Video: Coast Guard Helicopter Lands In Bermuda

November 19, 2013

[Updated] A U.S Coast Guard helicopter landed in Bermuda in the early hours of this morning [Nov 19] after transporting an injured person off a container ship located approximately 50 miles off Bermuda.

The helicopter arrived in Bermuda at just after 11pm last night to take on fuel, and left at around midnight to head out to the ship to rescue the person. They returned to Bermuda just before 2am with the injured man, who was transported to a waiting ambulance and taken to hospital.

U.S. Coast Guard crew onboard included rescue swimmer Bret Fogle, flight mechanic Ian Kesterson, pilots Kristen Jaekel and Steve Bonn.

US Coast Guard Helicopter Medivac Bermuda, November 18 2013-9

Update 9.51am: The Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said a crew member on board the M/V Finesse suffered serious trauma injuries following a fall, with the 35 year old Ukranian national suffering a severe gash to the scalp, a broken hand and broken leg.

A statement from the BMOC said, “At 4:50pm on Monday afternoon, 18th November, the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a call from the US Coast Guard District D5 at Norfolk, Virginia reporting that a crew member on board the mv Finesse, 110nm southwest of Bermuda, had suffered serious trauma injuries following a fall.

“The ship was diverted towards Bermuda and the US Coast Guard tasked a HH60 helicopter from Elizabeth City to Bermuda to refuel and then onward to the ship to airlift the 35 year old Ukranian national. Injuries suffered were a severe gash to the scalp, a broken hand and broken leg.

“The helicopter was on scene with the Finesse shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning and the patient was hoisted on board the helicopter and inbound to Bermuda by 1:30am, arriving at LF Wade International Airport at 1:50am. The patient was transferred by ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.”

Update 5.43pm: The Coast Guard said, “The Coast Guard medevaced a 35-year-old man Tuesday morning. The man suffered injuries from a fall off the fourth deck of his vessel.

“The captain of the Finesse, a 455-foot ship, contacted Coast Guard 5th District Command Center watchstanders at approximately 4 p.m. Monday reporting a member aboard the Finesse suffered head trauma and a possible broken leg and arm.

“Fifth District Command Center watchstanders dispatched crews aboard an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter and an HC-130 Hercules aircraft from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., to assist.

“The Jayhawk crew arrived on scene at approximately 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, hoisted the man into the helicopter and took him to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Bermuda.”

Update Nov 20: Video, courtesy of the Coast Guard, showing the actual movement at the ship

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    You really have to admire those USCG crews. Tough day at the office. 6 hours to get here from the East Coast, fuel up, then head right back out again. 6 hours back maybe tomorrow in a machine that is a long way from the comforts of business class.

  2. Good Morning neighbor says:

    Thanks Bernews, was wondering what type of plane/helicopter that could have been. It was so loud and low flying it woke my family up, my children dashed to the window, thought it was crashing.

    • swing voter says:

      lol when I returned from Uni married with child I was lucky to find a huge 1 bedroom apartment literally on the approach path to the runway because the rent was cheap back then ;-)

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Bet it woke lots of people up. Got me. Thought, Oh, low flying aircraft, thats all…….WHAAAAAA!!!!!! Where am I???? Eyes wide open now, brain replaying the sound. Oh, helicopter. Big one…….WHAAAAAA????? Must be a naval ship nearby Ahhhhhhhh….thats it. Noise explained. Back to sleep.

  3. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Excellent photos Bernews.

  4. Bob Barker says:

    I heard this thing go by at 2 a.m. – it woke me up – felt like I was in ‘Nam again.

  5. swing voter says:

    LOL @ TD but the 15secs of fame was worth it! The guy on the left was soaking it up and the guy on the right was like, ‘pleez I jus wanna go home’

  6. logic says:

    Marine ops gets a call at 4:50pm, copter doesn’t arrive here until 12am and without a full tank?

    Im putting on my foil hat. haha

  7. Accuracy says:

    Logic – you’re kidding right? Do you know anything about this machine and its range and speed?

    Read Triangle drifters post and think again please.

    Hats off and many thanks to the USCG for providing a service Bermuda could never afford and without which that poor sailor (and many more like him) would most likely be dead.

  8. Redman says:

    Heard it go overhead as well and thought that it must be another rescue mission of some kind. I looked out of the window but didn’t see it. I thought it was landing at the National Stadium again.

    A pair landed at there about twelve years ago with one injured and one deceased crewmen from off of a ship.