OBA Rollout Two Election Candidates

February 2, 2012

[Updated with video] The One Bermuda Alliance held a press conference today [Feb.2] to introduce two candidates who will contest the next General Election for the Opposition; Alexis Swan and Dr Grant Gibbons.

Political newcomer Alexis Swan, 25, will represent the party in Constituency #24 Warwick South East, which will see her go head to head against Lawrence Scott who was previously announced as the PLP’s candidate.

The seat is presently held by the PLP’s Alex Scott, who won 58% of the vote against the UBP’s Jeff Sousa [518-367] in the 2007 General Election.

Ms Swan attended Saltus, boarding school at Maine Central Institute in the US, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Alliant International University.

After graduation from Alliant in 2008, she came back to Bermuda and joined Colonial Insurance, where she worked as a Medical Administration Auditor. In her spare time, she worked as a volunteer at Harbour Lights, by helping recovering addicts improve their reading skills. She also worked, part time, at the Sunshine League.

After two years in Bermuda, she went to London to take a Master’s degree in International Business Management at American Intercontinental University. In June of last year, she graduated and returned to Colonial as an Account representative.

Ms Swan credits a strong and enlightened upbringing by her mother, Kuni Frith-Black, her father, Alexander (Alex) Swan, her grandparents, Charles and Marie Richardson and other members of her family in making her determined to be a strong individual.

“It’s a diverse party,” Ms Swan said, “a party open to new ideas which wants to encourage young people to get involved to help them improve Bermuda. I’m a dedicated and enthusiastic member, committed to helping them make my home a better place.”

Dr Gibbons will stand for the OBA in Constituency #22 Paget East, the seat he presently holds. Dr Gibbons — running under the UBP’s banner – won 77% [723-212] of the vote against the PLP’s Davida Morris in 2007.

He was was educated at Saltus Grammar School, Phillips Academy in Massachusetts, Brown University, Oxford University and studied organic chemistry at Harvard University, and received a Ph.D. in 1982.

Between 1982 and 1987, Dr. Gibbons held various management positions at Squibb Corporation, and returned to Bermuda in 1987 and took up responsibilities as managing director of Gibbons Company and Peniston Brown. Currently, Dr. Gibbons is the deputy chairman of the Colonial Insurance Group of companies.

In 1994, he was appointed as a UBP Senator, being elected to the House of Assembly later that year. In 1995, he was appointed Minister of Finance and he served in that position until November 1998, when the PLP won the General Election. In 2001, Dr. Gibbons was elected Leader of the UBP and was appointed Opposition Leader, a position he held until 2006.  He currently serves as the Shadow Minister of Education for the One Bermuda Alliance.

The Opposition previously confirmed fourteen candidates who will stand at the next election: Ray Charlton in Sandys North [C#36], Toni Spring in Sandys South [C#33], Shawn Crockwell in Southampton West Central [C#31], Jeff Sousa in Warwick West [C#28], Ras Mykkal in Warwick South Central [C#26], Mark Pettingill in Warwick North East [C#25], Jeanne Atherden in Pembroke West [C#19], C. Anthony Francis in Devonshire North Central [C#13], Craig Cannonier in Devonshire South Central [C#12], Bob Richards in Devonshire East [C#11], Sen. Michael Dunkley in Smith’s North [C#10], Trevor Moniz in Smith’s West [C#9], Sylvan Richards in Hamilton South [C#7], and Gaylynne Cannonier in St David’s [C#3].

Update 2.01pm: Statements added below

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier’s statement:

Good afternoon,

Today we continue today with our candidate roll outs, and so I want to thank you all for being here to help that process along.

I am very proud today to introduce two candidates who will help get our Island back on track, where it is once again working better for people.

With me today are:

  • Alexis Swan, who will stand for the One Bermuda Alliance in Warwick South East, Constituency 24, and
  • Dr. Grant Gibbons, who will stand for the party in Paget East, Constituency 22

Together they represent the kind of team the One Bermuda Alliance is building to serve Bermuda. It is about continuity and change…

Grant represents the experience and steady hand that is needed to guide Bermuda through these tough times. He has expertise in virtually all major areas of Island life – finance, education, health; you name it.

I have got to know Grant over the past year and I must say that he is a man who works very hard for his country. He is always prepared, always looking for solutions, always ready to serve – a true public servant.

Alexis is with us because she believes young Bermudians need to get involved in public life to have a say in the future of the Island.

She brings energy, optimism and passion to the team. I’ve watched her in action in meetings and I can tell you she is a very impressive young lady – grounded, constructive and, most important, driven by belief that we can make things better for the people of this country.

I have no doubt that Alexis will be an outstanding representative for the people of Warwick South East and the best possible advocate for a better Bermuda.



Alexis Swan’s full statement:

Good day to all of you.

My name is Alexis Swan and I am honoured to represent the One Bermuda Alliance in the next general election in Warwick South East, Constituency 24.

As a 25-year-old Bermudian, I grew up in a political system that seemed to be more about division than unity, more about self-interest than community, more about party than country.

I watched the governing party deliberately manipulate race for political gain and spend us into debt so deep that it will take my generation all our lives to pay it off.

The system, as I saw it, was not serving the people well nor was it serving the Island well.

I believe politics should be about uplifting people. I believe it should be about appealing to their best instincts and values in order to build something better.

I must say I had little hope for Bermuda’s future until I learned about the One Bermuda Alliance.

I liked the name right off the bat because it says exactly what our island needs, which is for us to work as one people, allied together for a better Bermuda.

Months ago, I had an opportunity to learn more about the OBA when I spent an evening with some of its members.

I ended up joining the party because it brings something new to the scene – a new, diverse coalition of Bermudians who really want this country to do better. They have a lot of drive. They are motivated and their energy and optimism rubs off on you.

Bermuda needs that now – people motivating people for the sake of the country; and people believing in who we are as Bermudians and what we can do.

I also believe in the OBA’s commitment to forming a government based on positive values and principles – such as honesty, transparency, cooperation, selflessness, responsibility and public service. This is the kind of foundation on which we can build real unity and fairness into our daily lives.

As a young Bermudian, I think I can help build that better Bermuda. I have a diverse educational experience and international exposure from studying in the United States and Europe.

I bring new ideas to the table and I want to use those ideas to encourage hope in the many, many young Bermudians with whom I will share life together on The Rock.

I believe in what Gandhi said: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

I think there are many young Bermudians out there who would like to adopt that motto, but who believe our system blocks their way. Making sure the system does not block people is what I am all about, and what the OBA is all about.

We need a system that empowers us, not one that hinders us.

Bermudians should no longer be intimidated by politics. Everyone, especially the young, should find out how they can get involved and be the change they want to see. Now is the time.

To the people of Warwick South East, I believe a representative of the people is first about service. It’s about being a good listener. It’s about supporting people in times of need. It’s about keeping in touch so that I know your concerns and your hopes. And it’s about turning ideas into solutions that work for you, our community and our island.

That is how I will conduct myself as your representative. I look forward to working with you to building a Bermuda that works for you and our loved ones.

Thank you.


Update 3.44pm: Video of press conference

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  1. Cancer says:

    Alexis we are so proud of you. Thanks for being that proud talented young black lady ready to take Bermuda forward. You’ll have your haters and neah-sayers but they’ll get over it. It’s for a better Bermuda.

    • Stratton Hatfield says:

      CONGRATULATIONS ALEXIS! You make me, the OBA and our FBA colleagues very proud! Here’s to the hard work ahead!

      • Yup says:

        The roll out of Alexis Swan is fantastic for Bermuda..!!!!!

      • Alexis, I want to let you know that we are very proud of you. You have taken on a challenge that most of us young people here in Bermuda would normally shy away from.

        You are truly admired and your decision to represent your country at 25 speaks volumes. We wish you nothing but the best.

    • Assinine says:

      “I watched the governing party deliberately manipulate race for political gain”

      And who plays the race card? Can the OBA give a single speech without race in it?

  2. Wow says:

    Dr Grant Gibbons of Constituency #22 Paget East can you and the rest of the OBA answer the questions below

    1. why all the black leaders in the UBP = OBA leave?

    2. why you change the name in one night and all the white Bermudians jump ship in masses over a 24 hour period? Tell the truth now lets keep it real. I thought Dr. Brown was the only deceiver looks like the UBP is OBA

    3. why the economy in the USA is doing bad so what effects the USA will effect us?

    4. why you are your supporters labeling the current Premier as a racist leader, when in true form she has not used the race card like the past leader DR. Brown, who said and did what he wanted?

    5. why Jim Woolridge wrote in his book “the little white boys don’t mind you being in charge as long as they can tell you what to do – “The House That Jack Built” by the Jim Woolridge. Wasn’t he one of the top dogs in the party?

    6. why would the man try and set up Brown & Burgess this was on ZBM news?

    • Unimpressed says:

      Wow, illiterate much?

      • LOL (the new) says:

        I love this strategy of the OBA/UBP. Call people who oppose you and ask legitimate questions names.

        How childish.

        • Unimpressed says:

          I’m an expat – not allowed to be affiliated with any kind of political party. Burgess and Burch told me to mind my own business.

          Just commenting on the awful spelling/grammar on the genius named “Wow”.

          • LOL (the new) says:

            You should definitely support the OBA! They’ll give you status if you do! The OBA is the party for you.

        • James says:

          Its not a strategy of the OBA/UBP/PLP/XYZ. If anyone is going to ask legitimate questions, at least use the English language in a proper way. If you can’t, how can anyone take you seriously?!

          • LOL (the new) says:

            How arrogant and elitist can you be? These are legitimate questions and to wholly discount them just because the questioner might not have had access to the same education as you is wholly insulting.

            And, yes, we’ve all seen it before. The UBP and now the OBA have consistently turned their nose up at people with less education and dismissed them with the same sort of vindictive as you’ve used on this forum today.

            You are the inheriting a long line of this kind of this toxic dribble and the original poster deserves your apology.

            • SHAMEFUL says:

              Wow…I have to agree. Truth be told, not everyone has a college degree but they still should be heard and acknowledged.

      • Yawn says:

        @ unimpressed – what a boring and played out comment…

    • Educated Fools says:

      Why you can’t type English…

    • Wandering says:

      Ask Laverne she has all the answers or Rolf….

      6. as you live so are you judged by man and God himself…. watch how you live, watch how you live!

    • Eddi says:

      Dear wow,

      If these are real questions, you don’t honestly expect to get answers on Bernews, do you? You haven’t even used your real name, so even if a member of the OBA wanted to provide answers to your questions, they have no way of contacting you directly. I don’t understand what you mean by black leaders for I am of the rainbow people, you see. Regardless, I will try to keep you up to day on current affairs.

      1) I can’t comment on this because of the rainbow people I have seen, none of them where black..or brown or white or green. Please present a picture of said leaders as I would love to see what they look like.

      2) The name of the OBA was comprised through a complex of thoughts throughout human beings and it certainly took longer than a night. I still have yet to see these ‘white’ Bermudians you speak of but to jump a ship in masses as you speak of would take a lot of practice. The fastest recorded mass jumping of ship was done in 1965 and that took 2 months. Yes, you said the truth. Dr. Brown was a great deceiver. As for the OBA = UBA, you must revisit complex algebra that clearly states that any equation that holds a ‘U’ most definitely cannot equal that containing an ‘O’. Therefore your theory may be incorrect.

      3) Whilst your previous equation, OBA = UBP was not true, this equation is – BMD = USD. The problems effecting America started with greed within the banks and other corporations. Please research for more information.

      4) A card not yet played is still in the deck. There are some answers in the universe we may never understand. Women and emotions are but two of these things. The current supporters do not reflect the ideas of the OBA. I’m sure that these supporters don’t do this for no reason simply because it is written so in human I (page 4654, chapter 7).

      5) Hmm.. Never read it..

      6) The lack of evidence does suggest something is amiss within the Government. As the Bermuda Police Service (or the ‘man’ as you so graciously put it) will serve regardless of which political party is in power, I highly doubt that this was their doing.

      Wow, I hope I have answered all your questions adequately. Thank you and good luck. It has been a pleasure.

      • reality is reality says:

        they are speaking of the privileged – like bob stewart, came here as a policeman from the UK – a strong Labour supporter and supported the establishment of the white party. many policemen who came from the west indies, when they retired did they get treated the same as the UK white policemen? Ask Roger Sherrate, he’s doing a police history book but I bet it will painted in with the incorrect brush because he 2 benefited from the system. They don’t like to share the truth, the divisions in the Police Force and the promotions that gave the UK policemen who look like gibbons and dunkley got and the ones that looked like Dr. Eva that got the shorter end of the billy stick. There was a time in Bermuda when a Black policeman could not even do his diligent duty i.e if he responded to a white person’s complaint,he was told not to come in the front door but use the back door or in some extreme cases sent back to the station and the complainant lodging a complain to send a white policeman. Does miss swan read the news about all the racist college pranks, I will leave that to other younger ones to share.

        • Bermyman says:

          And this is someway reflects the environment we live in 2012!? Very hard to understand what you have written but what I think you are saying is that white and black policemen are treated differently by the community and society? Racist College pranks?

          So random!

        • Eastern says:

          Excuse me “Reality”…..what year are you talking about? It is presently the year 2012……….check your watch……you are talikng about things that happened quite some time ago. And if your not; then give us some examples.

    • Just sayin says:

      WOW, very sad….. You would vote PLP no matter how bad they were / are.

      You deserve what you are going to get.

      Save your loquat seeds, they may be our currency soon.

      • Yawn says:

        I will vote PLP as well. So many of us vote PLP guess thats why they are in power..so i guess i deserve what i get too. lol @ you

      • Think About It says:

        Lol @ loquat seed money!

    • Yup says:

      Hey Alexis…I hope you stay away from the blogs. The blogs are dominated by dumb PLP supporters who cannot wait for Dr. Brown and Col. Burch to tell them what to do. PLP are taking us all down….don’t them take you Alexis!!!!!!

  3. haha says:

    Wow! I don’t know anything about Ms Swan but they are running her in a PLP stronghold (where they seem to be running all the new candidates).

    Grant was an obvious pick.

  4. Trident says:

    Ditto WOW

  5. No Fool says:

    Congratulations Alexis! Don’t EVER let ANYONE discourage you from what you want to do in life! There will ALWAYS be people who are jealous of your talent and your passion!

  6. LOL (the new) says:

    The young black woman gets the PLP stronghold and Grant Gibbons gets the UBP safe seat… interesting.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      But it’s ok with you that Zane gets moved to the nice ‘safe’ constituency #29.

      • Really?? says:

        It’s not a safe seat for Zane in my mind…have they announced an independant or OBA rep for #29…

        Signed: Uncertain

    • Death to party politics says:

      #24 is my area, and has formally been represented by Alex Scott for years. His son is now stepping into his shoes. I’ve seen his son’s ‘election’ letter in my mailbox; most of his ‘why you should vote for me’ is based completely on the political lineage of his grandfather and father before him. What does LAWRENCE Scott bring to the table, that should encourage me to vote for him? Both he and Ms. Swan are new and have to prove their mettle.

      Good luck to both Mr. Scott and Ms Swan in #24, you both have a long road ahead.

      • RME says:

        I suggest you read that letter again. I have one as well and he doesn’t list his family members as a reason why you should vote for him. As it clearly states, he lists them (some of whom served under the UBP) because “they embodied community service” and he has been inspired by their lives.

        And if you are reading the same letter I am, you would see the many qualities he feels he brings to the table listed before he even mentions his family. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, call him – his cell number is on there and ask him whatever you wish.

        Lawrence doesn’t expect to be handed the seat and is taking nothing for granted. He’s working for it and has been canvassing for months to earn the votes he gets.

  7. No Fool says:

    @Wow! Seems like you are asking questions that you appear to have all the answers to. WAKE UP!

  8. Voice of Reason says:

    This sad charade continues. Ms Swan, like Mr. Francis I wish you the best. It’s going to be a tough one and I hope you do not emerge jaded from the situation. Them lot over there invented using people.

    However I commend your courage and wish you the best.

  9. haha says:

    It really baffles me – if the OBA were really interested in letting the new faces lead, they should have rolled alexis out in C22 and let Gibbons take C24. This would virtually assure her of a seat in the House and also would show if Gibbons can work for a seat. But instead it is business as usual. The dollars call the shots. Gibbons gets the safe seat and Alexis will have to try and win in a PLP stronghold. Same thing happened with anthoyn francis. He is in a PLP stronghold, yet Trevor Moniz keeps the UBP stronghold. It will be very interesting who gets Louise’s seat. It must be a battle royale for that one!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      So why does Zane get #29? Why didn’t you give that to Rolfe, if he’s such a great guy? And let Zane have a try in #22, and let’s see if he can ‘work for a seat’?

      • haha says:

        If you would do some research you would realize that Zane did work very hard to win in 2007 in Constituency 30 when he ousted David Dodwell in a marginal.
        Grant Gibbons has never run in a marginal. Ever.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          But they shifted him for the next election, right? To a safer seat, rather than one he might lose, or has to work for.

    • Finally left! says:

      Its not unexpected. As a PLP stronghold, the residents there have (whether we like to think of it or not) been nurtured into not voting for Gibbons..

      Whether the “nurturing” was valid or justified or not is irrelevant, but over the last decade at least, Grant Gibbons is the enemy.

      Why on earth would they want to run him in a stronghold? it doesnt matter how good his politics are, he wont be voted for in a place where the majority of voters snicker at just the sound of his name.

  10. Gvt Mechanic says:

    Good luck Ms Swan, you only need to swing 9% of the voters to win and I hope you do – both parties, but in particular Bermuda, need more young women like yourself as positive role models. I wish you every success.

  11. Tolerate says:

    Really, these questions are asked? I try to stay out of politics and read the feelings of my fellow Bermudians but how dumb can you be (apologies for name calling)? Are you coming on this site and suggesting a veteran politician be place in an area that is an opposite parties strong hold and give a safe seat area to a young inexperienced new comer.
    I wish Ms. Swan the best, however she has to put in the leg work to earn a safe location, and only after she has proven herself in the political area.
    Here’s a question; why don’t the PLP run their leader (or second in command) in an old UBP (which you refer to as an UBP/OBA) area.
    Try that one out and get back to me.
    And YES; I also voted them into power back in 1998 and I am a black Bermudian in my 40’s (if that part matters). If you’re going to support your party in the media, use common sense, you lower the opinion of your parties followers when you fail to.

  12. Young Bermudian says:

    As a young Bermudian woman studying politics abroad I am very insipired by Ms. Swan. She is the future. I am also embarssed by the gramtical mistakes displayed by “Wow” … wow.

    • Really?? says:

      Stop throwing stones…it’s grammatical LOL

    • Grade F says:

      Your even dumber then “wow” please stay in college or at learn how to spell grammatical.

      • YES MATE! says:

        @Grade F. Don’t you mean “you’re” meaning “you are” and not “your” as you put it? Or how about “than” instead of “then”? Your name sums up your command of written English.

      • Mayan says:

        Grade F says: Your even dumber then “wow” please stay in college or at learn how to spell grammatical.

        Uh-that should be ‘YOU’RE’ (contraction for ‘you are’), not ‘your’ so who’s really dumb here? Pot-kettle-black…

    • Lissa says:

      O for crying out loud about grammatical mistakes. Bernews can you please have a forum where all these so called literary professors can hash out their so called literary terms.

      • Mayan says:

        Most of us who point out grammatical mistakes are calling out those who have the nerve to insult others for being stupid, yet are stupid themselves. In my case, ‘Grade F’ says ‘your even dumber’ when the correct word is ‘you’re.’ How can one call someone else dumb when they clearly lack intelligence themself? If you’d take the time to read these posts carefully, you’d see that most of us ‘literary professors’ are just calling others out for being hypocrites, thus my ‘pot-kettle-black’ comment. Get it, now?

  13. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Smh at some of the comments above. You want youth… You want enthusiasm… You want fresh ideas… The OBA picks a candidate that can provide all these things yet still the pen name brigade has nothing good to say. Is it any wonder that our youth want nothing to do with politics? Is it any wonder that the majority of highly educated youth such as Alexis Swan take there knowledge to foreign shores and leave small minded Bermuda behind? In case you haven’t noticed the brain drain is picking up steam!
    I personally commend my colleague Alexis… She is a wonderful addition to the OBA roster of candidates.

    • haha says:


      Don’t think anyone has said anything negative about Ms Swan. The comments are mostly about the fact that if she is so good, and I have no doubt that she is good, why not put her somewhere that she can actually win? I don’t see anything wrong with that comment.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Because she can actually win against Lawrence Scott. To me there is no doubt.

        • reality is reality says:

          Clinton, you are to be admired for your educated talents???? This is the same Gibbons using an employee as when the UBP/OBA used Dr. Eva’s niece Angelita Fox – remember that – they placed her in the senate and set her right up. Just like Ras could not get the major contracts he felt a black government owed him and fled to OBA

    • CJ when are they going to roll you out in const. 1
      come on man you are the future youthful/ fresh ideas and got
      the community in st. geo backing you.

      do not wait to long.

      • Eastern says:

        Yes Clinton…………let’s have it!!!! Costituancy #1…put your money where your mouthy is.

  14. Jay Smith says:

    So the Gibbons clan (that own Colonial, Cap G etc etc etc) look out on to the shop floor at Colonial pick out an employee that fits the bill to gain the youth and black Bermudian vote and then throw her into a PLP strong hold… Ms. Swan all the best to you and your political career but recognise when you are being exploited by the people that pay your check every month.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      Your comment couldn’t be any further from the truth.

      • Jay Smith says:

        Mr. Paynter I am then trying to understand the logic behind putting a young person with zero experience and reach into the community she is running for other than to fill a gap that is needed for the image of the OBA. I sincerely wish her all the best in her future political career however let’s be real for a moment she is a means to an end (in this election upcoming). If the OBA doesn’t get in at least a message (or perception) would be put into the community that the OBA is really inclusive which ,no doubt, would serve them in future bi-elections and elections. Let’s not assume ignorance on the part of the voting public regardless of PLP or OBA affliation.

    • Joe Public says:

      Another beautiful black sister being used by the UBP/OBA. The Gibbons strike again sister you better speak to the black men and women that they used before they changed the name to UBP/OBA. You have know idea what your getting into. : (

      • Eastern says:

        Shame on you Joe Public….you need to check your history.
        Gibbons Company our successful because they catered to Black people when no other white owned businesses would.

    • bermyshotta says:

      HAHAHAHAH Jay Smith n Joe Public – dat’s all um gonna do is laugh. Exploited fa what? If you actually talked to Ms. Swan u’d realize dat she’s actually in it for change and to betta Bermy. GET A LIFE N STOP BEIN JEALOUS HATERS!!!!!

      • Jay Smith says:

        “bermyshotta” um um dat’s all you can do if you um um please. However, hating is the last thing I am implying. If you recall the “New” UBP wanted change and a better Bermuda and what happened (that’s right the party splintered and broke away from their stigma) Now the OBA wants change (albeit with the same people at its core that were the UBP) It’s not what Ms. Swan wants its the party line that she will have to tow that is the issue at hand… so actually stop and think before you rattle on. I pray for a better and sustainable Bermuda as well however, offering up Ms. Swan for the sake of image is an empty gesture at best. The OBA can do better than that for you and for Bermuda.

  15. Cancer says:

    As you asked those same questions in a previous posts ill repost my edited answer

    We will not try to change your opinion about the OBA because PLP hardliners will always feel the way they do no matter what faults this government throws on the table however I doubt very strongly where you can find any OBA supporter or member calling the current premier a racist. That title certainly labelled for the good doctor who first started all this nonsense. As for the Brown/Burgess fiasco – they caused their own problems thats why kim wilson has already admitted she knows nothing abiut an agreement for the money to be paid back. Then Burgess on the news trying to blame the white man again for his issue. The only problem that some of us have with this current premier is that she refuses to admit there was and is alot of issues in her administration and continues to cover it up. That in a lot of people view is why she has lost a lot of respect from the people that can no longer support the PLP

  16. Jim Bean says:

    gibbons is one of the smartest men in the country. But he is white so plp don’t want him to win. Alexis is amazing and hotttt!! With 4 t’s. you haters out there ask yourself why ingham and smith are not in safe seats or robain or merrit – the quality in the plp is running in marginals and loser seats. Lawrence “I am my diddy’s son therefore I get a seat” scott will be defeated!

    • PEPPER says:

      Jim,you are right on the money…Alexis is what the O.B.A. need she is young and is so very confident, wow I was so impressed with her on the news tonight !!!

  17. Makai Dickerson says:

    Alexis, while I do not agree with some of your views nor the way you perceive the PLP, or the Political Party you represent; I do commend you for stepping up and putting yourself forward to serve. As a young person you are setting an example for your peers as far as taking part in the business of your island. My full backing and support is placed with Lawrence Scott the PLP candidate for C24, however I will say that it is refreshing to see another positive young person in the running and I congratulate you on being selected to contest the seat.

    This should be an interesting race and I’m sure many young people will be tuned in. Regardless of the outcome we need all hands on deck and I’m sure your ideas will not go unheard if expressed positively.

    • Finally left! says:

      Well said. It is nice to see new faces with hopefully new ideas cropping up.

  18. haha says:

    I hear Ms Swan speak about being a 25 year old who saw a government using race as a tactic and who spent us into debt.

    Being young is a great thing. But also it can make someone unaware of the struggle. It is interesting that Ms Swan can accuse the PLP of race baited politics likely because of some comments made, however she is unaware of the entrenched racial biases that affected legislation and policies under the UBP. And let’s be real, the OBA is the new UBP.

    Also, she speaks of this debt. But does she not realise what we have gained from the expenditure?

    I believe she is a good person with a good heart but simply unaware of the real context of the political scene, both past and present. She was given soundbites to speak to – youth, diversity, racial politics, debt – all things I am sure she was told to hit on.

    She speaks well and seems like a good catch. I hope they truly give her the chance to shine rather than treat her like they have treated some others?

    • Whatever says:

      PLEASE tell me what the average Bermudian has gained from the PLP spending itself into a massive financial hole.

    • star man says:

      “… the entrenched racial biases that affected legislation and policies under the UBP”

      Please give recent examples of the above. You cannot.

      The past is the past, why are you trying to connect your re-write of ancient history with what is happening today? Everything evolves… some backwards like the PLP/BIU… some forward like the UBP/OBA.

      We need a CHANGE. ANYTHING is gonna be better than the PLP!!

    • Mayan says:

      @ haha:

      Yes, we as a people struggled but are we any better off now under the PLP? What are they doing for the black people who aren’t their fellow MP’s or in their inner circle? All we get is talk about how they ‘understand’ what we are going through but do they really? All they are doing is taking care of themselves first and us later-if at all.

      THE PLP HAS TO GO! They are destroying this country and anyone who can’t see or comprehend that is an idiot! Enough of the talk-what is the PLAN to get us out of this mess, besides taxing us half to death? The PLP has NO clue what to do, they’re just winging it and hoping we don’t see that! When the Gov’t has a hard time meeting the payroll of it’s employee to the point they’re so desperate they want to slash wages, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG! Why do people like you just not get it? You don’t need a degree or be some brillant economist to know that Bermuda is in some deep doo-doo and heading down the toilet fast….

    • Yawn says:

      A history lesson on two is in order.

  19. Whitney says:

    Whether you believe in the OBA or not, why can’t we all agree to celebrate the fact that there is a young Bermudian who is willing to give her time, ideas and passion in an effort to make our country better. Respect the person, keep the toxic racist comments to yourself.

    Congrats Alexis, I look forward to working with you!

  20. Wee Pow says:

    is it me or Grant Gibbons looks evil?

    Mind you, I am not saying he is an evil person or even a bad person but he has a look to him…

    I wouldnt feel safe running into him in a dark alley.

    Again, im not saying he is evil.. he just has a look to him… a bit thugged out

    Im just saying…

    • PEPPER says:

      I think Derrick Burgess, and Brown look evil and guess what it has been proven that they are…and I would hate to meet up to them in a dark alley…and else for your comment wee pow !!!I would hate to hell to meet up with you in the light of day… you are a sick individual

    • Finally left! says:

      lol i think you

      • Finally left! says:


        i think you’ve had too many coffees this morning :P hehe

        did lighten the tone of posts thoug :)

    • Love the facts says:

      Evil? Really? I always thought he was pretty easy on the eyes.

  21. Assinine says:

    I was expecting another Swan.

    Nick, where are you?

  22. Cancer says:

    @haha. This is to you. Ms swan is very very aware of the struggles of black people in this country! Alexis
    Came up within a whole PLP household. She was grilled from when she was young about the struggles of black people and knows fully well about the task ahead of her! Don’t believe because someone is black that they are always going to believe in the theories of the PLP. Some people are able to open their eyes and see the cheating, unfairness and racial devide caused by the PLP. Alexis is just one of those young people and has been brave enough to cross that line. This was done without the encouragement of gibbons, Dunkley or the future premier Cannonaire. This was done because her like other young people like her are tired of the flopflopping nonsense done by the PLP. Now go ahead and chant Alexis all you want. Altho she came up thru a plp family, I bet you anything that today was one of the proudest days of their lives.. Get over it – cuz the PLP would love to have her!

    • specialgirl4you says:

      @Cancer, you do not know all her extended family, they maybe happy for her to a certain degree, what you expect? That is the natural process when you think your family member is doing something positive. But this does not necessarily mean automatic conversion of votes from the extended family to OBA/UBP votes….it rolls that ways sometimes. I know her family fairly well.

      Hey, do not get happy on OBA/UBP ability to swing a young black person to run as a candidate. One would have to question just how knowledgeable she is on politics in Bermuda. I not talking about the light stuff. This is not “kindergarten class”, time will reveal all. I hope for her sake that it is not a quick political strategy by the OBA/UBP for the purpose of political gain to win an election. I pray that it is for the sole purpose of valuing her abilities. After all the OBA/UBP are known for such actions. The OBA/UBP certainly has not shown any interest in “integrating” anything else apart from the “political party”. There has been on policy or plan to bring “racism” together in Bermuda by the OBA/UBP, except to gain the “Black Swing Vote”. But, always we welcome back home those persons that believe standing with the OBA/UBP is form of quick movement to the top!

      • mrwiggin says:

        How many times do you have to use “OBA/UBP” before it becomes way too obvious what you’re doing: less than you’ve just used.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        It’s quite obvious that you have been instructed by PLP strategists to repeatedly identify us as the OBA/UBP. Well guess what… the UBP is still around and they plan to run a full set of candidates in the upcoming election. Just ask my cousin Kim… He will verify this. We are the One Bermuda Alliance… Don’t get it twisted.

  23. Cancer says:

    That’s right Grant’s a bodd buoy! But a very good man he is…

  24. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Bernews, it’s nice that you’ve included photos but where are the captions. We all know what Craig Cannonier and Grant Gibbons look like, but who are the other people in the photos? It’s obvious that’s Alexis Swan in the red top and black suit.

    • PEPPER says:

      Lavern,please call your doctor..you need some serious drugs…oh I forgot your doctor was Ewart Brown…..and where is he ?

  25. Real Talk says:

    When the UBP were in power in the 70s they would get black employees of their member’s business’ to run in black areas. Glad to see their using that same playbook. We know how that ended. This girl will get the Gina Spence, gwyn etc. treatment, used and discarded without being asked to truly join the inner circle:


    • Finally left! says:

      Real talk, It seems for diehards that there is no right way to do it..

      If they run a white candidate, its “business as usual for the white party”
      If they run a black candidate, its “using the same playbook”

      Why dont you just cut the crap and openly say that you think the OBA are a white power party who will never get your vote.. seems simpler.

      • Yawn says:

        They should try a mixed candidate

        • Finally left! says:

          Yeah but i think RT would consider that self-abuse

          • LOL (original) says:

            Dam LOL LOL best joke all day…………

            LOL just the thought of what the PLP might try to say about a mixed person running for the OBA has me instiches. Tea party stuff, three fingers pointing at themselves come to mind.

  26. Real Talk says:

    sad, they all left kim and their ldr joined the plp – funny:


  27. Stronghold says:

    58% is hardly a stronghold people. a stronghold is well over 70% of the vote

  28. specialgirl4you says:

    @Haha, You have clearly stated this well. I would like to Congratulations Ms. Swan!! It is always good when young people stand up and provide service to their country.

    I really did not want to comment…..but after hearing Ms. Swan’s statement…..My fingers could not stop !!!!

    Best of luck, Ms. Swan on her adventure into the political fire…”for she knows not what she is walking into.” Soon she will look like her silent leader….silent and struggling to conform.

    This selection by the OBA/UBP does raise lots of questions? Ms. Swan’s statement that “the PLP government using race as a tactic and who spent us into debt, reveals a lot about her lack of knowledge and almost a sense of naivety and gullibility.” It is clear she has little historical context upon which to base her position. Ms. Swan attempts to sweep over and suggestion that her generation is not about “race”, and do not care about it. Is this really true, or is there blatant attempt to gloss over it, as if it does not exist? (Often young people are busy enjoying life, until they reach a certain age and realize there are other factors out there they must take interest in).

    Ms. Swan’s notion suggests that racism is an “abstract hypothetical idea” that functions outside of our human and social systems and that without conscious human choice cannot occur. Her view of racism disguises its true essence, thus allowing its tenets to proliferate. By ignoring the historical specificity of the construction of race by “Whites,” as a tool to ensure that group’s supremacy and subsequent degradation of “others,” and by promoting the concept of racism as abstract hypothetical, White society not only can ensure that the system of White supremacy remains intact but can, in fact, successfully create smoke screens that actually implicate “others” in the maintenance of such a system. Is Ms. Swan merely a “smoke screen’ and are there others like her?

    One must attempt to examine, if Ms. Swan’s view is guided by her personal experiences and a deliberateness to forget certain factors? Ms. Swan has been lucky to have had a taste of privilege that was not afforded to others? I would have to question, just how much does she know about the historical significant record of Bermuda’s political and racial history? What is her understanding of this history, before she reached the conclusion that this government is the blame for race and debt? Is she capable of debating her argument to provide real facts? Also, why does she excuse the OBA/UBP of Bermuda’s racial, and political issues? Maybe she is not aware of the history of the UBP/OBA?

    It is evident that blacks seldom display racist behaviors. Ms. Swan is a walking example of this. Blacks are willing to vote for the political party they believe best represents their interest. However, the same cannot be said about white Bermudians. White Bermudians vote “en-block” and do not cross the line. There is more movement towards real integration of the races by blacks, as we attend their schools, churches, etc….but seldom is this exchange taking place in the opposite direction. Ms. Swan please helps me understand your statement, as I am finding it difficult to find supporting evidence to back it up.

    Nevertheless, the selection of Ms. Swan clearly indicates that OBA/UBP is struggling to fine highly qualified and experience candidates, by the choice of Ms. Swan. They are working hard to convince black persons to run, some may fall for it, as a quick movement up the ladder. But, I am concern if they are taking these persons for what they can truly do for Bermuda, or is it for political expediency to appeal to the black swing voters? Here is a young women walking blindly into the fire, not cognized of the real implications. It is clearly evident that Mrs. Swan does not realize she is the so called “race-card?” Just been played by the OBA/UBP…checkmate!! It looks like the OBA/UBP are taking on the political strategy as recommended by Mr. Marshall. This political strategy, to run blacks in certain areas against blacks to gain the black swing vote. Hopefully, in good time she will awake and face the real picture and note that the Race Card is been played more by the OBA/UBP, rather than the PLP. This process is unforgettably, but it is also reality.

    • Barracuda says:

      specialneedsgirl4u, You are the problem with the entire world .

      • YES MATE! says:

        I would like to Congratulations specialneedsgirl but I cannot find anything to congratulations her for.

    • Cancer kills says:

      You hit the nail on the head. She will learn in the next few years what they are really using her for. Sad but true!

    • The truth hurts. says:

      Miss Swan you better speak to the former black Bermudian woman who gave her soul to the people you now support.

    • star man says:

      Who is gonna read all that propaganda you just wrote… it gets boring after a while. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but, really girl, you’re wasting our time. I suggest you preach to the choir.

    • Hmmmm says:

      What an absolute crock. Ms. Swan can and will win her seat. She represents the change that Bermudians want. We are sick and tired of hate and blame. We want a Bermuda that we and our children can be proud of. It will take hard work, seriously hard work, and Ms. Swan is one of that group people that will deliver.

  29. Awake says:

    @Specialgirl4you! I stopped reading your comment after so many sentences, when I realized that you’re an idiot too! The race card is being played by you – not the OBA! God willing, you’ll never need a white person to save your life or the life of a loved one – I can hear you now: “Let me die, I don’t want to live if I have to be touched by a white man!”. Funny how you haven’t mentioned the fact that Lawrence Scott is “walking blindly into the fire…”. I guess he’s being used too, right? His father did nothing for Warwick Southeast – ask the constituents, both black and white – but he wants his son to believe he did!!! BERMUDA IS SINKING DEEPER AND DEEPER. If you can sit there and deny it, then you’re more ignorant than I thought!

  30. Real Talk says:

    gina spence!!!? Gina Spence??!!! Where you at??!! Albertha Waite??!! Albertha??!! Where you at??!!! Yeah, we see how this girl will end up.

    • The 411 says:

      Intellectually, although much younger, Alexis is far beyond both Waite and Spence.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      Look what happen to Gina Spence, Albertha Waite and others, they were not value for their true abilities by the OBA/UBP, but rather for political expeidency of the UBP/OBA? Why are they not there now?

      • star man says:

        I never knew that Gina Spence and Albertha Waite were members of the OBA.

        specialgirl… you really should PROOF READ your plp propaganda before you post it. Your improper use of the language doesn’t give you much credibility… as most readers now just skip past you lo-o-o-o-o-ng, bo-o-o-o-r-ing posts!

  31. Cancer says:

    Specailgirl – I have never read so much crap in my life! I thought your other posts were bad… But this – this is crazy outrageous!!

    Btw the race card started with Ewart Brown and still continues under the PLP. Sometimes I think thats the only left you and the PLP have left to fall on. You can’t talk about any accomplishments the plp has brought into this island. The only record you have to go on is the lack of ethics and flip flop policies the PLP have tried to put into effect! What young person want to go down on a sinking ship like the PLP. You don’t know Ms Swan that well to say she came from a privileged family and what if she did? Are you saying everyone within the PLP came from a poor family. Obviously from your posts you have some sort of knowledge but on the other hand you say things so silly stupid and racist! Why do you run for the PLP and help clean this island up from all the flip flopping dumb mistakes they keep making! The last five years have been the worse ever for Bermuda and the PLP are to be blamed for where we are now! and stop asking the OBA to fix it for you!

  32. Not so “specialgirl4you” is talking a bunch of garbage. The PLP eats sleeps & drinks race card tactics cause that’s all they have. They can’t STAND ON THEIR RECORD CAUSE THEIR RECORD SUCKS!!!Face facts, the PLP is a failed government that has put the Bermudian Dream in jeapordy. Every day brings more bad news. I’m not even going to list them out..we all know and feel the pain and destructive results of the PLP’s failed policies. Stand firm Alexis, you are the PLP’s greatest fear factor. A young, educated, black female who came up PLP and had the courage to stand by her convictions. You are now on the political “road less travelled”. The PLP operative’s will call you naive, say that you are being used by “The Man” (old tired 1960′s reheoric), that you don’t know your history yada yada yada. Fact: the PLP realize that they have messed up. They are afraid to death of losing the next general election and they are DESPERATE now, but “pulling a rabbit out of a hat time” has passed. Alexis, stay focused, canvass hard and God Willing, you will prevail. It’s our time now (yes I am black black blackety black)for all you race baiters out there). ONE!!!!!!!!!

  33. Cancer says:

    Specailgirl – I have never read so much crap in my life! I thought your other posts were bad… But this – this is crazy outrageous!!

    Btw the race card started with Ewart Brown and still continues under the PLP. Sometimes I think thats the only left you and the PLP have left to fall on. You can’t talk about any accomplishments the plp has brought into this island. The only record you have to go on is the lack of ethics and flip flop policies the PLP have tried to put into effect! What young person want to go down on a sinking ship like the PLP. You don’t know Ms Swan that well to say she came from a privileged family and what if she did? Are you saying everyone within the PLP came from a poor family. Obviously from your posts you have some sort of knowledge but on the other hand you say things so silly stupid and racist! Why do you run for the corrupt PLP and help clean this island up from all the flip flopping dumb mistakes they keep making! The last five years have been the worse ever for Bermuda and the PLP are to be blamed for where we are now! and stop asking the OBA to fix it for you!

    • specialgirl4you says:

      It is clearly obvious that my comments hit a nerve with you all, which suggest there is truth behind it. As you would not have taken the time to reply. But denied is the approach you choose to take, and not really except the real reality of the situation. You also are glossing over the facts at the expense of political advancement, but not for the advancement of truly bringing Bermuda together. Alexis is not PLP biggest fear fact, the PLP have many young people that are just as knowledgeable and intelligent and in fact can debate circles around Alexis. We need not to fear her any other young person the OAB/UBP drag in. I will watch and see, if she will truly be valued for her abilities by the OBA/UBP, or is this only about political gain for the OBA/UBP? In fact, I feel almost some fear for her, as politics can be a dirty game, in which she fails to understand what road she has chosen.

      • Time to take off your hoods OBA says:

        They will learn the hard way what defeat is. No one is voting Paula out. She can run circles around Craig. We all know Craig is not in charge he’s only a black man attached to puppet strings that’s why their not running one of their own white faces as leader of the UBP/OBA. Come election time the people on this Island will see the real wolfs in sheep clothing.

        • star man says:

          You are a sick, racist puppy. And what you have just posted is pure nonsense. Paula “run circles around Craig?” Ha! She can’t even run, let alone run in circles. Actually I really doubt that Paula will last much longer as Premier… she is NOT a true leader like Craig is, and with all the plp hater factions fighting with one another, “we had to deceive you” again.

          Your new Premiere likely will be either Derrick “son of a slave” Burgess or David Birch — IF the plp can pull off an unlikely election win. But they won’t. They blew it!

          You know it and we know it: the PLP are H-I-S-T-O-R-Y!!! Yea!!!!

  34. Cancer says:

    @awake I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT THOUGHT SPECIALGIRL WAS AN IDIOT – I’m glad to know that others KNOW that too! Geeeze!!!

  35. jah says:

    So basically it is okay for a young black person to be exploited by the PLP because they are black but wrong to be exploited by the OBA….I don’t think she is being used or exploited but the bigger picture here is that wrong is wrong no matter who does it black or white and both political parties are looking for any kind of political gain before the election….with party politics many will be used from both sides so all you fools talking about her being used need to get over yourselves and read a damn book……end of the day the PLP have failed more black people than they have whites yet you people still defend them…..good luck Alexis…..send that Lawrence Scott into retirement with his old man before his political career even gets started

  36. Trident says:

    @Vott!!!, wasn’t gina spence, Albertha Waite, gwyn rawlins all black women “young, educated, black female who came up PLP and had the courage to stand by her convictions” where r they now. Gone like the wind.

    • Cancer kills says:

      ubp/oba = use black people for own self gain Fact!

      90% white 10% black Fact!

      After the election your going to be so pi$$ for falling to win again. I can see Craig now with his pink slip that Gibbons and the Milkman have drafted. Lets be real the odds are not in your favour. Fact

      • Real Talk (original) says:

        If you want to talk ‘facts’, why stop there?

        UBP/OBA/BDA/PLP = use black people for own self gain. Fact!

        And another Fact? We let them?

        So who’s REALLY being played?

  37. specialgirl4you says:

    It is clearly obvious that my comments hit a nerve with you all, which suggest there is truth behind it, as you would not have taken the time to read it or reply. But denied is the approach you choose to take, and not really except the real reality of the situation. As a result you resort to the weakest form of argument…..name calling. Many deliberately are glossing over the facts at the expense of political advancement, but not for the advancement of truly bringing Bermuda together. But, as I mention this is common practice of the UBP/OBA. Alexis is not PLP biggest fear fact, the PLP have many young people that are just as knowledgeable and intelligent and in fact can debate circles around Alexis. We need not to fear her any other young person the OAB/UBP drag in. I will watch and see, if she will truly be valued for her abilities by the OBA/UBP, or is this only about political gain for the OBA/UBP? In fact, I feel almost some fear for her, as politics can be a dirty game, in which she fails to understand what road she has chosen. Nevertheless, your responses are predictable, as usual.

    Look where Gina Spence and Albertha Waite are today,,,,,,not involved with the OBA/UBP, they too realized after a period of time they were not really truly valued for their abilities, but merely a “race card” that was played. Look where Mrs. Rawlins is to day,,,,,back and active within the PLP party, she also reached the same conclusion. So please get the facts correct, and political history. Also, examine the reasons why many black MPs crossed the floor to join the PLP? Those reasons do not bode well for the OBA/UBP

    • True Dat says:

      Specialgirl: People are so afraid of the truth.. that they have to resort to temper tantrums and name calling!!! I agree with everything that you said in this comment and the other one

      Unfortunatley though folks have to realize that politics is about money and power and they do not really care about the everyday needs of the people… they only care about making their pockets fat its like that for every government all over the world which is why I don’t vote and i never will…. it doesn’t matter who is in power PLP UBP OBA… all they all want to do is be in charge of the MONEY

      So I Call all this campaigning…. The Lying Trail!!! Because that is what they are doing telling one Big Fat Lie after another by any means neccessary to get your Vote… and thats the Truth!!

      and to all those that disagree… You’ll see!!

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      This needs to be repeated…

      It’s quite obvious that you have been instructed
      by PLP strategists to repeatedly identify us as the
      OBA/UBP. Well guess what… the UBP is still
      around and they plan to run a full set of
      candidates in the upcoming election. Just ask my
      cousin Kim… He will verify this. We are the One
      Bermuda Alliance… Don’t get it twisted.
      The PLP’s poor record of performance speaks for itself, all the Kindergarten political tricks in the world won’t change that.

    • star man says:


  38. Cancer says:

    People are only wanting go join the PLP because they are presently in power – so that is where there is political gain. Once PLP lose power in June when the “Cog”‘ calls the election watch the amount of people that deflect from the plp. Thru all your rhetoric special girl you fail to realize that the PLP have hurt, destroyed and ruined more black people and small businesses than anything else in the past! This was supposed to be a labour government and all they have done is caused chaos, unemployment and poverty!

    • d-reader says:

      young blood aink it you all saying the plp has hired more black people than anyone else?

  39. 1DER says:

    Im really really realy glad Alexis is a canidate cause she is a voice for the younger bermudaian generation and dedicated person. she will be a big benifit for the OBA. She is gunna do great. Congrats Alexis.

  40. cant believe it says:

    well yall can continue to argue the fact remains that the ubp started the ball rolling to cripple us and the plp is been trying to correct it ..with many mistakes i must add, however i will never vote oba which is just the ubp with a different suit on,at least the plp stayed consistant, the oba ex ubp is a flop party bottom line

    • Doctor says:

      @ Cancer get ready for chemotherapy this summer.

      Oh and don’t forget we have a few flip flops in the PLP. Thank God their on de PLP now where they belong. Now the OBA dam the whole side flip flopped in 24 hours. “LMAO” Just to attract the black vote. That’s the truth right Cancer? : )

    • star man says:

      More nonsense.

  41. Real Talk (original) says:

    What’s really funny (actually, sad) is that people come out of the woodwork criticizing the OBA for running candidates in various constituencies but nobody said BOO when the PLP earlier this week confirmed that they were STILL intending to run Leroy Bean as a candidate in spite of the week’s earlier revelations surrounding the BLDC and the ensuing controversy.

    Be smarter people.

    Truth be told, I’m not a supporter of the OBA but I am just about ready to vote myself ‘back onto the plantation’ in the interest of doing what is best for this country. The PLP have had their chance (yeah, I voted for them) and have become arrogant and disconnected in the process. A little time out wouldn’t hurt.

    • No master no! says:

      I guess we better go get the chains that are Master’s the UBP/OBA locked up for their return to power? Sorry Obama we tried.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        SMH! Could you be any more ignorant or offensive?

      • Real Talk (original) says:

        As the late great Bob Marley once said “free yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds”. I’ve never had a ‘master’ my friend and never will. You and others will refer to the OBA as slavemasters, etc.

        Newsflash: “I have seen the enemy and he is us”.

      • Lady Scribbler says:

        @ No Master, how dare you compare this leadership to Obama, shame on you. President Obama has held himself tall, proud, but there is no one saying he is dishonest or behaves unethically. No one charges him with racial bias. Obama won the presidency because we beleived in him- his race had nothing to do with winning. The US is a predominiately white nation, his win was page turner in history of racism- he won the election based on his political program, not by threatening to go back to the plantation. He didn’t need to convince people based on his color, he had us with his vision.
        There is no such visionary in the PLP, that is for sure. All the PLP has accomplished, minimal as I see it to be, is lost when they continue to alienate half the islands population by talk of race. You are the racists- you continue to spew hatred, it sickens me and every other Bermudian that is able to think clearly. It speaks volumes that a young woman like this has joined the OBA, in fact as she has, she will lead the youth to take a fresh look at the parties, what they stand for, what they say and more importantly what they DO. I hope to see more of our young people participate on a politcial platform, not a racial one. Go Alexis!!

  42. Cancer says:

    I’m glad specialgirl gets to post her comments here along with her and thr Cog’s supporters because it shows just how arrogant they are and how they just take the people of Bermuda for granted. I hope she’s the first one to congratulate me in June! Read the writing in the wall “your people are fed up and defecting” the PLP have failed’

    • d-reader says:

      so tell me something…how would you know when the election is going to be called..are you a plp insider posing as a oba supporter or an oba supporter wishing you were a plp insider?

    • Lady Scribbler says:

      When the day arrives that we see a change in government, every Bermudian should turn to their neighbor, no matter of race or coutry of origin and begin to rebuild the trust we have in each of other as Bermudians and a Community. We can all work harder at ensuring we move racism out of our organizations, clubs, etc. I know this can happen, I see it when I go to Cup Match for example. People from all walks of life embrace our heritage, warts and all. Why can we not be one people, Bermudians.

      We cannot change everyone’s view, that would be unrealistic, but we can move forward as a people. Please vote on the issues and platforms, on the record and beliefs you have, not out of blind loyalty to a dying idea.

  43. Tired of nonsense says:

    Going off the majority of responses by the majority of PLPers it is apparent that Ms. Swan is correct in her insinuations the PLP is hell bent on dividing this island to everyone’s detriment due to their racial outlook and intolerance.

    Now attack…

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Quoted below.

      Speech by Dr. Clarence James at the City Hall on 11th October 1967.

      My Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen:

      “But during the succeeding years, I sadly noticed in the P.L.P. a growing movement to abandon their early claim to foster racial integration. They developed an increasing and persistent dissociation from all sincere efforts to promote racial integration in such a way as to produce results. The P.L.P. trend has proceeded in recent months to the point of a virtual hate campaign. The hate campaign, if allowed to gather steam, will eventually lead to a division of the races and to destruction of Bermuda. Of course, I left the P.L.P. when I found they were bound in this direction.”

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        It appears that not much has changed since 1967…

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Stop it , MR. James was a weak leader, and seldom spoke out in support of anything while in the house. He too was protecting “white interest,” to continue racism in Bermuda. He did nothing nor the UBP to promote “racial integration,” and today is still the same. The UBP/OBP are doing nothing to promote it, except for “political gain” and to ensure that “White supremacy remains intact.” To write what Mr.James said is weak arugment indeed. Ms. Swan is the “race-card” just played by the OBA/UBP. The OBA/UBP are not even aware when they are playing the so called Race-Card.

  44. Real Talk says:

    @ Lady Scribbeler it is a statistical fact that Obama won bcuz he got 98 percent f the black vote but lost the majority of the white male vote to mcain. dr. james was known kook and uncle tom the ubp/oba don’t even give him love.

    dr. brown’s mother and aunt where once used to get the young blk female vote…hmmm

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      There it is…

      Whites are racists and blacks that speak out against the PLP are nothing but “kooks” and “uncle toms…”

      Ms. Swan you have been proven right with your analogy regarding the Party of Hate…

      Good luck to you and don’t let these ignorant fools distract you…

      PS: Considering that African-Americans comprise 13% of the total American population (total population and not electorate) means that a massive chunk of white Americans had to vote for Pres. Obama…but hey don’t let facts and figures get in the way of your unbridled hatred…

    • Lady Scribbler says:

      Real Talk- it matters not that Obama had the 98% of the black vote, that would not be enough to make him President, he needed a whole lot more than that. You may see him as a black man who is President, I see him as a President and yes he is Black. You do him a terrible disservce to classify him the way you do and I resent it. If he managed to bridge that gap in a nation as strongly white as the USA, it speaks volumes on how far people have come in their thinking. The same cannot be said for MOST of the PLP followers.

  45. “I can feel it coming in the air tonight…Oh Lord…And I’ve been waiting for this moment…all my life…Oh Lord!!”

    One One One One Bermuda Alliance (The Official Bermuda Government in Waiting)

  46. Whatever says:

    I supported the PLP in the last election. However, like many, will not support them in the upcoming election. I believe they will have a challenging time getting the “young black vote” even though the young haven’t swayed from the party but they are not inspired by the PLP so I doubt they will make the effort to go and vote. For me, OBA spends so much time pulling the PLP down (especially Dunkley – gosh always so negative instead of putting forth great ideas) that they fail to show what differences they would make. Yes, they have a few good ones like Trevor Moniz (one of my favorite politicians) but there aren’t enough of him in the OBA. The OBA have so many fresh faces that I would prefer to see these newbies get their feet wet before putting them in power. I was always a believer that one should vote but for these reasons I won’t be making my way to any polling station. I’ll let those who are sure who they want to lead make decide!

  47. Cancer says:

    Lady scribbler thanks for those REAL comments. I hope that your commentary has enlightened a few people. What few people fail to realize is that racism and island devide came to it’s highest point under the PLP government by them making statements about going back to the plantation comments which were carried on thru the last election up unto now and beyond. If appears that the only card the PLP have left to play on is the race card. No blogger on this site can accuse an OBA member or supporter of using racial slurs which have been used by the people within the PLP. This is what has caused the real political disharmony in this island along with he bad behavior and attitude of only some of the PLP posters but the members of parliament alike.

    Alexis has joined the OBA because it’s not about colour – it’s about all of us whether your black, I’m white – your rich or I’m poor! OBA is about “all of us – as one – but in a better way going forward!”

  48. No Fool says:

    @notsospecialgirl! Stop talking trash about Gina! She is still very much involved with the OBA! That just goes to show how much you really DON’T know! One Love, One BERMUDA, ONE BERMDA ALLIANCE!

    • observer says:

      I listen to Gina and Michael’s talk show, Gina is a real person who realy care, she would be a great candidate for the OBA. Three strikes and your out!! And yes I will not vote PLP anymore as well!!! They have put us back many years in which our children and their children will have it very hard.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Stopy lying to yourself, and others like you. Your first line gave you away, you never voted for the PLP in the first place. What is your point?

  49. Real Talk says:

    @ no fool, gina has said herself she is not involved with the oba – us prez election always comes down to the minority vote – the white vote is evenly split and almost always cancels each other out – stats show that had kerry gotten even 10% more of the blk vote he would’ve won pa and thus the prez – the blk vote is key to obama’s success

    posters who say they voted plp last time but will not anymore are lying – they never voted plp and are trying to give the illusion that the plp is losing support – anyone who has voted knows that when u vote u vote for an mp/candidate – there is no big PLP or UBP u put an x next to – if they truly had voted PLP they would say i voted for terry lister or dale butler or jennifer smith last time – they dont even know who they are talking about – the ubp couldnt win, the bda couldnt win and the oba wont win – they are all the same ppl – during the last election the bhc scandal was raging, son of the soil was dropping bombs, dr brown was accused of stealing cedar beams, the media was on the attack – but guess what – the plp won with a larger % of the popular vote than they had in the last election under the beloved jen smith – cox is not as polarizing as brown, the mon is gone, ppl see thru craig and dunkley is bad luck so the win will even be greater PLP all the way all the way PLP

    • Lady Scribbler says:

      Real Talk- I repeat, Obama would not win without white support. The PLP cannot win white voters by calling them names and alienating them. Even your own supporters see that that is wrong. PLP needs to get a platform on which to build support again — they have pulled the one they had down all by themselves. Whether you see OBA with a legacy of old white BDA or not, they are making strides in reconciling people to forge ONE BERMUDA. I don’t know if they will win the next election, only God knows that. I do know they have gained a lot of ground by being honest- and call them names all you want, they have some smart smart people who have the best interests of this country at heart, for all Bermudians. I cannot vote for those that lie to me or suck up money to live large while Bermuda children go homeless!

  50. Trident says:

    @ observer, you never did vote plp, if u did who was ur “PLP” mp and who were they running against and where did you vote. Posters who say “I used to vote PLP but not anymore” are lying, they never voted PLP. True plp voters know who their mp was and state the MPs name as opposed to some fake blanket statement like, I used to vote PLP. Nonsense. What true fan says, I’m a NFL fan, no, you say you’re a football fan or a particular team fan.

    • Gillian says:

      I voted PLP in the last election – and the one before that – I voted for Derrick Burgess – before I knew what I know now. Will I vote PLP again – HELL NO!

    • Real Talk (original) says:

      This might be a hard concept for you to wrap your head around but believe it or not there are some of us out there who aren’t ‘fans’ of either party but vote on the individual. I have voted for PLP MPs twice and a UBP MP once (because the PLP candidate was a non-starter from jump – not that hard to figure out). I can say without a doubt that the PLP could roll out Jesus Christ himself in my constituency and I wouldn’t vote for him this time around because as a black Bermudian I feel the PLP has become out of touch with their base and are condoning a lot of dumb shyt! That said, not to say that the OBA will get my vote either. Like almost everybody else I speak to these days I’ll probably stay home and won’t bother to vote at all.

  51. Sandman says:

    It’s quite disgusting behaviour of some commentators to look at Ms Swan’s skin colour and on that basis say that she should not get involved with a particular political party. Like she says, we are One, Bermuda. Bermuda can only succeed when people of all backgrounds work together to make it happen. I have some concerns about the OBA but at least they understand this basic point.

    As for Ms Swan not being ‘given’ a safe seat: it’s normal for fresh candidates to start off in a difficult seat to build up their campaign experience and show what they’re made of. Otherwise you end up with a parliament full of untested people and that’s bad for Bermuda.

    But here’s hoping Swan runs a stellar campaign against the equally untested Mr Scott.

  52. Cancer says:

    @trident what are you trying to say? Someone can’t vote PLP and then change their allegence to another political party? How ludicrous is that? Wasn’t Wayne Furbert UBP all his life now PLP? Even though he was the Ubp leader? PLP alway talking from the other end of their mouths!

  53. @ Trident. Who’s lying LOL!! Trust me…I USED to vote PLP (not any more). In fact I voted for them in 3 separate elections. The last PLP candidate I voted for was Davida Morris. She bailed from the PLP after she saw the light innit?

  54. Trident says:

    @ Gillian, your lying, where was the voting hall? derrick wins that riding with 90% of the vote, sullivan didn’t even canvass – if u truly had voted for derrick in the past there is nothing that derrick has done for u not to vote for him so i knwo ur lying – db’s loyalty is deep down there – btw – the answer is FRANCIS PATTON – that quick google it.@ vott you’re lying as well. btw davida is no different than albertha waite and gina spence here then gone.@ cancer, cant decipher your point but i’m sure its a good one. ahh, teh myth of the stay at home plp voter aside from a couple of infighting episodes (nlp) the PLP has consistently gotten a bigger percentage of the popular vote since the 80s, the stay at home plp voter is as false as the african american voter who stays at home if its raining on voting day. blacks have worked too hard to get the right to vote to stay at home. keep dreamin’ and i’ll see you at the polls.

  55. Cancer says:

    @Gillian – thanks for reminding them about Davida Morris – i know PLP blind loyalists have very short memories. As a reminder to them she was a young person just like Alexis but she got disillusioned with the ongoings of the PLP and made that public. So why would a young lady or any young person want to join or support that party

  56. Trident says:

    @ Gillian, your lying, where was the voting hall? derrick wins that riding with 90% of the vote, sullivan didn’t even canvass – if u truly had voted for derrick in the past there is nothing that derrick has done for u not to vote for him so i knwo ur lying – db’s loyalty is deep down there – btw – the answer is FRANCIS PATTON – that quick google it.@ vott you’re lying as well. btw davida is no different than albertha waite and gina spence here then gone.@ cancer, cant decipher your point but i’m sure its a good one. ahh, teh myth of the stay at home plp voter aside from a couple of infighting episodes (nlp) the PLP has consistently gotten a bigger percentage of the popular vote since the 80s, the stay at home plp voter is as false as the african american voter who stays at home if its raining on voting day. blacks have worked too hard to get the right to vote to stay at home. keep dreamin’ and i’ll see you at the polls.

  57. Cancer says:

    @trident. How the heck can you believe the PLP will win the next election with all the flipfloppin, mismanagement of the people’s money, hooking up friends and aceboys, ruining of international business, MPs refusing to take a pay cut and on and on….? I mean this government has been ridiculous! How cud you Or anyone else even dare make a case for the PLP? They have been useless for this island. Now you have Zane Desilva having to apologize to Louise Jackson today because she was right about future care after all. Please will someone tell me how such a good government in blind people’s eyes can make so many mistakes. I can’t understand it – Please someone explain the dumbness! If this plp government gets back in power we bermudians deserve the beating were now getting! Will some please answer my above questions!!!!

  58. specialgirl4you says:

    Stop lying to yourself, and others like you. Your first line gave you away, you never voted for the PLP in the first place. What is your point?