Recap: A Look Back at March 2010

March 31, 2010

March 2010 saw an unprecedented wave of shootings, one murder, one man presumed drowned, Southlands opened to the public, new immigration rulings, a veteran politician cross the floor, one man freed for a death while another was jailed and much more. Revisit the last month with our recap below:

  • March 30: New immigration rule mandates ability to speak English [link]
  • March 27: Ricky Tucker killed in Santo Domingo [link]
  • March 27: Jakai Hartford shot at 4am while in a taxi [link]
  • March 26: Forum for Change meeting held at Cabinet Grounds [link]
  • March 25: Parks workers walk off the job over pay/discipline dispute [link]
  • March 23: Bermuda flagged ship hijacked by Somali pirates [link]
  • March 22: Flagstone Re announce change of incorporation to Luxembourg [link]
  • March 21: Southlands Estate opened to public, 1,500 attend [link]
  • March 21: Missing expat Martin Molinski’s body found [link]
  • March 19: Wayne Furbert crosses the floor to join the PLP [link]
  • March 19: Triple shooting results in the death of James|Lawes [link]
  • March 18: Kellan Lewis convicted of manslaughter in the 2008 murder of Kellon Hill [link]
  • March 17: Luke Armstrong conviction overturned for causing the death of Winston Burrows [link]
  • March 16: Controversy erupts as Senator Bean calls BEST protesters a “muppet show” [link]
  • March 13: 16 year old Warwick teenager shot at Bermuda College [link]
  • March 12: Pride Celebrity Lockup held, prominent Bermudians “imprisoned” for charity[link]
  • March 11: Revealed that the four ex-Guantamamo refugees are being paid $51k a year each. [link]
  • March 10: Bermuda Insurers filed an opposition to a proposed new American regulation now in Congress.[link]
  • March 9: Opposition Leader Kim Swan left with only 30 seconds to speak in the House of Assembly. [link]
  • March 9: “To Haiti with Love” telethon features over 20 local performers and raises $82,372.00. [link]
  • March 8: Police rule death of Alshante Brangman “not suspicious“, release man who was in custody.[link]
  • March 7: Lamont Marshall and Ashley Couper Estwanik win the Lindos to Lindos Race [link]
  • March 6: Bermuda U/23 goalkeeper Tahj Bell arraigned in an American Court on fourth-degree larceny. [link]
  • March 5: Former Congressman Harold Ford speaks at BIBA conference, quizzed by Sir John|Swan [link]
  • March 2: Bank of Butterfield has received a $550 million capital infusion [link]
  • March 2: 23 year old Alshante Brangman dies under what Police term “suspicious circumstances” [link].
  • March 1: Gavin Manders and Kiera Aitken are named the Male and Female Athlete of the Year.[link]
  • March 1: Bernews launches

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