Bermuda’s “Paul The Octopus” Predicts Cup Match

July 28, 2010

In news that will thrill some, distress others, and totally confuse the rest; Bermuda’s own “Paul the Octopus” has made his decision and predicted the 2010 Cup Match Champion. Today [July 27] “Houdini the Octopus”, a resident of the Bermuda Aquarium, was provided a similar set-up to his more famous counterpart Paul, and he hovered over and made his decision…as seen below.


Paul the Octopus, who resides in a German zoo, became internationally famous for correctly predicting the winner of Germany’s seven matches at the 2010 World Cup, as well as correctly predicting the final. The story was carried by thousands of news agencies worldwide, and Paul became instantly popular on various social networks.

Paul was presented with two clear plastic boxes, each containing food. Each container was marked with the flag of a team, one the flag of Germany, and the other the flag of Germany’s opponent. The box which Paul opened first was judged to be the predicted winner of the game.

Paul predicted the winners of each of the seven 2010 FIFA World Cup matches that the German team played, against Australia, Serbia, Ghana, England, Argentina, Spain, and Uruguay. His prediction that Argentina would lose prompted Argentine chef Nicolas Bedorrou to post an octopus recipe on Facebook.

Paul correctly predicted the outcome of the semi-final, by choosing the food in the box marked with the Spanish flag over his “home” country of Germany. The prediction led to death threats as German fans called for Paul to be cooked and eaten. In response, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Zapatero jokingly offered to send Paul official state protection.

Will Bermuda’s own Octopus prediction come through and thrill the West and devastate the East? We’ll have to wait and see…

Update July 28: St George’s Captain Clay Smith has repudiated the Octopus prediction, see here.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Dean Foggo says:

    Well look where the strap is, ofcourse the octopus is going to rest on the other side of the strap. Next time have the strap in the middle of both boxes. I am sitting here laughing that this actually made me write a comment.

  2. Bermy says:

    Houdini is obviously very perceptive for an octopus!

  3. Phil says:

    My question is, how would he predict a draw? lol

  4. West Side says:

    Mr. Foggo it’s not that serious, we know your fam are blue and blue forever.

  5. Tocuteforreal says:

    Somerset all de way!!!!

  6. terry says:


    Thats amazing…….Letz chuck Lister, Perinchief/s , Butler and Cox in dee tank………….


  7. Scuttle tastes! says:

    A draw would be easy for Houdini to predict, he does have eight arms after all: just sit on the middle of the box and reach into both boxes at the same time. I doubt Houdini would be making such predictions if he knew about the threats to Paul and about the unsolved case (I think) of the grouper that went missing from a nearby tank one night long ago and was found filleted in Flatts Inlet.

    Good idea Terry about the chucking in the politicians, though you wouldn’t need to add any food as octopuses/octopi love to eat invertebrates!

  8. mre says:

    took him 45 minutes?? i think he predicted a draw then said.. “eff it, um hungry”

  9. terry says:


    Octopus Blood is Light Blue.

    End of story.

    When this idiot of a puss saw the ‘red’ it immediately went into it’s defensive mode and began to change colors.

    What Bernooze missed and/or did not show ( they have the photo’s) was the sequence where “Paul” was using his “third” heart to eject dye into his suroundings.

    Of coors this is misleading ann since Bernooze has a franchise at the Annual Cop Metch ewant…….

    Anyway….I feel ah song comming on……..Blue…blue…..this runs for yoo…..Summasat is gunna gatt dah doo………………………..

    Draw….draw…is howt dee dahore………if dee corporations loose Cop metch vil bee no mahore……………………….

  10. A Somerset Fan says:

    Has Paul the Octopus made any predictions for this year’s Cup Match Event 2012? I’m anxious to see which team he’d pick.

    Anybody been to the Aquarium lately?