Update: Medical Conditions of All Shooting Victims

April 5, 2010

In a sad sign of the times, we have just received a notification from official sources stating the medical conditions of the three shooting victims, and one stabbing victim from this weekend.

The troubling news has been confirmed that the condition of the teenage girl shot at Dandy Town has been upgraded to critical, and she has been placed in the intensive care unit.

The information follows, and is all confirmed by official sources and accurate as of this posting:

Dandy Town Shooting [link for more info]

  • 17 year old girl in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit
  • [Update Tues Apr 6] 17 yr old girl downgraded from critical
  • 39 year old¬†Antoine¬†Tuzo in stable condition on a general ward

RAA Shooting and Stabbing [link for more info]

  • 18 year old man who was shot in stable condition on general ward
  • 19 year old man who was stabbed in stable condition on a general

Bernews joins with all of Bermuda in wishing these individuals the best, with great thoughts going out to the teenage girl in critical condition.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I’m confused. The police make it sound like the shooting at Dandy Town was not targeted, but why then did a family member of the 16 year old girl, who visited her in the hospital says she was shot in the stomach 4 times, and under the arm once. So how did all those bullets hit one person if it was a non-targeted shooting????

  2. bernews says:

    Checking with a former regiment guy, he says depending on the type of gun – 4 bullets could have been sprayed in under 2 seconds….or even quicker if it “slips” he said. Just hitting her practically all at a time type thing…

    From what I understand from the eyewitnesses – the gunmen just rode along and just shot and it was so many people at the club that they tell us there was no way it could have been targeted. Just not even feasible, is what we have heard – but of course I myself was not there.

    The Police used the word “indiscriminate” to refer to the shooting, which may sound mild – but they are very, very careful with their wording in press releases – so the word is more vital then it appears.

    I hope she will be okay…

    • Margaret says:

      thanks for the clarification. Apparently they say she’s doing fairly well.

  3. bernews says:

    And thanks to you for that bit of good news…..I am truly glad to hear that..

  4. Steve says:

    I hope the girl recovers…can’t shake the question in my head though….WHAT was a 17 year old doing out at that hour of a Monday morning in the first place???? We, as parents, need to be held MORE responsible and accountable for our children.

    • AJ says:

      I had the same thought – and WHAT was a club doing allowing her underage patronage – clearly she was not there for the enjoyment of a legitimate sporting game at that hour! Everyone needs to be held accountable. Their liquor licence should be challenged!