Injured Man Arrives in Bermuda via Helicopter

January 2, 2011

[Updated] At approximately 11:30am today [Jan 2] the US Coast Guard airlifted the deputy captain from the 274 metre ‘Aegean Angel’, after he received injuries in an incident which tragically killed two other men.

Coast Guard Medivac Jan 2nd 11-1-2

On December 30th, the 47-year old captain and a 33-year old chief mechanic were killed, and the 34-year old Cypriot deputy captain was “seriously injured” after the three men were hit by a large wave on the deck of the ship as they were checking for damage amid strong winds, said a spokesman of Athens-based Arcadia Shipmanagement.

Coast Guard Medivac Jan 2nd 11-1-3

The injured man, a 34-year old Cypriot, was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital via ambulance after arriving in Bermuda via a US Coast Guard helicopter from the ship located approximately 150 miles off Bermuda. Just prior to the helicopter landing, an ambulance delivered another patient from King Edward to be transported overseas via an air ambulance.

Coast Guard Medivac Jan 2nd 11-1-4

The ‘Aegean Angel‘, a Greek flagged vessel carrying fuel oil, had initially been scheduled to travel to Bermuda to replace the two deceased crew members, however Bernews unofficially understands the tanker may bypass Bermuda. We will update with official information as able.

Update 1pm: Official information from Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre:

At 0830am today the U. S. Coast Guard H60 Search and Rescue Helicopter took off from the Bermuda Airport to proceed approximately 150 miles east-northeast of Bermuda. The Helicopter made its rendezvous with the Tanker ‘AEGEAN ANGEL’ and safely winched onboard the seriously injured Chief Officer. The Helicopter returned to Bermuda and landed the 35 YOA man to an awaiting ambulance which sped him to KEMH for urgent treatment.

The Helicopter had taken the joining ship’s captain and chief engineer to the ship during the outbound journey to collect the injured officer. Now that the ship has a new captain and chief engineer in place, the decision has been made to bypass Bermuda and proceed to Freeport in the Bahamas. That decision was based on forecast weather conditions that would have hampered the continuation of the mission to land the deceased captain and chief engineer at Bermuda during the hours of darkness tonight.

Update 4:15pm: Official information from the US Coast Guard:

The Coast Guard medevaced an injured crewmember off the Greek flagged merchant vessel Aegean Angel approximately 180 miles northeast of Bermuda, Sunday morning.

The captain and the 1st mate of the vessel were killed, and the 2nd mate was injured while inspecting the vessel’s integrity during high seas Thursday.

Coast Guard HC-130J Hercules and a MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter crews from Air Station Elizabeth City flew to Bermuda Saturday to assist in the recovery of the injured man and to transfer two replacement officers to the vessel. Due to the distance involved, both assets landed in Bermuda to refuel.

Hazardous weather conditions of 50 mph winds and 15-18-foot seas kept the aircraft grounded until 7:40 a.m. Sunday.

At approximately 9:40 a.m. [EST] Sunday, the helicopter crew transferred the new captain and 1st mate to the Aegean Angel and safely hoisted the 2nd mate from the vessel and flew the injured man to waiting emergency medical service personnel for further transportation to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in Bermuda for treatment.

“Although the unfortunate environmental circumstances proved fatal for two crewmembers, the multi-international agency joint coordination provided exceptional support ensuring the injured crewmember received prompt medical assistance,” said Senior Chief Petty Officer Carla Harsh of the Coast Guard 5th District.

Update Jan 4: Additional photos courtesy of the US Coast Guard:

110102-G-0000A-003 - Aegean Angel

110102-G-0000A-002 - Aegean Angel

110102-G-0000A-004 - Aegean Angel

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