77 Entries So Far: Christmas Boat Parade

November 17, 2011

It’s not too late to enter your boat in one of the most spectacular events of the holiday season. The Christmas Boat Parade will set sail from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club at 6:30 pm on Saturday December 10th.

Seventy seven boats have already registered but organisers say that there is space for additional boats and are encouraging interested boat owners and skippers to register.

bermuda christmas boat parade

“This is the biggest spectator event of the year” said Steve Thomson, spokesperson for the organisers, “and we anticipate that this year will be one of the biggest parade fleets ever – almost two miles long.”

Those planning to watch the parade from their own boats need to be aware that in order to ensure a safe parade Hamilton Harbour will shut down to both commercial and private boat traffic after 5:30 pm. There will also be “No Anchor Zones” near the parade route. We are working with Marine Police, and “marshalling” boats to enforce a safe and clear parade route” explained Mr. Thomson.

“Only boats entered and participating in the parade will be allowed to be close to the parade route. We must put safety first and regrettably ask spectator boats to remain at anchor at a distance from the boats moving in the parade. What we are saying to boat owners is, the best place to experience the parade on the water is IN the parade. But it’s not too late for boats to enter” added Mr. Thomson.

Interested boat owners can enter online at www.bermudaboatparade.bm.

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  1. Albert Tatlock says:

    Perhaps they will remember this year not to suddenly change the course at the last minute with no announcement whatsoever. I remember hundreds of people waiting on Darrell’s a few years back and the boats never made it cos they changed it all immediately before the start and boats turned right at Salt Kettle instead.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    WOW! 77 entries so far. That is good going. Allowing for mechanicals & other miscellaneous reasons for backing out that should leave at least 50 boats on the night. Still a very good turnout.

  3. Star man says:

    In Vancouver they also have a wonderful Christmas boat parade…however many of the boats feature school and church choirs signing Christmas carrols. The boats are spaced far enough apart to enjoy each boats choir without interference from the others. It is awesome! This approach would much enhance the Bermuda Boat Parade, too! Just a suggestion to make it a little better….