Outerbridge Defeats Gosling, Bascome Returns

May 10, 2012

[Updated – Graeme Outerbridge has been elected as the new Mayor of Hamilton, defeating incumbent Charles Gosling with 55.33% of the vote. In St George’s Mayor Kenny Bascome retained his position winning 66.44% [299 to 151] of the vote over challenger Alfonso Harris.

Mr Outerbridge’s fellow candidates in “Team Hamilton” were also successful at the polls, picking up Alderman and Common Councillor positions. The new Aldermen are Gwyneth Rawlins, Donal Smith and Carlton Simmons; and the new Common Councillors are Larry Scott, George Scott, Roseann Edwards, Troy Symonds, and Anthony Davis.]

Voters in the City of Hamilton and the Town of St George’s have been heading to the polls today [May 10], with both municipalities holding elections. Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling is being challenged by Graeme Outerbridge, while St George’s Mayor Kenneth Bascome is up against Alfonso Harris.

Mr Outerbridge is running as part of “Team Hamilton”, which will also see Youth on the Move President Carlton Simmons, former UBP chairwoman Gwyneth Rawlins and Donal Smith run for Alderman; and lawyer Larry Scott, Troy Symonds, Keith Davis and George Scott run for Common Councillor.

Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling is running for reelection along with most the persons presently holding office including John Harvey, Dennis Tucker, Walter Cross, Pamela Quarterly and Nicholas Swan.

Running for Alderman is John Harvey, Marshall Minors, Gwyneth Rawlins, Carlton Simmons, Donal Smith, and Dennis Tucker. Walter Cross, Anthony L. Keith Davis, Roseann Edwards, Pamela Ann Quarterly, George Scott, Larry Scott, Nicholas Swan and Troy Symonds all running for Common Councillor.

The elections will be the first one in which its one vote per resident, previously votes were allotted based on how many properties a person owned. The change occurred following the passing of the Municipalities Reform Act, which had been protested by Mayor Gosling and others.

Update 8.20pm: Polls have closed, results are expected shortly.

Update 9.02pm: In St George’s the incumbent Mayor Kenneth Bascome is leading over Alfonso Harris with 67.86% of the vote after 1 of 4 counts.

Update 9.15pm: In Hamilton challenger Graeme Outerbridge is leading the incumbent Mayor Charles Gosling with 62% [31 - 19] of the vote after 1 of 4 counts.

Update 9.31pm: St George’s Mayor Kenneth Bascome continues to lead over challenger Alfonso Harris with 64.32% of the vote [146 - 81] after 2 of 4 counts.

Update 9.47pm: Graeme Outerbridge continues to lead incumbent Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling with 55.1% [54 - 44] of the vote after 2 of 4 counts.

Update 10.01pm: Hamilton Alderman, after 2 of 4 counts, is: Gwyneth Rawlins [20.82%], Donal Smith [20.14%], Carlton Simmons [18.43%], John Harvey [14.68%], Marshall Minors [13.99%], and Dennis Tucker [11.95%]

Update 10.06pm: St George’s Mayor Kenneth Bascome looks set to hold his position, leading with 64.94% [226 - 122] of the vote after 3 of 4 counts.

Update 10.09pm: For St George’s Alderman, with 3 of 4 counts in, Renee Anderson-Ming leads with 34.13%, Quinell Francis has 29.12%, Eric Rothwell has 19.57%, and Steven Hollis has 17.18%.

Update 10.35pm: St George’s Mayor Kenneth Bascome has held off challenger Alfonso Harris, retaining his position as Mayor with 66.44% of the vote. The final tally after 4 of 4 counts was Bascome 299 votes and Harris 151 votes.

Update 10.39pm: With 3 of 4 vote counts in, Hamilton challenger Graeme Outerbridge maintains a slim lead over the incumbent Mayor Charles Gosling with 52.38% of the vote. Outerbridge has 77 votes, Gosling 70.

Update 10.42pm: The final tally for St George’s Alderman: Renee Anderson-Ming [33.54%], Quinell Francis [27.86%] , Eric Rothwell [20.23%] , and Steven Hollis [18.37%]

Update 10.45pm: Hamilton Alderman, after 3 of 4 counts, is: Donal Smith [20.87%], Gwyneth Rawlins [20.64%], Carlton Simmons [18.81%], John Harvey [14.45%], Marshall Minors [13.76%], and Dennis Tucker [11.47%]

Update 10.49pm: For Hamilton Councillor, with 3 of 4 counts in: Roseann Edwards [16.54%], Troy Symonds [14.77%], George Scott [14.03%], Larry Scott [14.03%], Anthony L. Keith Davis [12.11%], Nicholas Swan [10.49%], Walter Cross [9.16%] and Pamela Ann Quarterly [8.86%].

Update 11.18pm: Graeme Outerbridge has been elected as the new Mayor of Hamilton, defeating incumbent Charles Gosling with 55.33% of the vote [109 - 88]. Mr Outerbridge’s fellow candidates in “Team Hamilton” were also successful at the polls, picking up Alderman and Councillor positions.

Update 11.31pm: The three new Aldermen are all from “Team Hamilton”- Gwyneth Rawlins, Donal Smith and Carlton Simmons. The final tally after 4 of 4 counts was: Gwyneth Rawlins [20.93%], Donal Smith [20.93%], Carlton Simmons [19.90%], John Harvey [13.32%], Marshall Minors [13.32%], and Dennis Tucker [11.59%]

Update 11.40pm: “Team Hamilton” also had a strong showing in the vote for Common Councillor, with Nicholas Swan, Walter Cross and Pamela Ann Quarterly all being ousted in favour of the newcomers. The final tally for Hamilton Councillor after 4 of 4 counts was: Roseann Edwards [16.57%], Troy Symonds [14.92%], Larry Scott [14.25%], George Scott [14.14%], Anthony L. Keith Davis [12.27%], Nicholas Swan [10.39%], Walter Cross [9.17%] and Pamela Ann Quarterly [8.29%].

Update 11.39pm: The PLP issued a statement congratulating the winners of this evening’s elections. It follows in full below:

The Progressive Labour Party congratulates Mr. Kenneth Bascome & Mr. Graeme Outerbridge on their respective victories in the Mayoral races in St. George’s and Hamilton tonight.

We also congratulate those new Aldermen and Common Councillors that were elected to represent their municipalities.

We are confident that the teams selected by the electorate will work diligently on their constituents’ behalves.

The Progressive Labour Party is proud that under its watch democracy was reformed in the Municipalities to ensure that more Bermudians could participate and be empowered. We are pleased to acknowledge this first election under these changes.

One man, one vote is the bedrock of democracy and, tonight, we celebrate the people’s choices to lead Hamilton and St. George’s.

Update 11.43pm: The official writ giving the results of the City of Hamilton Municipal Elections is below [PDF here]

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  1. Out of flight says:

    The incumbents have the City’s best interest at heart, experience and a track record. As simple as that and do it for nothing.

    • pepper says:

      These lot that want to take over the corporation….want to be payed !!! because they have no other income………………… LOOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!

      • I'm just sayin... says:

        Payed? How, the posts are not salaried…….

        • Family Man says:

          They’ll probably hire themselves as consultants. There’s no bye-law against that so it must be kosher right?

      • DL says:

        . . . former mayor Gosling spoke on the radio a few days ago about being paid for their service, so looks like it would have happened eventually, maybe

  2. devo says:

    pepper has a few loose, what a loser.

  3. Family Man says:

    Well, that puts the final nail in the coffin for Hamilton business.

  4. Out of flight says:

    what is the final result? I thought Bernews would have it.

  5. Family Man says:

    It doesn’t look good for the cops vs. robbers show coming up. I think the robbers are going to win and loot the bank this time.

    • Don says:

      @ family man, go lay down please!

      • Family Man says:

        Is that a stick-up? Are you going to shoot too?

  6. Itsaboutallofus says:

    Looks like the people are speaking! Well done in St Geo to Renee and Quinell!

  7. so-n-so says:

    i have to agree with outofflight. the city ended the year with something like a $45k deficit. that is not bad considering whats done in the city year round. hamilton is definetly our showpiece of the island. the COH works hard and it shows! i hope Gosling gets reelected.

    • Out of flight says:

      Thanks. Now if Outerbridge gets in, run for cover. It’s his way or the highway. And he is not shy of using bad words right to your face. And we all know about the rest of his pack. We all know. It will be a rough ride and yes they will be consultants to themselves. Unbelieveable.


    Congrats Mayor Kenneth Bascome & Team

  9. Lord help my home says:

    Congrats Mayor Bascome and team. It’s the Hamilton results that have me feeling ill! We really let anyone run for positions in the Island. Given the voter turnout in Hamilton did the people speak…or did their not voting speak louder? 2 positions in particular are scary!

  10. Out of flight says:

    A handful of votes. why is it taking so long?

    • Family Man says:

      You’ve seen the “graduates” that Bermuda’s education system produces haven’t you?

      Once the numbers go beyond ten things get very complicated.

  11. Lord help my home says:

    Do we do mental health checks on those that run?

  12. SpecialGIrl4You says:

    Come on Team Hamilton, a Victory would sure be sweet….I know you can do it !! Team Hamilton…..What a historical change it will be !!!!

  13. SpecialGIrl4You says:

    Congrats Quinell, I knew you could do it…well done !!! Well Done…

    Look for future improvement of St.Georges, hope it will not be a dead town Mayor Kenneth…Wake it up please ……..

    • Quinell says:

      Thanks SpecialGirl4You! I appreciate your support.

  14. Letsscrewhamiltonnow says:

    Yah, go TeamPLPHamilton! TeamPLPBermuda screwed up the island finances and now you will screw up the cities!

    • Sad says:

      You took the words right out of my keyboard, OBA needs to win the next general election to pass amendments to get these PLP allies OUT

  15. M.T. Pockets says:

    With all due respect to the residents of Hamilton, the city is primarily a business centre. Mt Gosling is business friendly, Mr Outerbridge is controversial and not well versed in business. So I am really not sure how Mr Outerbridge’s win will pan out, but somehow I’m worried now.

  16. How You Like Me Now says:

    Well Done George Scott and the rest of Team Hamilton….It’s been a long time coming. The last bastion of white privilege has been dethroned!!!!

    • Oh Whatever says:

      You make no sense.

      Voters swapped one man who is the epitome of white privilege for another man of equal white privilege. Although Charles Gosling is from “one of those rich white families” I believed in him and his sincerity.
      It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Outerbridge gets ousted in a matter of months. He’s bound to anger his “Team” and the Corporation. He’s going to play nice for a little while but he can only keep that bottled up for so long. We’ve all seen him run his mouth.

      • Out of flight says:

        Wow. so you know him like we do. an exact description. The new mayor has a foul mouth and most affected people should have run to the press. I predict they will be looking at salaries in the range of $100,00o each and they will get it from parliament on the grounds it is economic empowerment….robbery…..Watch the City and Bermuda go down the tubes. Start collecting newspaper articles and using them as a report card. The people who voted for them will run for cover.
        God help our country. No save us from our sins.

    • What Next? says:

      New team: New Problems. I predict a debacle with the St. Regis Hotel with one of the developers who is now an Alderman. Does anybody see a conflict of interest???

      • Out of flight says:

        Are you kidding me? What conflict of interest. Because of their interest they are there.Watch. Mark my word this is a sad day. 1998 and then what….the big debt and no sunshine of public scrutiny. Same thing will happen with this bunch.

    • Finally left! says:

      aaah… does that mean i can stop bloody hearing about how white privilege is the cause of everyone’s problems now? >.<

  17. Taxed with no say says:

    This election is completely unfair. Taxation without representation. Why are the business owners not marching in the streets? The City is a business centre as well as a residential area so ALL taxpayers should have a vote.

    The City of Hamilton ran on a balanced budget, opened up their meetings to the public and really have pulled up their bootstraps. Mr. Gosling knows how to run a successful business. Can Mr. Outerbridge say the same? And it’s clearly a way for the PLP to get their hands on the city assets including the golden waterfront. God help us!

    • GMS says:

      Has Graeme Outerbridge ever even run a business?

    • Um Um Like says:

      Is the golden waterfront part of the platinum period?

  18. Oh Whatever says:

    Jesus……what a mess. I don’t know enough about the rest of “Team Hamilton” to say anything about them we are going to have an extremely combative mayor who has no real job in the first place. Now he’s the Mayor of Hamilton. He’s a photographer who can’t even give away his photos. No one wants them.
    Well proof will be in the pudding. We’ll just have to see if he can actually do the job. Or a job.

    • Finally left! says:

      Im sure he can take instructions though.. yikes

    • Out of flight says:

      What an accurate descriptiona nd the truth. First the administrators will try and work with them and the staff then all hell will break lose. Hold on to your seat belts. What he has no job? Tell him that and you will get a mouthful? What? Tell him nobody buys his photos and he will probably be a volcano of you know what words.
      Front page. Front page.

  19. Taxpayer says:

    I pay my corporation taxes but I don’t get to vote because I only rent an office in the city where I’ve worked all day Monday to Friday for the past 15 years; so, I say “no taxation without representation”. They said the same thing in Boston in 1773 and had a tea party!

  20. Oh Whatever says:

    I think Hamilton businesses should withhold paying their taxes.

  21. elgreen says:

    Give the new Hamilton Team a chance – just like some want to give the OBA a chance or do they?

  22. The Devils Isle says:

    Well done “Team Hamilton” you all worked long and hard for this glorious victory I have no doubt in your selections.. ‘OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW’ !!!!! Farewell Gosling and company you had your turn now its our turn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG says:

      yes and that is what the PLP said and look at the mess it got us in!!! WTF the city is screwed and so is Bda!

  23. All of u ppl are typical bermudians. Negative and unsupportive of ur own. This is progress. I see a lot of promise in the new team and im proud of them especially mr simmons. The OBA needs to stop spreading lise and misleading propaganda. U sound desperate. Good luck mr Outerbridge and mr Bascombe.

  24. And also mr Gosling was a bum. Long live the PLP.

  25. lmao says:

    they came and they took, agreed! Don’t underestimate the bankers from tuckers town

  26. Kathy says:

    Mr Outerbridge you never cared about north Hamilton before and now you do?Donal have you collected all your money from the fiasco Emissions Facility..Gweynth you left the UBP because of color so you say what color is Mr Outerbridge.Gorge Scott and Larry are two angry men I say people who pay taxes in the city stop paying you didnt get a vote.And Mr Outerbridge respect is earned.

    • SpecialGIrl4You says:

      @Kathy …what are you attempting to prove? Sounds like you do not like change, if it does not consist of what you think it should. Out with the old white supremacy rulers and in with the new open leaders. Well done “Team Hamilton” What a historical day in history…some are having a heart-attack just about now…..they are mad……as…..hell…..but this is a good change.

      I know Larry Scott and George Scott….never seem angry to me….but will speak the truth. Larry is extremely intelligent, and will hold you to speak with facts to support his argument.

      Gwyneth left the UBP due to white supremacy, racism, and lack of respect for a black woman’s capabilities. Many blacks left for the same reasons, and it does not bode well for the UBP…now the OBA

      Get over it…..Team Hamilton won it……I love it….

    • SarahTanner32 says:

      Sorry sweetie but change is happening, embrace it and go cry and point your finger behind the computer screen with only the handle ‘Kathy’ as long as you want. Anyone who wishes to be internet thugs who project negativity and stomp their feet like a child will only be heard when they post their NAMES. Sorry Kathy, no sympathy here.


  27. Alix says:

    For those with negative comments shame you didn’t prevail for a different outcome. The votes are in and it’s time to give Team Hamilton a chance. Mr Outerbridge has always been an innovated and makes some such as the nay sayers on her uncomfortable, those of whom I have no doubt are a certain demographic petrified of change. Change is here and a fair shot at Team Hamilton is warranted before you post such absurd predictions and attacks personally on Mr Outerbridges character. Let them do their job then speak without biased. Congrats Team Hamilton!!!

    • Finally left! says:

      “…and a fair shot at Team Hamilton is warranted before you post such absurd predictions and attacks personally on Mr Outerbridges character.”

      so give him a shot before you make judgements of him??

      And yet you so quickly come out and basically say those against this team are white (aka a certain demographic..)

      Nice case of do as i say, not as i do dont you think?

      • Alix says:

        I don’t believe any mention of race was made and for your information I am white myself. I said a certain demographic, so sweetie if you look up the definition of that word it covers economic income, age to hair color if so be it. Take your insecure bitter race baiting somewhere else. Oh and by a dictionary luvie, it helps when trying to debate fruitlessly ;)

        • Finally left! says:

          well I deny it is any form of race baiting. If you are referring to economic or other demographics, then my apologies.. but you are the first to (supposedly) use that meaning for that word that i’ve ever seen by someone defending a PLP related entity.

          … and you are also the only person to be defending this team based on (again,supposedly) an economic, age or hair colour standpoint, as opposed to stripping the white oligarchy of power..

          Oh..and not sure if you want me to “by”, or “buy” a dictionary. I’ll be sure to lend it to you when i’m finished.

          • Finally left! says:

            … with big smiles too of course lol!! :P

  28. 32n64w says:

    How long until “Team Hamilton” (i.e. the PLP) puts forward a plan to introduce salaries for these now voluntary unpaid positions?

    PLP – taking more and more leaving taxpayers with less and less since 1998/2012.

  29. Mountbatten says:

    Now is the time for Brothers Linguine on Bermudiana Road to pay their friggin dues .Render NOW Caesar to the Team Hamilton .

  30. Argosy says:

    Guaranteed to end in tears…..

  31. hmmm says:

    It’s amazing how racism is perpetuated in the form of ‘criticism’. Many of you people are sick.

    • GMS says:

      Just because someone criticizes one’s character and demonstrated history, it does not axiomatically follow that they are racist.

      That’s the great problem here in Bda that will always limit the strength of our body politic. If you criticize anyone, at the root of your criticism must be an aversion to their skin color – it must, no matter how contorted the logic has to be to find it!

      It’s pathetic, really.

      • hmmm says:

        Haha! I must have hit a nerve. What else are you basing your negativity on then?

        • Family Man says:

          Past performance, character, demonstrated ethics ….

        • Maybe on the basis that we are quickly becoming a third world country, who shall we blame for that?
          How many of the people that are employed by our government have half the actual smarts to go out and find a job in the market today and earn the salary and benefits that we as Bermudians so stupidly pay them at present?

    • Mr Cranky says:

      It’s racism? You do know one of them, the new mayor, is white, don’t you?

      First order of business for this lot: vote themselves a fat salary.

      Second order of business: employ themselves as “consultants” at another fat salary, to advise themselves.

    • Bill says:

      Emotionally potent oversimplifications have always been the tools of the wicked.

  32. cant believe it says:

    HAHAHAHAH ALL you white people an OBA supporters are shaking in your boots, i see more negativity on this page than congrats and well dones. How do i know you all are a bunch of racist…all of you talked about the people surrounding the “white” Mayor but none of you spoke or directed your comments to him.
    i SUGGEST YOU ALL SHUT UP well done to the new TEAM HAMILTON SHAKE THINGS UP!!!!!! IM PROUD OF YOU ALL and to the ones that lost better luck next time

    • Um Um Like says:

      I’m sure they will “shake things up”… kind of like the PLP has!

      Way to go Team Hamilton! Death to Bermuda!

      • Out of flight says:

        You got it. Death to the City. Wait. It is called empowerment and it will cost us as they laugh all the way to the bank. What a joke this is and nobody is laughing.

    • Lee says:

      Oh please stop this black/ white thing! It’s really getting old… I am white and frankly have more reservations about the lunatic white man that criticizes and curses whenever he doesn’t get his way. I am willing to give anyone a chance until they abuse that . I cant speak to the rest but I hope that everyone else on the team has the city in their best interest.
      Someone in a position of power should be diplomatic and understanding. Willing to bring people together to work for common good. Graham is mean, openly negative and opinionated. I have known him since I was a child and can not believe that the voters have been blinded by his rhetoric.
      I am truly worried for the city!

      • SpecialGIrl4You says:

        @Lee……..When a White man can not have things his way……he becomes a “REAL ANGRY White Man with no smile on his face” ….he holds on to hate and believes that he has lost power.. next he calls folks names and spreads the myth that they are not capable of leadership…..he resorts to dirty tricks to pull their opponent down……as their belief that only a white man should have power….black should not….so it does not matter. ……Sad indeed….

        Well Done Team Hamilton…….

        • Come correct says:

          Kinda like that bank machine outside whites?

    • Bill says:

      Consider for a moment the consequences of promoting an atomsphere of anger towards any given group of people. Bermuda’s economic survival is based on International Business. These entities are staffed by people from around the world. If these people do not feel comfortable being here they will leave, if they leave so does the associated payroll tax.

  33. The Devils Isle says:

    So true I don’t like to make this a racist comment but ‘Kathy’ nobody is Angry and I believe you have a personal vendetta againts the Scott’s so you post nonsense up about their character and they just got elected only in Bermuda and lastly its about time we got rid of the ‘WOLVES DRESSED UP IN SHEEPS CLOTHING’ Change is good OBA and UBP don’t like what’s transpired but they will get over it you’ll don’t like the change because there aren’t a lot of blacks who owned property in order to vote unlike now its fair not everyone is wealthy like Gosling and his colleaguesthey thought they would be in position for ever its a NEW DAY MOVE ON and ACCEPT THE CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!

    • Finally left! says:

      In my opinion, its not about owning property, but about having an interest in the city.

      If you own a business within the city, and you pay taxes to the city, then you should have a vote..

      I agree with the change that no person should have more than one vote, but i still think those who are affected by corporation policy (ie business owners) should get a vote too.

      Whether that would cause a different outcome here, i dont know and it really doesnt matter… I just think they should have the vote too.

  34. Joonya says:

    I can see what the discussion will be about on Sunday evening on Radio PLP.

  35. me says:

    Graeme Outerbride is an idiot!

  36. Team Hamilton Supporter says:

    Congratulations to Team Hamilton. I look forward to you all continuing the success that the former Mayor and his team put in place with new vision and energy. Change is good … embrace it Bermuda!!

  37. I gotta be me says:

    ANY ONE who pays COH taxes and was not allowed to vote should no longer pay those taxes. Simple. Go to your Chamber of Commerce, BIBA etc and get the ball rolling. This is insane in the 21st century.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Are you serious! OK, so yes, companies who pay payroll tax should start voting in national elections.

      Do you realise how stupid you sound.

      • Finally left! says:

        lol if they are bermudian, they do vote in the national election.

        Its not about the vote being listed under the company, its the vote being listed under the name of the owner. That owner should definitely get a vote.

        I do understand what you mean by this, but i think the actuality of it would/should be different. The corporation is different than the nation. If you have a vested interest in the city, ie live there or own a business there, you shoudl have a say in what goes on there.

      • I gotta be me says:

        you’re the idiot. do some homework on how modern day city elections work then get back to me.

  38. DL says:

    Congratulations Team Hamilton, well done! We look forward to the continued success of the business sector, and we will work with you to ensure N. Hamilton gets well deserved attention.

  39. SpecialGIrl4You says:

    Well Done “Team Hamilton”….this is a Historical Day indeed…..WOW what a change…many may not like it…but hey it is what it is….I look forward to the movement of Hamilton in a positive direction in the near future. Stay focus on what must be done… Congrats to TEam Hamilton……What a sweet victory….I love it……

  40. Concerned says:

    Congratulations Kenny and Team, as well as the Hamilton Team. St. George’s it is time to take the bull by the horns (which you should have done when the then premier was putting into place St. George’s demise. St. George’s is a great town, the people have to be reminded, the children taught and all involved in the re-branding of their home – rekindle the pride, passion of the business owners, the township as a whole.

  41. alsys says:

    I am so very confused as to how the solution to “disenfranchised voters” is to disenfranchise other voters… Unless of course there was another reason to remove the valid voting rights of people that pay taxes to CoH?

    Progress is usually defined as moving forward, not replacing one form of inequality with another.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      You pay taxes for services, not for votes.

      I cannot believe there are people in this country who really think anyone other than humans should vote.

      this is baffling!

      • alsys says:

        I’m pretty sure it is humans who vote, I’m yet to see a building pick up stakes and amble on down to City Hall. Or are you saying that those people who own or lease property for business are not human? Lmao!

        What is baffling is the idea that someone who pays taxes should be denied the chance to have a say, however little, in how those taxes are used. And what is even more baffling is the sheer glee that is shown by many on here to the idea of IGMFU mentality. Like I said, replacing one form of inequality is not moving forward, it is staying the same but with a different “face”.

        When Ghandi replied, when asked what he thinks of western civilization, “I think it would be a good idea…”, he so could have been talking about Bermuda nowadays. smh

  42. IzzySmith says:

    LET THE HATING BEGIN! Come out come out where ever you are…oh wait I see Kathy and negative race baiting crew made it to the party! Sorry haters, you lose.

    GOOOOO TEAM HAMILTON!! Well deserved win and change is welcomed at the Corporation. I voted and proudly for the right team!

    • terry says:

      A wolf in sheeps clothing?
      NLP, UBP………

  43. GVT Mechanic says:

    Bye bye international business, it was nice knowing you

    • No one asked you! says:

      Go fix my bus, the oil is leaking. Another lazy worker. I can’t wait for the OBA to win the next election. I’ll be your boss GVT so continue to kiss up please.

    • Ryan says:

      If you *really* think IB cares who is mayor of Hamilton, then you, sir, are delusional.

      I bet three quarters of city executives couldn’t even tell you who Charles Gosling is.

  44. Bloominal says:


  45. Finally says:

    Sarcasm aside, this is fantastic news for those who have a vested economic interest in the Citys collapse. I discreetly voted for Outerbridge because my company is utterly dependant on the domino effects that accompany business closures in Hamilton. Use your imagination and you can probably guess what field Im referring to.

    This is what its come to in Bermuda…for the livelihood of my family, I had to vote against my convictions to elect an unstable man who I know has an extremely high probability of screwing up, because if he DOESNT, then Im out of a job.

    I hate that my vote will contribute to the further disenfranchisement of North Hamilton residents and result in even more economic disparity for those already struggling, but I didnt know what else to do…I need to feed my kids. I truly wish I could say that I wish Mayor Outerbridge well, but I cant.