Video: Dr Ewart Brown ‘Prescribing For A Nation’

September 26, 2010

The video below, ‘Prescribing For A Nation’, is an 18-minute film about Premier Dr Ewart Brown, produced and directed by American Lee Hirsch, which was screened at the recently held Gala Dinner. In the video Dr Brown explains, from his perspective, his view of his own performance as Premier, a post he is due to step down from in a few weeks.

The video has statements from various people including Dr Brown’s wife, two sons, brother Phillip Butterfield, cousin Laverne Furbert, uncle Dr Bert McPhee, US Rep James Clyburn and more. With brief cameo appearances by musicians Shine Hayward and Gene Steede, as well as sprinter Jeneko Place, the film also contains retro photos of Dr Brown in his athletic and activist days at Howard University, and brief appearances by the Uighurs, who were resettled in Bermuda in 2009.

Update 3:33pm: Sorry, however the account owner just decided to remove viewing ability, it wasn’t like that for the previous two weeks it has been online. Our apologies!

Update Sept 27 3pm: We asked what the overall issue with the video was and the Premier’s Spokesman says, “We had an agreement to hold the release to a wider audience for a future date. It was posted online in error.”

Update Sept 27 7pm: It has reappeared online, still on the Director`s account, only on another section. It can be found here, for as long as it remains publically viewable this time.

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Comments (9)

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  1. craig looby says:

    what work got done?

    agent 4 change? change 4 who? what has changed round here 4 the positive? for the majority of the workin class?

    what adjenda got executed? whos adjenda got executed?

    humanitarian efforts “uihgars” these guys make more money that most bermudians…wheres the humanity 4 bermudian workin class?

    what challanges that destroy the nation have we faced?

    his legacy is the bda economy has become stronger? stronger 4 who?
    the widening gap between haves n haves nots say otherwise, the contraction of the middle class says otherwise, the growth of the working poor says otherwise

    the decline in education says otherwise and the expansion of crime says otherwise

    • bob todd says:

      Rock , Missick, Andre,Dennis, BHC, Construction de Lisbon…show me your company and I will tell you who you are…

  2. Joe Gibbons says:

    Thank god it was removed. Sounds offensive.

  3. bob todd says:

    A true legend in his own mind..oops, and in the minds of those sheep that blindly follow him..

    The legacy of our esteemed leader will be our enormous debt, highly questionable government deals, elitism and a clear disinterest in anything that didn’t have a financial attachment. If education and social welfare could be put out to tender we would have seen significant interest from this would be legend..

    The end of this sad and destructive era can’t come soon enough..

  4. Lewis Padgett says:

    The most disgusting ‘puff piece’ I’ve seen in a long time. The only thing I really like was the ending, for two reasons…

    1) It was over
    2) A perfect ending… Ewart blowing his own horn

    Hey Ewart… didn’t anyone ever tell you “self-praise is no recommendation”.

  5. bob todd says:

    How ironic…the self proclaimed radical ( see pic ) ends up being everything he previously denounced…hypocisy abounds…who knew that this doc would be comfortable dressing in sheeps clothing…

    Those who believed have been played, hoodwinked and all the promises of good governance in the end being nothing more then cheap political double speak..

    Right on!!

  6. Lewis Padgett says:

    And now it would appear that the video is being reserved for the Kool-Aid crowd. So reminiscent of “The Kings New Clothes”… if free thinking folks see it, they might just say, “The King Has No Clothes”.

  7. CB says:

    I already pay to watch rubbish on cable. I’m not going to pay to watch Ego Brown spout off about how clever he thinks he is. Enough already! The sooner you return home to the USA, the sooner Bermuda can start to heal from the harm you have caused us all. Good riddance Dr. B!

  8. AF says:

    I am Disappointed I didn’t get to see this video!
    I wonder who paid for this film about Premier Dr Ewart Brown?