Minister Darrell Cheers On CARIFTA Athletes

March 28, 2024 | 1 Comment

The CARIFTA Teams departed the island on Wednesday, and the  Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell was at the airport to bid them farewell

A Government spokesperson said, “The 51st CARIFTA Games begins on Saturday, March 30th, and ends on Monday, April 1st. The games will be held at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium in Queens Park, St. Georges, Grenada.

“The CARIFTA Games and CARIFTA Aquatics Championships stand as the region’s foremost athletics and swimming competitions, spotlighting the talent and skill of young athletes from various Caribbean nations.

“19 Bermuda athletes have been invited to participate in these games in various events, and the team is led by returning medalists Octathlete J’Auza James and 5000-metre runner Jake Brislane. Also within the traveling athlete contingent is Junior Achievement and National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Program recipient Jaeda Grant.

CARIFTA Bermuda March 27 2024

“The 37th CARIFTA Aquatics Championships will be held at the Betty Kelly-Kenning Aquatics Center in Nassau, Bahamas. The event will commence on Thursday, March 28th and conclude on Sunday, April 7th led by national coaches Ben Smith and Shona Palmer, several swimmers will be representing Bermuda for the first time in this international event, including Rory Shepperd, Scarlett Spurling, Dominic Wright, and Noah Maranzana.

“The Aquatic event will also include a category for swimmers over 18 for the first time. Madelyn Moore and Logan Watson-Brown, veterans and multiple event CARIFTA Age Group Champions, will also be attending. The team will be accompanied by Team Managers, Sarah Wheddon and Martin Weekes.

“This year, we have the pleasure of witnessing some up-and-coming local athletes participate, and I eagerly anticipate cheering them on as they compete against our fellow Caribbean counterparts,” said Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell.

“Goal #2 of the National Sports Policy is to ‘Achieve Sporting Excellence Regionally,’ and the CARIFTA games are an opportunity for our athletes to fulfill this goal. It will also inspire future generations of athletes by exposing them to high-level competition.”

A spokesperson added, “The CARIFTA Teams departed Wednesday, March 27th, and the Minister was at the airport to bid them farewell. Minister Darrell will also travel to Grenada to support our young Bermudian athletes at the CARIFTA Games.”

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  1. Pa says:

    I was brought up to the theory of “Work first and Play later”. This Island seem to have have it the other way round as our news media relates to that reversal on many occasions.

    Every day I read in the press the demise of Bermuda economy with comments such as “kick the can down the road “are we kicking the wrong can down the road.

    I often say Bermuda need to have more irons in the fire, diversification is the key ,which seem to fall on deaf ears.

    Next week I regretfully will be saying .” I told you so “.

    Are we throwing our hard earned money away, while our less fortunate people
    ( blame poor education for that )
    complain about their difficulty of putting food on the table while other fly the jet ?

    We just got stung by the bee again .

    The writing is on the wall !

    Inflation is rampant, as Big Business and others take bigger and bigger pieces of the pie .

    I am not a statistician however, it does not take much to realize the we are 20% posibly more down the tube.

    10% in price gouging while another 10 % where our income or buying power has been depleted that is an enormous hit,where as 1% would have been more acceptable.

    In my opinion , I am not convined that this country has a balances budget that is unheard of as Govermment’s (both parties )
    never can do that .

    Re program the National budget over so we can see where adjustment need to be made.
    Do more with less .

    Faling that Bermuda’s road to recovery wil be long and hard simply because I and others have stoped spending while others are buying in cars to preven devaluation .

    You can not take the shirt of a naked man !

    Adjustments need to be made on both income and expenditure.

    I can not balance my budget , neither can you I am short by 20 % and that is un ~healthy.

    We have people here working past retirement to keep up with medical insurance premiums what does that tell you ?

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