Photos: Royal Bermuda Ascot Horse Show

May 16, 2011

The Royal Bermuda Ascot Garden Party & Horse Show was held yesterday [May 15] at the Ocean View Farm, and funds raised will be used to support some of the island’s equestrians who have qualified to compete in the 2011 Pan Am Games.

A spokesperson said, “Bermudian equestrians in pursuit of qualification to join Show Jumper Patrick Nisbett who has already qualified, are International Show Jumpers – Jillian Terceira and Raishun Burch and International Dressage riders – Annabelle Collins and Virginia McKey.”

In the Horse Jumping 3’3” Class saw the competitors and horse compete at a Height of fences not to exceed 3’3”, the competition was also against the clock.

Claire Howard and Just a Rose finished first clocking a time of 40.95 with 0 Faults, Christy Holder and L. A Baltic Star finished second with a time of 41.49 and 0 Faults. Olivia Jordan finished third riding Brown Eyed Girl with a time of 54.07 with 3 Time Faults, while McKeisha Smith finished fourth riding Starstruck with a time of 47.22 with 4 Faults.

Michael Rodrigues riding Scooby Doo finished 5th with a time of 76.54 and 4 Faults, while Tyler Lopes and Bailey’s Bay finished 6th clocking a time of 78.03 and 4 Faults. Frances Weddup and Mr. Sandman finished 7th with a time of 97.64 and 9 Fault Points, 8 Jumping and 1 time, while Dana Adderley finished 8th clocking a time of 119.82 and 15 Faults, 8 Jumping and 7 time.

In the Horse Jumping 3’6” Class saw the competitors and horse compete at a Height of fences not to exceed 3’6”, the competition was also against the clock

Claire Howard riding Just a Rose finished first clocking 48.96 with 4 Faults, while Alison Dyer-Fagundo and Wanderpreis finished second clocking a time of 75.35 with 32 Faults, 12 Jumping and 20 time, Michael Rodrigues and Scooby Doo finished third with a time of 78.78 and 4 Faults.

Christy Holder and L.A. Baltic Star finished 4th with a time of 89.94 with 4 Faults, while Frances Weddup finished fifth with a time of 117.89 and 11 Faults, 4 Jumping and 7 time and McKeisha Smith and Mr. Sandman finished 6th clocking 120.29 and 21 Faults, 12 Jumping and 9 time.

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

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