2012 Carifta Games Live Webcast Link

April 6, 2012

[Updated with video] Locals have packed the National Stadium this evening [Apr.6], with national pride on full display, and numerous Bermuda flags seen waving in the stands.

For those who have not made their way to the National Stadium, tune in live online to watch the opening of the 2012 Carifta Games, which will see approximately 550 junior athletes from 26 Caribbean countries, including 55 of Bermuda’s top track and field athletes. Watch the live stream here.

Bermuda Track and Field Association President Donna Watson led the Governor Sir Richard Gozney, Premier Paula Cox, Minister of Youth, Families and Sports Glenn Blakeney and North American, Central American and Central Athletic Association President Teddy McCook to the middle of the Field to greet the Athletes.

At the beginning of the Opening Ceremony, when one of two Bermuda Carifta Record Holders, Sonya Smith was introduced to the thousands on hand at the Sports Center, receiveing a standing ovation as she walked around the track. Ms Smith has held the Carifta record for the javelin for33 years, with her 1979 record still unbroken.

The Parade of Athletes then followed, with all the island teams entering the stadium in alphabetical order, with Bermuda the Host Country marching in last and receiving thunderous applause.

Video courtesy of JROC:

Once all the nations arrived into the Stadium, the opening prayer by Cannon Francis was followed by the President of the BFTA Donna Watson. The Governor then had some opening remarks and he was followed by the Premier who welcomed the Heads of Caribbean Governments that have come to Bermuda, who was followed by Minister Blakeney, with McCook deliving his opening remarks. Town Crier Ed Christopher then declared the 41st Carifta Games Open.

Kijuan Minors sang the National Anthem, while Bermuda’s Taylor Ashley Bean read the Athletes Oath, while Calvin Dill a Carifta Gold Medallist in both the 100m and the 200m read the Officials and Judges Oath.

The live stream is due to start again tomorrow morning and will continue through the weekend. The schedule of events is below [PDF here], click ‘Fullscreen’ for greater clarity:

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Comments (25)

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  1. Jeebus Christ Naive FOlk says:

    HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GOD D$#NED MINDS. Paying for a stream. Unnaceptable. As*holes.

  2. BabyRocko says:

    The link does not allow viewing on my iPad. Any reason why? I am traveling and am not near a computer or laptop.

  3. POSITIVE. says:

    Thank you BERNEWS

  4. pepper says:

    The enterainment was awful !!! the African dancers need to polish up their act, and the gobeys were on to long…. I thought the young man that sang the song “You lift me up” was fantastic.

    • mixitup says:

      I disagree, it could have been condensed a bit more but it was a Great Show of Bermudian culture..

  5. nono says:

    I was extremely disappointed with the Carifta ceremony, we should hold our heads in shame

  6. wow says:

    your telling me im got to pay to watch this? im not in bermuda and i will like to watch it guess not.

    • Tired says:

      The stream is not being provided by a Bermuda company. LIME has the rights, these games are being streamed live in Bermuda and the Caribbean for free, anywhere outside those areas has to be paid for. Let’s all remember this is a “Caribbean” event.

    • Sad day in Bermuda says:

      Yes wow you have to pay, get over it, Why is it that us as Bermudians always feel we are owed something. SMDMFH

  7. Awake says:

    So if it’s a Caribbean event, why is it in Bermuda? After all, we are in the Atlantic! Hahahahahahaha! That’s our problem – wanting to be something we aren’t! Bermuda used to be so unique and now, it’s just a mess!!!!! And the Carribean Islands are making fun of us!

    • wake up and live says:

      the sad truth is that we used to make fun of our brothers and sisters further south, Now they make fun of us….
      That’s what we get from thinking we are better than.

      • Carimudian says:

        Please. We are bigger than that. We never make fun of people who forget from whence they came.

    • mixitup says:

      What foolishness are you talking?? So the Caribbean Islands are making fun of What? You sound really slow and ignorant. People like you make me ashamed to be Bermudian. Bermuda has unbreakable ties with the Caribbean like it or not.

    • enos says:

      The Bahamas is not in the Caribbean either but we compete. It is more of an Atlantic/Caribbean/West Indian cultural Thing.

  8. Carimudian says:

    Bermuda did not choose it’s geographical position.

  9. Disgusted says:

    u all must have nothing better to do… ashamed to be bermudian when i read this crap!

    • Carimudian says:

      One’s opinion of the country one calls home should not make one ashamed . You clearly lack self esteem. No wonder you are Disgusted.

  10. Winnie says:

    Awake seem like you are fast asleep. Google Carifta and you will see about Bermudas participation, to include winning in 1975. i guess you are one of thoes person who can’t or simply refuse to trace your ROOTS……

  11. enos says:

    Your video did not show the Bahamas Contingent.

  12. Anja Smith says:

    I am very upset!!! I see every Caribbean country except The Bahamas!! What is up with that?

  13. Embarrassed says:

    This is just a training session for the Bermuda Athletes! They still have a looking way to go! The entertainment
    Portion from the opening ceremony put us to shame. Why put African Dancers on display? That’s not Bermudian Culture!!! They needed more Gombeys. If they were trying to be creative, they could’ve flown kites in the colors representing each country. Bermuda! We need to get our creative juices flowing!!!

  14. With all the complaining i wonder if we realize the world is not just watching to some degree but to a larger degree as bernews is picked up anywhere you have the internet, so my how stupid we must all look for nit picking and not being more supportive of all the young people for their efforts, they could be doing a whole lot worse