The Ever-Evolving Bermuda Pie Company Story

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[Written by Vejay Steede]

A few years ago, we featured a fledgling East End eatery that was delivering world class burgers and traditional Bermudian pies to the people. These days the Bermuda Pie Company is all over the media teaching new folks how to eat a pie, and reflecting on the cultural relevance of traditional Bermudian savoury pies.

In short, most Bermudians now know all about Bermuda Pie Company [BPCo], and local pie enthusiasts swear by their quality – as do local burger enthusiasts! The food on offer at BPCo is routinely delicious, and I will absolutely vouch that the tiny kitchen, located on the grounds of St. George’s Cricket Club, produces the best take away burgers and pies in Bermuda.

Being the best, however, is not enough for BPCo owner and head Chef Kris Furbert. Kris wants to innovate, expand, and celebrate the traditional Bermuda pie as not only a culinary staple, but a cultural rite-of-passage as well.

You’ve seen the ads. Local celebrities talking about how they grew up on Bermudian meat pies; about how our pies are unique in the world, and how if it’s not round, it’s not a pie! When you think about it, Being Bermudian actually does mean that you’ve tackled a pie or two in your time – most likely a beef or chicken pie, but fish, mussel, lamb, goat, and veggie options get their fair share of attention too. Whatever your go-to filling is, you can’t deny that a Bermuda pie, done right, is a culinary delight!

Having successfully navigated some rough waters during 2022, Kris has regrouped, and is now preparing to take the traditional Bermuda pie to new heights in 2024. With legendary pie-makers like the Pie Factory, Reid’s, and the Stevens family either already gone, or slowing down, Kris is taking on the responsibility of keeping traditional Bermuda pies relevant.

“The reason I started BPCo was to rebuild Bermuda’s pie culture.” He says, with a palpable passion in his voice, “So, I’ve been working on a few ways to do that.”

Three fantastic programs stand out. The Pie It Forward Program, which involves BPCo selling pies to primary schools, and then turning around and donating 10% of the revenue earned from the school during the year back to the school! That is literally giving back to the community – in action.

The second wonderful program sees Kris passing on those traditional pie-making skills to the next generation through the ‘Build a Pie’ Program.

“I recently started offering to primary schools [and young kids’ camps] the option to have me come in, and – along with speaking to the history of pies in Bermuda – I have them build a pie. I take them step by step until it’s finished, explaining what I’m doing, and why. To make it fun, I allow the kids to use edible ink markers to draw on their pies. They also get a cooked pie to eat or take home with them after we’re finished.”

This program is not only culturally rich, but it also allows students who may not be academically inclined in the traditional sense to shine in an absolutely indispensable human discipline – cooking. Awesome stuff.

The third program is the newly introduced, Pie-scriptions – which is aimed at budget-conscious pie connoisseurs.

“Pie lovers pay a monthly fee of $21.75 and get 1 free pie a week.” Kris explains. “That equals a savings between $18.25 to 26.25. Everyone could use a break. Hopefully these savings allow people to save money while enjoying a delicious Bermuda pie.”

In addition to these programs, BPCo donates $300 worth of pies to Meals on Wheels each week. “It’s a nice treat for the elderly and those who are unable to feed themselves.” Kris asserts proudly. For more information on the Meals on Wheels program, go here:

Lastly, regular BPCo patrons already know about their very special ‘Game of Chance.’

“We have a card game that we play with all of our customers where we spread out a full deck of cards, including two jokers. The customer places their order and is allowed one chance to pick a card. If they get a joker their meal is free. If they choose any other card, they just pay like they were planning to do originally.

“It’s a 1 in 27 chance of winning. This is one way we try to generate customer excitement. I started doing it to help make someone’s day, and so far, we have over 200 winners, including people who’ve won multiple times. Win or lose, it’s a lot of fun for customers, and my staff.”

I can attest to the excitement this game generates, as I’ve drawn many a card at the small kitchen at Wellington Oval. I’ve never actually won, but my son, who is 9 now, has won twice! It really is thrilling to win, especially when you’re getting low on cash in those last few days of the month. The only down side of winning is that you immediately wish you’d have ordered more food! Lol.

The staff is genuinely excited when someone wins too – it’s pretty much a party!

That’s what BPCo does – they build smiles, and warm feelings. The modest kitchen is bursting with familial energy and warmth. It feels very much like Art Mell’s [Butch’s] – a small, somewhat off the beaten path eatery that produces excellence, and thereby belies – and transcends – it’s ‘small’ scale.

Kris closes by teasing his newest invention – a decadent sounding Crab Samich. Check back here soon for a full review of this new delight – because I’ll definitely be trying one once Kris perfects it. Until then, get down to BPCo and grab a few of your favorite Bermuda pies – it’s your duty as a Bermudian.

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