American Arrested At Airport With Gun

November 23, 2011

A US man is being held by the Bermuda Police Service after being taken into custody at the island’s airport this week with a gun.

“On Tuesday [Nov. 22] an American citizen was arrested at the L. F. Wade International Airport for firearm possession,” said a police spokesman. “He remains in police custody pending the review of a file by the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

At this time the BPS is not releasing any additional information about the incident.

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  1. Watching! says:

    What is alarming is how the hell he managed to get through security in the US? Must be more to this than what has been released.

    • Yup says:

      Excellent point “Watching” This person should be in sh!t. Why does anyone want to bring a gun to Bermuda? Or…errr…is that now becoming a stupid PLP. PLP=gangstaa friendly=gangs flourish=murder rate rises=IB leaves=Bermudians leave=Bermuda declines.

      • Just Curious says:

        @ YUP

        Have you considered decaf?

      • Can't Take It Anymore says:

        Well, if you have the proper liscening in the US, you can travel with your gun, be it a plane train or automobile.

        • richard says:

          Unless you are a air marshal or some type of law enforcement (in witch BDA law enforcment would have been contacted) they are not going to let you carry a gun plan stop talking crazy unlike Bermuda some people in the US are going to lose their job over this one like @Watching said he should not have made out of America with the gun in the first place.

          • LOL (original) says:

            I’m no expert on US law but I thought state to state is fine but international was a no no.


        • united says:

          He can ONLY bring it in his checked baggage. But whatever the case. He probably read all the stories about the gun violence in Bermuda and wanted to protect himself. Just saying.

    • Got my ticket... says:

      who ever said it was on the plane?

      if its checked in your baggage, you can most definitely have a licensed firearm.

      If he either didnt know our laws, or forgot it was there, then there is a very good chance that he had one in his baggage.

      That being said, as you mention we dont know what hasnt been released, and it could very well be a good find by customs, but the question about how it got through security in the US is pointless because you are allowed to have them, just not carried on.

  2. YES MATE! says:

    Just tell them you’re a member of a gun club at home and they’ll let you go!

  3. stern says:

    There are some sick and brazen people in this this world!!!!Who in their right mind would attempt that!

  4. Doug says:

    what a dumbass

  5. through the lens says:

    That’s not too hard, when you a certain color. I believe the last 3 tourists arrested in Bermuda for similar were all of the same color.
    Didnt the female lawyer even do a lil time?

    • Wondering says:

      I thought immediately about the US Lawyer, but think the lawyer got off and the incident was just after someone had been shot. Can somebody remind us of this. Lawyer caught at Bermuda Airport with gun leaving the Island – ….

    • LOL (original) says:

      The story does not say what color he is……………..


  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    All to often Americans live in ignorant bliss thinking that what is law in the US is law worldwide. Of course it is not.

    If he had the gun on his body, how did he get through all the airport security? If it was in his checked baggage, no crime there, if he was traveling domestically. Of course not so coming to Bermuda. If the gun is legit i.e. he is the registered owner & has a reasonable explanation for having it, what is the problem? Confiscate it till he departs & have a nice visit.

    Guns don’t kill. Bad PEOPLE with guns kill.

    • in concurrence says:

      Thank you for saving me a lot of typing ..

      +1 to you

    • street business says:

      Shouldnt matter how he got out of the states. Fact is we have our own laws and he will be doing time until he goes court next year this time. He has plenty of time to think of his excuses until then!

    • The Batman says:

      “Guns don’t kill. Bad PEOPLE with guns kill.”- That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Guns were created SOLElY to kill and nothing else. Don’t say that they are for defense because if guns (which are used to kill people) didn’t exist, than there would be not need to have one to defend yourself.

      I never use guns and I am perfectly able to take on the criminal scum of the underworld.

      p.s. The T.S.A. does not care if you have a gun in your checked luggage, and thus will not search for it or report if they find one. This is more than likely the reason he was able to leave the U.S. with it.

      Batman has spoken…..

      • ** says:

        guns dont kill people, when it gets in the hands of a bad person it kills!! A gun cant shot by its self, it takes a bad person to pull the trigger.. Guns dont kill, bad people with guns kill!

        • The Batman says:

          Guns kill people. You mean to tell me that if a nice person shoots a gun at someone, the bullet wont hurt them because they are nice? It doesn’t work like that. The trigger is squeezed, the firing pin strikes the bullet, the propellant ignites, the gas pushes the bullet down the barrel and the bullet exits the barrel and kills someone. End of story.

          The Batman has spoken.

          • Robin to de rescue says:

            Greetings Batman, I think you may have just been a wee bit harsh. If I may I think the intent of the person possessing a gun is more the angle at which angle Triangle Drifter was coming from. Nice, bad, innocent or not, if the intent or motive to kill is there then hey, they will kill. The gun is a tool. No different than the batmobile being used to deploy weaponry and to escape without a trace! :)

            • Think About It says:

              This is true Robin, however, the batmobile was not created to kill, therefore no matter if some villain gained control of it, it is not capable of doing so.

      • FYI says:

        ACTUALLY….for the bag to be processed with a gun, there has to be an unloaded firearm form placed within the luggage that’s being checked-in! The gun has to be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided locked cased as well; So something went astray with the search, obviously!

      • 5boro says:

        Actually, the TSA will not open any luggage that has a declared firearm in it. I recall years ago that some travelers would pack a starter pistol to avoid having their luggage searched.

        • FYI says:

          Actually, take it from somebody who is currently workin in a US airport…TSA will go through whatever/however/whenever they like!!! If a gun shows on a screen, they will open the bag to make sure an unloaded firearm form is in there! If one isn’t, the bag is brought back to the ticket counter and the passenger is called back; which may make him miss tht flt.

        • FYI says:

          Actually, take it from somebody who is currently workin in a US airport…TSA will go through whatever/however/whenever they like!!! If a gun shows on a screen, they will open the bag to make sure an unloaded firearm form is in there! If one isn’t, the bag is brought back to the ticket counter and the passenger is called back; which may make him miss tht flt.

      • Got my ticket... says:

        Batman you are an idiot. plain and simple.

        ” Don’t say that they are for defense because if guns (which are used to kill people) didn’t exist, than there would be not need to have one to defend yourself”

        Well firstly this is just dumb. I can guarantee there are people out there that if they wanted to do you harm, without a gun, they damn well could. To deny that and say you are “able to take on the criminam scum” is simply internet posturing.

        Second, your analogy about a nice person shooting a gun will kill someone, not just a bad person is dumb too. A car hitting you will kill you.. a knife to the throat will kill you. Drowning will kill you. But none of that happens unless its an accident, or unless a bad person makes it happen. To only use that for guns is leaving out all other means of accidental/deliberate death.

        A gun is a tool. thats it. A tool is a force multiplier. All a gun can do is multiply the force/intention given to it by its user.

        if a user uses it solely for self defence, then it is an amazing tool. A small old lady can defend herself from a 6’5 brute.

        if a user uses it solely to cause harm, then it will do that.

        At the end of the day, a knife will do the same thing, a crash helmet will do the same thing, so will a machette, bat, fist, etc etc. Just becasue the gun was made only to cause harm (whether for good or bad) is irrelevant. It only does what its user tells it to do.

    • united says:

      Very good points. I like the way you think. No jumping to conclusions just clear thinking which is what is lacking in today’s jump to conclusion, hang’em high society.

  7. Jeff says:

    Maybe he saw the front page of this weeks Royal Gazette

  8. Cassy says:

    Most likely he will claim that he was unaware that it was in his bag and government will let him go so they dont further damage tourism. So he can go back home and tell his friends how stupid the Bermuda Police are for believing such a brazen lie.

  9. street business says:

    This is too easy. Send his a$$ to jail for 20 years for possession like Bermudians would get. Im tired of certain people getting time and other getting a slap on the wrist.

  10. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    He has a right to bear arms , thats why I wear short sleeve shirts .

  11. Cancer says:

    This guy is gonna get off. Americans can’t get convicted for bringing illegal items into Bermuda. Plus it ruins US/Bermuda relations….

  12. So clueless says:

    He was trying to make a quick buck to pay for his foreclosed house. guns sell for good money here in Bermuda. Plus it keeps making money because you rent it out. charge for ammo and usage. looks like they have wait afor the next delivery mule to get more guns on the street.

  13. bda for life says:

    Fyi the young man was arrested in the us customs departures hall not bermuda arrivals hall

    • 1minute says:

      Where did it say that?

    • If that's true says:

      Why would anyone want to smuggle a gun out of Bermuda? The street value has to be far higher here than in the US.

  14. lifeblood says:

    There’s just…so many things wrong with this story ???

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      No, there is just so much speculation with this story. The speculation comes from a complete lack of information given in the first place hence my first post was littered with so many ‘ifs’. As happens too often Police withold information & bloggers go wild with guessing.

  15. Tolerate says:

    Serious; people saying “right to carry gun because he has a license”, “gun going out of Bermuda and not into Bermuda”? This thinking is partly why we are where we are with the acceptance under certain circumstances.
    He will have to prove without a doubt, this was a legitimate mistake. Guilty to proven innocent under this offence. I don’t believe in locking him up as first option, but he better have some serious bank back home because he should be fined to the maximum. Than when he cannot pay, lock him up for the duration of the fine. In today’s climate with terrorism, no one should be so nonchalant that has a known firearm in their possession and is traveling; be it by plane boat or car. Just ridiculous and irresponsible.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Yup 911 all over again………


    • Got my ticket... says:

      from what ive ready, the license part isnt to give him an excuse, its more to explain how he was able to get it on the plane in the first place.

      A lot of people are ignorant of flight laws and assume that because it is illegal here, and that you cant carry it on, that it is illegal to have on a plane period.

      Perhaps some where speculating, but in my mind the comments regarding licenses is simply to explain how he was allowed to have it, not why he had it.

      to be honest i think the hypothetical license would makes it even worse that he had it (if that is the casE)… a licensed owner is generally a responsible owner and should review all laws and always know what/where your firearm is.

  16. UncleSam says:

    The article states that he was caught with a gun. It very well could have been in his checked luggage which is perfectly legal in the USA. I have traveled many times with a firearm in my checked luggage, all you have to do is declare it at the airport before ticketing.

    So to all you haters that know EVERYTHING about how stupid everyone else is…., sock it.

    This could be a simple, albeit stupid, accident with no harm intended.

    • Terry says:

      Thanks Uncle. Keep the faith.

    • united says:

      Hey, why you calling people haters? Just because someone does not agree with you or concur with your ideas does NOT make them haters. You, sir/madam are the hater. It makes no sense to call someone a hater. Dumb ASS

  17. Makes me think....hmmmmm says:

    Yes, my first thought was “Was he arriving or departing?” Not that I am condoning it either way, just wondering. If arriving, then whoever on the US side let him through should be fired, even in a tough economy with jobs at such a premium. No regular passenger should be traveling with firearms of any kind, without exception.

    • Got my ticket... says:

      you have failed to ask the more important question. Was he carrying or was it checked?

      your last statement is somewhat wrong. ALL regular passengers can travel wtih a firearm.. it simply needs to be checked. To NOT be able to do so (because of conviction or lack of license) would actually be the exception.

  18. Tolerate says:

    Apologies if my thoughts offended some, but let me put this to you another way. Yes, you have a right to firearms in America. You also have the right; no expectation to be responsible. My scenario as a person with a fire arm about to travel is as follows-
    1. I’m going on vacation and I am a licensed firearm user.
    2. I secure my weapon as in the case I may be robbed while out of my house (if I am not trying to carry the weapon with me which is not a good idea).
    3. If I adhere to #2; at this point I now have recognized if my firearm is in my luggage bag I am travelling with, so don’t become the dumb a$$ who packs my clothing on top of it and shows up in the airport.
    Point made. SHOW MORE RESPONSIBILTY!!!!!
    And you will not be a dumb a$$…….

    • Got my ticket... says:

      yes.. i agree with this.

      If someone owns a gun with solely good intentoins, they should know exactly its status at all times, as well as the laws in the place you are travelling too.

  19. Clueless lol says:

    How do we know that he wasn’t a “HITMAN” hmmmmm?

  20. Onion Soup says:

    The current laws in Bermuda dictate that no firearms, or components thereof, may be imported to or exported from Bermuda without a valid licence issued by the Commissioner of Police prior to his arrival in or departure from Bermuda. End of story. That information is all over the internet, on both Bermuda and US government publications. Whether or not the man had the gun (whole or in pieces) on his person, in a carry-on bag or in his checked luggage is irrelevant. If he’s brought to trial and convicted, I believe there is a mandatory 10-year sentence. Should be interesting to see where this goes from here….