Ten Videos: “Fight Night” Action

March 11, 2012

A number of local fighters took to the ring last night [Mar.10], as Teachers RFC hosted their 2012 Fight Night at the Berkeley Institute. The marquee fight of the night saw Bermuda’s Teresa Perozzi successfully defend her WBA Middleweight Title, defeating 26-year-old Arkansas boxer April Ward.

Coleman Mills defeated Jared Jimenez in a Exhibition Amateur Boxing fight by unanimous decision. Lewis Brien defeated Richard Boyd by a Point Decision, then Adam Chevis defeated Ricardo Lima by unanimous decision.

Stefan Dill unanimously defeated Chris Stafford, that was followed by Chris Wilson defeating Chuck Morgan by unanimous Decision and then Shannon Ford defeated Nathan Norville by unanimous decision.

In K-1 Kick Boxing action, Bermuda’s Samir Furqan knocked out his MAS Thai Boxing opponent in the first round with a round house kick to the ribs, Alysa Goodridge from Canada then defeated Talia Iris by decision, then Daniel Kechecgo also out of Canada defeated Anton Daniels by decision.

Bermuda’s Sentwali Woolridge defeated MAS fighter Marc Hare, and MAS fighter Matello Jones defeated Jermal Woolridge by decision.

Talia Iris vs Alysa Goodridge:

Coleman Mills vs Jared Jimenez:

Richard Boyd vs Lewis Brien:

Adam Chevis vs Ricardo Lima:

Chris Stafford vs Stefan Dill:

Chuck Morgan vs Chris Wilson:

Nathan Norville vs Shannon Ford:

Anton Daniels vs Daniel Kechecgo:

Sentwali Woolridge vs Marc Hare:

Jermal Woolridge vs Martello Jones:

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  1. University Grad says:

    Didn’t see much quality fighters…i guess the main even was the only fight worth watching

    not worth the money they were charging though…considering other fight nights where much cheaper