Reports: Vanessa James Splits With Bonhuer

May 20, 2010

Online reports are indicating that Bermudian/French figure skater Vanessa James may have split with her skating partner Yannick Bonheur, and has paired with Maximin Coia. Although unconfirmed by the Figure Skating Union, figure skating fans on the internet are abuzz with the talk.

The pair made history at the 2010 Olympics, when they became the first black couple to compete in Olympic figure skating, placing 14th in the competition. Ms James is also the first black woman to win British National Championship, which she did in 2006.

She is the daughter of Kevin James, and grandaughter of Devonshire residents Carlton and Ethlyn James. The former Mount Saint Agnes student resided in Bermuda till she was 10 years old, along with her twin sister Melyssa, also a skater.

A statement which purports, and appears to be from Ms James, was posted on one of the most influential figure skating forums saying:

I love skating and I want to love it every day, even when it is hard, or frustrating. Yannick and I were far past this point! It was made clear to the federation and Yannick that I did not believe in our partnership. The federation said they would find a solution to help us both! We decided together to finish the galas because we had responsibilities to those clubs!

The rumoured new partner Maximin Coia is, along with Adeline Canac, the 2008 and 2009 French National Champion. Ms James and Yannick Bonheur are the 2010 Champions. Some online commentators are claiming that Ms James and Mr Coia are both the stronger of their respective pairings, and that this new rumoured pairing may be more beneficial to them both.

On the subject of the new partner, the poster as above said:

Maximin and I had a tryout last week, yes! It was one of the solutions the federation found because Maximin was without a partner also. They thought it would be a good idea to see how we looked together and worked together!

Photos of Ms James and Mr Bonheur during the Pairs Free Skate on February 15, 2010:

Olympic Winter Games - Pairs Figure skating- Vancouver

Figure Skating Pairs Free Program at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics
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  1. John Young says:

    It was SO SAD to learn that Yannick and Vanessa split their partnership. To see such a beautiful Black couple on the ice made my heart sing with pride. Although Vanessa seemed to be the stronger skater, her pairing with Yannick made sense and brought a dynamic to artistic skating not seen before. Beside this fact, YANNICK IF FINE AS HELL!!! It is my hope and prayer that maybe someday Yannick and Vanessa will get back together again.