BCB & CedarBridge Announce Athlete Training

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The Bermuda Cricket Board announced its partnership with CedarBridge Academy to launch the BCB Student Athlete Training & Development Programme.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] will partner with CedarBridge Academy to launch the BCB Student Athlete Training & Development Programme. The programme will be based on mentoring and tracking student-athletes with an interest in cricket.

“The core focus of the BCB – CBA, S.A. is to provide athletic training, event management workshops/in school match fixtures, and potential national team opportunities both locally and internationally.

“While the BCB is not a traditional educational organisation, we are vital to the mission of fostering and maintaining the cultural relevance of cricket in Bermuda.

Programmes & Opportunities

  • Cricket Development Programmes [Junior Umpire & Scorers]
  • Community Service Hours – Professional/Career Skills Internships
  • Mentoring

“The BCB S.A. Programme is the start of providing student-athletes with access to participate in the sport of cricket for on and off-field development. The cost of travel overseas limits the opportunities for some participants, and we see this as a cost-effective measure for the wider community.”

  • Improved GPA Results
  • Advanced Cricket Skills Development
  • Social, Basic Workforce & Life-Skills Training

Programme Partners and Management:

  • The BCB S.A. Programme will be cost-efficient by using the free International Cricket Council [ICC] Education App online learning programme. In addition to providing access to the BCB Axis Training Centre at the National Sports Centre. ICC Development – Bermuda Cricket Board [cricketbermuda.com]
  • All other programmes will be on-site at CBA or at the BCB Axis Training Centre at the National Sports Centre – North Field, to reduce costs and reduce unnecessary travel. BCB and CBA will work closely to provide a fun and engaging learning environment.

Principal, Kenneth Caesar, said, “I am extremely pleased to have this partnership with the Bermuda Cricket Board. It will provide our students with the opportunity to enhance their skills and excel at cricket. We look forward to the day, when a CedarBridge Academy student is on the National Team, or playing for a professional team abroad, thanks to this programme.”

The S.A. programme will be facilitated by CBA Cricket Club Coordinator, Oranthus Turner, “CedarBridge Academy is excited to engage in this new partnership with the Bermuda Cricket Board! The opportunity for our students to increase their cricketing skills in collaboration with some of Bermuda’s best is one that we all look forward to. “Rekindling cricket back into schools”.

BCB President, Lloyd Smith, added, “As one of the National Sports, the Bermuda Cricket Board understands how important it is to have cricket in schools in Bermuda and this is a much-needed initiative between BCB and CedarBridge Academy. The BCB Student Athlete Training and Development Programme will provide student athletes with not only cricket matches, but the resources to learn other expects of the game of cricket such as coaching, scoring, and umpiring.

“On behalf of the Executive of the Bermuda Cricket Board, I would like to say thank you to the CedarBridge Academy administration for allowing us to incorporate this programme into their school. We hope that we can incorporate the programme upon its success into other High School and Middle School curriculums and wish all student athletes that participate in the programme an enjoyable experience.”

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