Martin Ordered To Pay $500 Per Week

November 15, 2011

As ordered by Senior Magistrate, fraudster Dana Martin, who had yesterday been convicted of defrauding two Guesthouses of $9,175, returned to Court this morning [Nov.15] and had his prospective employer, construction company owner Gilbert Lopes, with him.

In wrapping up the now two-day old case, Mr Martin was sentenced to two twelve month periods of imprisonment with each sentence suspended for twenty-four months.

Mr Lopes told the Magistrate that that he did know Mr Martin and that he expected Mr Martin to start work with his construction firm on Monday 21st November; and that he would employ him as a labourer.

The Senior Magistrate asked Mr Martin what he would be earning, he replied that he was expecting to be paid $22 an hour and would work seven days a week and as much as 60 hours a week.

Magistrate Warner then explained that Mr Martin had admitted his guilt and was willing to repay. The Magistrate went on to say that he had to consider the sentencing regime which, in this case indicated an immediate custodial sentence; but that he must also consider other factors such as the $80,000 per annum cost to the taxpayer for an incarceration, and that the people who had been defrauded would still be without compensation for their loss.

The Magistrate then ruled that for the Little Pomander Guesthouse charge, the sentence was twelve months imprisonment, suspended for twenty four months. However, Mr Martin would have to pay $250 a week from his earnings until the full $6,300 had been made good to the Guesthouse owners. He ruled similarly for the Blue Horizons Guesthouse with $250 a week to be paid until the full $2,875 had been made good.

The Magistrate told Mr Martin that any default in payment in respect of either matter would result in three months imprisonment; and that the payments were to be made to the Court who would transmit them to the out-of-pocket complainants.

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  1. All Clogged Up says:


  2. cocoa says:

    All Clogged up, I think you would need to go through the courts and take out a summons/civil suit and then got from there as far as having the money taken out of their wages.

  3. bermy$hotta says:

    HAHA! Politicians scratching one another’s backs …

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    $500 per WEEK!!!! How do I get that award?? I have a tennant owing a similar amount to the $9000.00. Did the whole court thing. Got wages garnesheed & only get $250 per MONTH & it has taken almost a year to get first payment.

    Meanwhile this tennant is regularly seen in the bars, has a new car & has a secure job with a Government backed paycheck.

    What is going on in the courts? Maybe I should withold Government taxes like land tax etc. till I get paid.

  5. k says:

    there should be a bad tennant list site with pictures !!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      A great idea. I don’t know anything about building websites but surely one could be made. The courts are not doing their job. Getting references can be difficult. More often than not the last landlord wants to be rid of them.

      A ‘do not rent to’ list would be useful.

      Something the guesthouses that rent to locals could use also.

  6. LOTS*4*SALE says:

    Dudes wasting some serious talent . Platinum is what his tongue is made of .