Accident: Police Car Smashes Wall

November 5, 2010

This afternoon [Nov 5] there was an accident on North Shore, Devonshire – at the entrance to Loyal Hill. Details are unclear at this time, however it appears that it was a single vehicle accident and the officer received non-life threatening injuries.


The sign flying on the wall is in reference to the alleged burglar that was caught and injured yesterday morning.

Update 6:40pm: The Police state that “Around 4:15pm on Friday, Police and first responders attended a reported single vehicle road traffic collision resulting in injury on North Shore Road in Devonshire in the vicinity of Loyal Hill. Details about the collision involving a Police car are unclear at this time; however the driver, a female officer, sustained a leg injury. She was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. Inquiries into this incident are underway.”


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Comments (15)

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  1. terry says:

    Officer Smith…I got out to photo the wall lizards…….Next thing I knew….some guy called ‘loyal’….I mean he just smashed up my weehichle……..we need more signs……..this is unacceptable……….Verz dee cheef….DeSeelva………..

  2. Dragging A Lure says:

    Was she escaping the ever so watchful neigbourhood crowd or the wife. By viewing the photo the steering mechanism looked liked it possibly failed. But to think about the photo,driving off the hill, how in the world the right side of the car got damaged. Bring in Scotland Yard and the Accountant General. The cost to the tax payer probably $7,000. Who is in charge of the Police Services. The Colonel or The Governor, someone has to pay.Was it a ford car or

    • Logic76 says:

      Bring in Scotland Yard? For a single vehicle road accident? You’ve been watching too many movies! The Governor is in charge of the Police Service and for the record, the car is a Mitsubishi Lancer.

  3. chris says:

    yea i need some spare parts…thanks pc plod

  4. Happy says:

    Hay,thats why its called an ACCIDENT,you all think police can’t have them,they are just like you and I.the police just can’t please you all can they.The police are people just like you and I,if you think that you could do any better then hay change your job,and leave the dam police alone,thanks.If not don’t call 911.

  5. DipSet says:

    There are more police on the scene of a damaged car then there are in St. Monica’s road and court street put together…LMAO!!! Prioritize Coppers!!!!!

  6. kathy says:

    I wonder if she’ll admit if she was on her cell phone. That was some mash up. We’ll never know the real story anyway, they’ll cover it up. But I’m glad she’s ok.

  7. blackwhitestupid says:

    wait a minute, I know that car….isn’t that the police accident investigations car? I’m serious, why was that grumpy police girl there anyway(YES SHE IS VERY GRUMPY). With an average of 20 accidents per day, didn’t she have plenty of work to do elsewhere?????? And guess who gets to pay for her stupidity….WE DO

    • Call as it is says:

      No,it’s the K9 car and YES SHE IS VERY GRUMPY!
      the day I see her smile I’ll buy her an ice cream

      • blackwhitestupid says:

        oops apoligies to the grumpy police girl….but SHE IS STILL A GRUMP. IF SHE SMILES, HER FACE MIGHT CRACK AND SPLINTER

  8. terry says:

    After looking at yah face “Call it”…..I’d be grumpy too…..bawahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa detz rite..yah gutt no name…………Yah talafone beal muss be warry high………

    • Call as it is says:

      when are you going to figure it out…
      you are the grumpy one
      btw,now we know why you never got further than cunstable
      you cannot spell

  9. That_Bermudian_guy says:

    One thing, there is no satisfying you nasty A** bermudians for real.. One word to describe these dopey comments is “IGRANCE”<<< Ya i spelled it that way on purpose!!!! Seriously the police are damned if they do or dont.. Really think about it, the police responded to a serious call, and because one had a collision ya'll want to make childish uncalled for comments, not one saying "hmm i wonder if he/she is ok"!!! Eff you stupid people annoy my brain. Hence why Bermuda will never change. And i bet most of you are older Bermudians who sound worse that children!!!! Reply to this,, i dare you to say something smart!!!

    • itwasn't me says:

      yah I got sometin smart 2 say. shut up do your job and earn your paycheck. Remember your place, my hired hand mercenary imported expat laborer. you make twice what you would make back home. And if you stay in the barracks, your living expenses are cut in half. let’s not talk about your never changing weather. Heck I can forcast UK weather for the next six months…..cloudy with dense fog, drizzly rain, etc…..I dare you to go back home……I dare you.