Eco Lunch & Learn On Solar Energy

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BEST and Bermuda College are set to host their last Eco Lunch & Learn session on April 25, featuring Nick Hutchings discussing the advantages of solar energy for Bermuda.

A spokesperson said, “BEST [Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce] and Bermuda College are pleased to invite the community to attend their final Eco Lunch & Learn presentation of the season. On Thursday, April 25th, Nick Hutchings will present the many advantages of solar energy to Bermuda as the world works to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. This lecture is free and no registration is required. The presentation is followed by a Q&A, so bring your questions, and find out more about Bermuda’s energy future.

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“Nick will share the facts about Solar with the audience: it’s a great Investment – payback in five to eight years depending on self-consumption; it’s great for the environment – 150 tons less CO2 in the atmosphere for the life of an average system; it’s great for public health – Union of Concerned Scientists puts the hidden public health cost of burning oil to generate electricity at $0.13/kWh; it’s great for the economy – it reduces the multi-million dollar per year public health cost of burning oil plus the multi-million dollar per year cost of imported oil.

“Of the utmost importance to Bermuda is energy security: In May 2018 Dr. Pickering, Deputy Premier of BVI came to Bermuda and spoke at the Ocean Risk Summit. His advice to us following the devastation in BVI caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria the previous year: “Diversify your energy supply”. It took them six months to get their lights back on by which time they had lost 20% of their customer base.

“Nick has recently retired after 48 years in the marine contracting business to become a qualified distributed solar professional. He is a Certified North American Energy Practitioner and has overseen more than 75 residential and charitable solar installations during his time as a volunteer at Sunny Side Solar.”

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Amy Harvey, the Earth and Environmental Science lecturer at the Bermuda College said, “As a low-lying, small island nation Bermuda cannot wait and see how impacts of climate change will pan out. We are already seeing the effects of it with changing weather conditions, rising sea levels, increased storms and intensity as well as coral bleaching events. We must be proactive and play our part in the global movement to combat climate change. That starts with reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Solar is an ideal renewable energy source for our island that should be supported as one of the main components of our energy portfolio. This will take buy in from the residents as well as top down support from the government. Making it affordable and feasible will be the solution going forward.”

Jennifer Flood, BEST Executive Officer added, “In the face of climate change and increasing energy insecurity, action is needed at all levels. We can all play a part. Solar is a free, sustainable source of power. Bermuda is moving in that direction but needs to pick up speed to meet the goal of Zero Carbon by 2030. This date proposed and accepted at international conferences several years ago – but now only 6 years away! I would suggest that ALL new builds and major renovations must include solar energy in the Planning Requirements. Government can lead the way here with their ambitious plans for low-cost housing by ensuring every such building has solar energy, helping to not only keep the future energy costs of the householder down but moving towards the Zero Carbon by 2030 target. Costs for solar paneling have been reduced. I had a small bank of solar panels fitted several years ago and am very pleased with the results – some months I have no bill at all!”

The spokesperson said, “Join us for this informative presentation on Thursday, April 25th. from 1:00 and 2:00pm, either in person at The Bermuda College, Athene Room H100. Light Refreshments will be provided. First come, first served.”

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