Photo Set #2: Reconvening of Parliament

November 4, 2011

Scores of locals and visitors thronged Front Street this morning [Nov.4] to catch a glimpse of the annual Reconvening of Parliament — one of the most colourful and tradition-steeped ceremonies on Bermuda’s public calendar.

Held on the Cabinet Office grounds, Governor Sir Richard Gozney delivered the Throne Speech outlining Government’s legislative agenda for 2012 to an audience comprised of Parliamentarians and other senior deignitaries.

You can read the full text of the speech here, the highlights here, view our first photo gallery here and videos will be uploaded later today.

View almost 400 images below, courtesy of John Manderson:

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Comments (22)

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  1. steveB says:

    Inept,greedy and recklessness all dressed up to impress their gullible audience..How much longer will the black ppl of Bermuda continue this charade of this deadbeat ineffective govt at the expense of all of us????

    • Terry says:

      Yah no Steve….yah rite. I got tired of looking at all those rich people with their gold, diamonds pearls et al and so I thought just left me go see what coments have been written.

      Took the words right out of my mouth Steve.

      Countries dahn dee toobs ..never mind. Not gonna even read the rest of the comments just scroll up amd exit.

      • Maddog says:

        Get over it,you sound like you are white and if so you had your turn, PLP ALL THE WAY.

        • shaco says:

          That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I’m not saying any party is better than the other. Both leave much to be desired but in all fairness PLP has had a good run and they are in over their heads. Plain and simple. The scraping the barrel now…

    • Emeka47 says:

      @SteveB, you always seem to have a lot to say while standing on the side lines. If you can do better, why don’t you run for Public Office and change everything wrong about this Country. Also, did it ever occur to you that a lot of those people, whom you seem think are dressed to impressed, or got those clothes since becoming an MP, well, you need to think again. We Bermudians can ‘out dress anyone in most parts of the world’ Obviously you don’t attend formal functions or know style when you see it. If they came in rags you’d have something else to say.

      • steveB says:

        @Emeka47…don’t have time for brainwashed fools like you got other waste the time with deadbeat fathers leaving their offspring with their many mothers like you is plain feulish…btw continue looking at plp soap operas..there is more to come for your nonesense BDA is heading for ‘riches to rags’ and you and the rest of dimwits will be wearing the rags!!

    • Rob says:

      Everybody looked. OUTSTANDING!!

  2. wasteoftyme says:

    The plp=FauxPas..
    and our taxpayers $$$ for over a decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. On to the Next One says:

    Definitely a day of outrageously funny hats, weird wigs (which are actually kinda spooky, strange staffs and sticks, elitists, illuminati symbolism, odd ceremonial procedures, strange neckpieces and emblems, weird broaches and rings, an interesting mix of church and state with the bishops and priests there (which God are they praying to) …and a glimpse of some of the people that really run the country. No, you do not know their names, they are not public figureheads. See a few in the background in black robes standing against the building looking scary! (I see you Brinky) Oh, and a guy that thinks he’s a distinguished gentleman and might rightfully be, wearing a riduculous pink bow tie.

  4. On to the Next One says:

    It’s really too bad these photos do not have full captions so we know exactly who these folks are and who they represent. Not so much the public figureheads but all the other people that came out of the building that secretly run the country behind closed doors. Believe it.

  5. betty Rech says:

    They were all struting their stuff today like they were in a Fashion Show they better strutt themselves and get down to some serious work and get this country into a stable position

    down to earth Bermudian

    • PEPPER says:

      I agree with you betty, it was like a fashion show.. and that GREEN HAT. oh my God who is responsible for her attire?

  6. Terry says:

    Does Mr. Manderson work for Bernews?

    • Bermewjan says:

      Nope. From what I’ve been told he’s a reader and sometime contributor.

      • Terry says:

        Reason I asked was the fact that the photo’s have his ‘C’ on them. Thats all. Great photo’s.

  7. Regimental Dog says:

    Gotta love how the people who put in all the effort to make it enjoyable (Bermuda Regiment) barely have any photos of them. Half of us nearly passed out during the dude’s stupidly long speech!

    • Terry says:

      Listen up Sgt. Major. The dude was speaking from a prepared speach from the Gover(n)ment.

      The voice of the people. Don’t you get it?

      Suck it up.

      Green is mean.

      Take it, or leave.

      • Regimental Dog says:

        >The voice of the people.

        Don’t you mean the lies of the Government? They say one of their main focuses of this year is community and education. Funny that, last I checked, the government-owned Community Centre that I work at got its budget cut so bad that we weren’t able to rent anything fun for the kid’s Halloween Party like we normally do and don’t bother asking for anything for Christmas or Thanksgiving, the new E1 system is active in the Government and you won’t be seeing any money unless you put an order in months in advance.

  8. Emeka47 says:

    Bernews, thanks for all the great photos you allowed on this site, thanks to the photographer. You get to see some folk dressed to the ‘nines’ I noticed Mr. Swan in his top hat, he’s an ole die-heart UBP’er, gotta love that man. ALso loved the Premier’s ‘Fergie’ style hat too. Say what you like, Bermudians just love that British style Pomp and Pageantry. Not here to say anything negative, just enjoying the small things today!!

  9. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    Um, okay. I too am sick of the excesses of the present Government, but seriously??? Picking on the pageantry and pomp of the day and the attire chosen by our elected officials??? It’s ALWAYS been part of the day, for heavens’ sake. I would hate to see it ‘toned down’ because of some anti-PLP sentiment. I have to say that Madame Premier’s hat looked like one of those bath scrubby-sponges, though. She had the matching bag, at least…and look, folks- they paid for the outfits themselves. OK, their salaries come from us, but really- if you’re going to pick on the Government, find a new song apart from this. It’s getting just as old- and this coming from someone who’s not a big fan.

  10. wotless says:

    funniest thing about these photos….. lot’s of dunkley, no cannonier. Craig cannot escape that mans shadow!

  11. wasteoftyme says:

    This govt knows how easy to fool thir black ppl..just trow out some fine threads,a couple of Gombeys with some freebeees..and you have their fools eating from you hands…this is pathetic while the worls is progressing,plp is regressing with the mindless down d’tube