Minister Blakeney Speaks On Son’s Arrest

June 11, 2010

gblakeney_3Saying something that many parents would be able to understand, Minister Glenn Blakeney said that the entire ordeal has been a very draining situation for their family, and that he feels incredible pain for the victims and their families of the various violent crimes that has affected everyone in our community.

Minister Blakeney’s 29 year old son, Jahmal Blakeney, was arrested yesterday in New York after previously being arrested in Bermuda in relation to the November 2009 shooting outside the Southside Cinema which resulted in gunshot wounds to both 26 year old Shaki Minors and 24 yr old Cedarbridge teacher Renee Kuchler.

After being originally arrested Jahmal Blakeney was released on Police bail, which he never answered. The Police say he left the Island on November 30, 2009, later being tracked by the Bermuda Police Service to the New York region. An extradition request was recently prepared by the Bermuda Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and served on the Justice Department in the USA through diplomatic channels.

Minister Blakeney’s statement to us follows below:

In my particular situation, it’s devastating when one has done their best and continues to commit their best effort in making a contribution to the wellbeing of family, community and country only to be subjected to accepting the reality that a close relative is alleged to be culpable for such a heinous act of violence, which is completely against every principle that one works selflessly and tirelessly to exemplify.

My son maintains his innocence and I hope that he has the courage to prove his innocence in a court of law, which would be a great relief to our family. However, if his guilt is proven without a shadow of doubt, he should suffer the consequences at the mercy of the court congruent to the seriousness of the crime.

Although I pray his innocence, justice must not only be done but equally seen to be done!

The gun violence that has increasingly afflicted the otherwise homogenous, friendly and peaceful lifestyle of the average Bermudian is savage and horrendous and such senseless lawlessness threatens to devastate the very social fabric of our entire community.

Moreover, with sincere humility, I openly appeal on a very personal level to all those that may be involved in any way with such reprehensible antisocial behavior, to please cease and desist. Furthermore, I would be willing to meet (in strict confidence) with any individual to assist in facilitating a process that would resolve potential future acts of contentious violence. It will most certainly be a challenge, but I believe there are those that would like to end the violent retaliation, but just haven’t figured out how or where to begin, because of the deep hurt , pain and volatile anger they continue to feel. This whole thing has gotten so far out of hand, but I believe in our young Black Men and know that that possess the strength and courage to work out their differences in a more mature non-violent process.

I am therefore hopeful, for the good of the country and future generations, that those who are indeed fed-up with their gang involvement will seriously take up my offer to assist. If so, I can be reached at: 705-7057. Let’s at least begin to talk confidentially regarding how any potential gun violence can be successfully eliminated between rival groups and or individuals.

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  1. elBee says:

    A very classy and sincere statement.