Drinking & Rehab: “Golden Voice” Man

January 12, 2011

ted williams golden voiceA homeless man from Ohio whose “golden voice” made him an internet phenomenon and earned him an invite to Bermuda, is headed to rehab for alcohol dependency, and was briefly detained by the Police in Los Angeles.

Ted Williams agreed to enter a private facility after a lengthy one-on-one interview with Dr. Phil McGraw, reports say. News reports say that Mr Williams has been drinking steadily, despite saying otherwise.

This past Monday saw a disturbance at a Los Angeles hotel where Police briefly detained Mr Williams and his daughter after a heated argument. Family members said the dispute was over Mr Williams resuming drinking.

AOL reports that: “He said, ‘You, you fat [expletive],’ and when he said that, I just got angry,” according to his daughter Janey Williams, who claims that her father has been drinking heavily. “He’s consumed at least a bottle of Grey Goose a night, at least. That’s not including the Coronas he orders, that’s not including Budweisers he orders, that’s not including the other alcohol, the wines.”

Police decided not to file any charges against either of the two after investigating Monday night’s incident, which occurred while Ted Williams was in town to record TV appearances.

Mr. Williams appeared on NBC’s popular morning programme the Today show on January 6, and in his account of his life and struggles, he highlighted that one of his fondest memories was visiting Bermuda in the 1970s. The day after, Tourism Minister Patrice Minors said that moments after Mr. Williams’ appearance on the Today show, the Bermuda Department of Tourism’s New York representatives had contacted him with a view to extending an invitation for him to visit Bermuda.

The decision to invite Mr Williams was much discussed locally, with many in support and many against.

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Comments (12)

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh, what a tangled web! Alcoholism is a terrible disease, as many who have had first hand experience with it can attest. The good news is that he seems to be beyond the denial stage & wants to help himself.

    Best of luck to him. That voice is a gift. It would be nice to see Ted Williams in the narration credits in programming.

  2. Terry says:

    Thats the two best paragraphs you’ve written there “drifter”.

    I hope for the same.

    What intrigues me most, is the fact that he sounds identicle to my Brother-in-law who lives in Florida.


  3. itwasn't me says:

    jeeez, demons will haunt this man till death do us part….I know

  4. Pete says:

    I’d have to drink too talk to Dr. Phil.

  5. Terry says:

    Yes Pete, yes. Now think about that comment.

  6. Call as it is says:

    Nothing positive is going to come out of having this drunk come to Bermuda.

  7. White Jesus says:

    Did he say, ‘You, you fat [expletive]‘ in his radio voice? BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA lmfAo. I’m a sick man!

  8. Terry says:

    Call as it is’….naughty. Another personal attack.

    You don’t want me to come back?

    You seem to lump things in a basket that you can’t carry or over fill.
    Try dialing “O”….works for me.

  9. Bernman says:

    I am really surprise by some of the comments on the island. And we wonder by our young men who come out of prison have a hard time? Stop it, we ALL fall short!

    • The 411 says:

      Hear Hear. Abysmal. the labels we give to people like “call as it is” has no “drunks, crackheads, baby mamas, social or mental misfits” in his/her family. So unnecessary. Given the Press obsession with him, we will get unprecedented coverage that $100M to Global Hue (Bermuda’s Advertising Agency) could not buy!

  10. Watching says:

    Seriously!! What did you expect? The man has been living on the streets for 10 or so years and then suddenly he is a millionaire! I am one that is happy for him but I think someone should have counseled him first so that he would have been somewhat prepared for his fame. I wish him luck but don’t bring him to Bermuda just yet, the Dark n Stormy will grip a hold of him and he will be done for life!

  11. Charity says:

    He who feels it knows it!