaborate when we can lead and win more market share? Losers collaborate so that everyone feels good.

  2. How says:

    Get rid of Air BnBs, they are making Bermuda more expensive to live in!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      How are “Air BnBs, … making Bermuda more expensive to live in” please?

      I do not understand the basis on which you make such a sweeping assertion.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You must have missed all the previous discussion on the topic .
        The reasoning goes that all of the places taken out of the rental market and now used for airbnb have caused a greater demand for like rental units.
        Owners of those units now recognizing a disproportionate ratio of supply and demand are increasing the rates for their units.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          The problem with that theory is that we still have more apartments available than are needed.

          If this was 1984, rather than 2024, I would agree with that theory, but it does not work today.

          How will having dozens or hundreds of additional rental units help anyone when there are no people to rent those units?

          Also, the PLP Government will be deprived of the tax that AirBnB owners pay. How does that decrease the cost of living in Bermuda?

          • Toodle-oo says:

            We have more apartments available than what are needed ? If that was the case why is government having to build so much lower cost housing ?
            Are the many hundreds of people desperately seeking accommodations aware of all these available and affordable units?
            Greedy landlords that are willing to let are overpricing their units knowing how desperate people are because there IS a shortage caused by the increase in airbnbs and others simply keeping their units off the market for their own reasons .
            And BTW , whether it’s 1984 or 2024 , people with a product have always taken advantage of the supply and demand situation to their own benefit .

        • Fisherman says:

          Didn’t Government slap taxes on the owners?

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