Photos: New ‘Fire & Slice’ Eatery To Open

June 22, 2021

[Written by Vejay Steede]

As we emerge from our Covid-induced hibernation, we’ll naturally start to see things that were not there when the most recent lockdown started. It will take a while for us to get back to those days when raft-ups didn’t trigger Shaggy tune remixes, and international recording artists were able to entertain locals and tourists alike without the specter of controversy hanging over their heads; but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy new experiences during this ongoing surrealist pantomime that Covid-19 existence has become.

One new experience I highly recommend is partaking of the uncommon delights that will be on the menu at Bermuda’s newest gourmet eatery. Fire and Slice will be located in the building that once housed the landmark Green Lantern Restaurant, and the ‘Grab and Go’ style Pizzeria will offer some sumptuous items that are sure to have folks making their way to the famous Serpentine Road spot as often as they can.

‘Fire & Slice’ is located on Serpentine Road

Fire and Slice Bermuda June 21 2021 (1)

The eatery will feature decadently designed pizza by the slice, along with succulent sides, artisan sandwiches, and daily specials prepared by gourmet chefs. Their sides alone are very impressive, boasting creative takes on traditional favorites like mozzarella sticks, cheesy garlic bread, super rich and smoky macaroni and cheese, and the best sweet potato fries available in Bermuda; that’s right, I’m calling it now!

How do I know? Well, the owners had the insight to invite a small group of foodies, media influencers, and food critics to a private tasting recently, and all of us were very definitely impressed with the food prepared for us.

The pizza was very well balanced, with a thin, crisp crust, delicately complementary sauce, and creamy, prominent cheese. We were able to sample most of the menu, and each curious creation delivered flavor by the bucket load.

Slideshow of some of the available cuisine


With specialty slices like the goat cheese and chorizo infused Fire and Slice Signature, the Killer Chicken Tikka Masala, and the Mad For Mac [which features a generous serving of that rich, smoky mac and cheese I mentioned above] available come Wednesday, June 23, you’re sure to find something awesome that your palate has never tackled before at Fire and Slice!

If you’re a cheese head who can’t live without your mozzarella sticks, you must grab an order of these ones, with the garlic and herb mayo. I know you think you need your traditional marinara sauce for them fried cheese delights, but yo … this garlic and herb mayo … it just works!

Whatever Chef Amr is doing to them sweet potato fries in that legendary kitchen works too. The fries are light, crispy, and bursting with that sweet tuber terrific-ness that sweet potato fry connoisseurs crave. I’m telling you, these fries are superbad [not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!].

Chicken tenders and chicken wings are solid, and will complement meals for folks who need some bird with their pie, but they won’t steal the show from the lavish pizzas, sandwiches and sides. The same can be said for the salads, which will be available premade and ready to pick up.

That’s the kicker; the idea is for hungry folks to come in, get themselves something delicious, and go find a comfy spot to indulge in their luxurious, gourmet fast food. There’s no seating in the eatery, but patrons will be able to choose from a large assortment of beverages, both soft and hard, to complete their ‘grab and go’ adventure.

What better time to explore a new gastronomic site than right now, when we’re just beginning to stretch our legs and move again? Do check out Fire and Slice once it opens on Wednesday; it is a space that will inspire you to expand your culinary horizons and try something new in the form of something familiar and comforting. What can be healthier than that?

Some of the menu options at ‘Fire & Slice’








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Comments (24)

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  1. Rada Gast says:

    “Gourmet” eatery. Please clarify why you think this adjective is appropriate in this instance.

    • George says:

      Absolutely nothing wrong with this. Gourmet is in the eye of the beholder. Suggesting otherwise is probably discriminatory.

      • wahoo says:

        I would beg to differ, this is not gourmet it is fast food that is why we have different words for different things. I will go there and try it but not under any illusions.

  2. Dejavu says:

    Another overpriced restaurant with way to menu items. How can you make pizza, fish chowder and chicken tenders lol When you see menus like this, that means they are trying to just cash grab what they think is popular. The reason you can’t go KFC for hamburgers because they only do chicken duh. So if your doing pizza then that should’ve been it

  3. sage says:

    The specter of controversy? The government, BTA, local event planners, local “party actors” and boat owners all breached COvID restrictions with premeditation, Shaggy avoided all protocol for which we the peasantry would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nothing funny, cute or excusable about that latest fiasco.

  4. Congrats says:

    Competition will bring out the best. The review has encouraged me to go.

  5. Cecil trott says:

    Congratulations hope you do well cant wait to try.

  6. Tracy says:

    Did they mention the times they will be open?

  7. chart says:

    “The fries are light, crispy, and bursting with that sweet tuber terrific-ness that sweet potato fry connoisseurs crave.”

    lol french fries are a highlight of the menu. That ketchup tas-tes well too?

    • Tosh says:

      Considering it’s a pizza place and they are raving about the fries dosent make me want to try the pizza.

  8. Susie Hall says:

    I hope this new business embraces an eco-friendly approach and does not offer or use plastic in any form.
    Perhaps they’ll be forward thinking ground breakers who will attract those of us who care about our island and our oceans.
    What a great opportunity to be industry leaders, to stand out from the crowd and to establish a fabulous ethos and reputation!!

    • Go hug a tree says:

      Tree hugger! Bring your own bag and utensils with you if your are so conscious of protecting the environment!!!!

  9. sandgrownan says:

    The fries are light, crispy, and bursting with that sweet tuber terrific-ness that sweet potato fry connoisseurs crave.”

    Author sounds…..uhhh

  10. Bermewjan says:

    So more of what we can get at other diners then.

  11. Bermuda girl says:

    Sound amazing, can’t wait to try out the cuisine. Best of luck

  12. Daniel G DeSilva says:

    Sad they are using Chourizo (spanish version) rather than Chourico (Portuguese version) in their signature…

  13. Ibrahim says:

    Good luck guys, I’m sure you will success you have a good Chef work hard to make it happen best of luck

  14. Dread says:

    $7 for a slice of pizza

    • Jones says:

      The slices start at $4.95 that’s normal.

  15. Sinclair says:

    I wish the new business the best.
    Sad that some continue to be negative without ever stepping foot in or trying the product. I look forward to patronizing and will pass judgment then. Good luck.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Lmao even slices in NYC are not that expensive…for mediocre pizza why would you pay $7 a slice….only in Bermuda smh

  16. Simplicity says:

    Bermuda we have been doing this for generations. Not giving people a chance.
    Remember that saying? Try it! You might like it! If you don’t leave it for those who do.
    Seen enough darkness floating over this island. We need to return to the light, love
    and joy.

  17. Spotty says:

    That fire and slice review was probably the worst attempt at a restaurant review I’ve read in some time. The pictures really highlight the fact that it’s take out and contributing to more and more plastic in our fragile and ailing environment. That aside I wish them well and I hope the author of that article will continue to practice writing and staging food for photography.