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April 1, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Dale Butler]

I did not know what to expect when I saw this event advertised for March 30th at the Bungalow, 56 Reid Street, Hamilton.

Producer and organizer, Chardonne Paynter, produced a first class event that drew a well dressed, enthusiastic, supportive and mature crowd who were held on the edge of their seats as 10 women and 3 men gave spellbinding monologues from a variety of movies, and personal experiences that were presented with emotion and passion that created a difficult situation for judges to adjudicate.

The organization of the event, which turned the Bungalow into a movie audition, is a credit Ms Paynter who is an actress, screenwriter and local social justice influencer. In 2023 her short film “Consumed” was an official selection in an Atlantic Bridge Film Festival. You can see her in Maternal Secrets shown on Lifetime or on TV shows Hack My Life and Luke Cage.

It would appear that all entrants were accepted. There was now age requirement or set monologues.

The judges demonstrated their experience with direct comments that highlighted the actors’ strengths and areas where improvement could be made. In fact, judge Felix even asked two participants to start again or at various sections, which was done immediately and the change was significant and accepted by all. The three judges were:

  • Felix Obas – filmmaker, international model and director who owns South 7 Productions and Dreamy Wedding Films
  • Lucinda Spurling- writer, director, a cowriter and director of a Lifetime movie that premiered in May 2020, also has a screenplay entitled Me & Jezebel about Bette Davis won the Worldfest Houston screen play competition and additional awards.
  • Hafiz – screenwriter, director, producer and creator of a Bermudian hit “Hustler’s Paradise seen on Tubi. [I’m an addict of the show.]

Dale Butler Review Bungalow Monologue Performances Bermuda April 2024

I only knew 4 of the participants. Here is a brief comment about the entrants:

  • Talisa Marks- set the standard right at the start as she sat directly in front of me with an excerpt from Terminator 2. “Children look like burnt paper.” I could feel her pain.
  • Brock Noseworthy – from Breaking Bad opened our eyes to a tragedy .
  • Ewina Fullerton – was spirited with her original piece when she stated she was looking for a safe place – no home, no life.
  • Caleb Roberts – entitled his piece Tacos and after a riveting description of how a friend slit his wrist, 8 years later he still can’t get over it because he can’t go day or night without falling apart like a taco. Clever.
  • Chanika Darrell – isolated and frustrated, catches a glimpse of herself in a mirror and is overwhelmed. The judges thought her nervousness was excellent in telling her story and asking the question, “Why should I feel guilty when I need time for myself?”
  • Gail Palacio – warmed the audience with her original piece listing the names of children who have names beginning with Jah and then how her day was spoiled by the mess she had stepped in and needed to find a solution to get out of it and move on.
  • John Dale – a veteran of song and acting was magnificent in his uniform as he told a tale about Dockyard. The judges commented that he brought it to life.
  • Hannah Collins – gave a monologue from Barbie about choices in a can’t win situation – “You have to be thin, but not too thin.. You have to have money, but you can’t ask for money because that’s crass.” The audience loved it.
  • Aziza Furbert – the room was dead silent. The judges felt she had captured all of us with her voice.
  • Kaelin Janaway: gave a light hearted thought about deciding if she was going to have fries or not with her order. Judges felt she was believable and made all of the right moves.
  • Julia Pitt – an interesting conversation: what is that lovely smell, sunscreen? Judges felt that her pacing and facial expressions was spot on.
  • Jewel Wilson – gave a frightening/emotional tale “I know the currency of love more than anyone.” It hit me between the eyes. Judges remarked that the energy was there and fear.
  • Quincee Kaya –From the play, Goodbye Charles. A very emotional presentation right down to the last line that is a bomb: “I am asking you please don’t marry me.” The judges were impressed with her range.
  • Cami Cam: conveyed emotions very well and was complimented by the judges for her great choice of material.

MC of the night Robert “King” Somner kept the evening running smoothly and announced the winners as follows:

  • 1st place: Caleb Roberts
  • 2nd place: Julia Pitt & Quincee Kaya
  • 3rd place: Aziza Furbert

This was a first for Bermuda but I have no doubt that based on the excellent organization and the contributions of the judges, this event will be back. Graham Mawer, Cultural Liasion and Development Officer was present because the Department of Culture was a sponsor. He continues to do a good job and sponsoring this initiative for the first time took a lot of courage that was worth every second. The technical crew did a great job. The bartender was on the ball and Bungalow owner Glen Wilkes was very happy with what he heard and saw. Congratulations to all of the participants who were outstanding and captured our full attention. Salutations to event producer and organizer Chardonne Paynter who has a bright career ahead of herself in so many areas like acting for film and teaching film classes locally.

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