City Unveils Portrait Of Former Mayor Gosling

October 22, 2013

The City of Hamilton held a public unveiling of a portrait of former Hamilton Mayor Charles Gosling this evening [Oct 22] at City Hall.

The event was opened by the Hamilton Town Crier Ed Christopher, and was attended by various people including former Council members and OBA MP Glenn Smith.

The portrait was painted by local artist Samantha Gosling, who happens to be former Mayor Gosling’s cousin. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is a former winner of the Bermuda Society of Arts [BSoA] Bursary Award.


Mr Gosling served as Mayor until May 2012, when he was defeated by Graeme Outerbridge, who took 55.33% of the vote. The Hamilton election was the first one held in which it was one vote per resident, previously votes were allotted to businesses.

The change occurred following the passing of the Municipalities Reform Act in 2010, which was recently amended to return the business vote while retaining the residential vote.

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  1. Artist says:

    Great portrait ,well done!
    A deserved recipient.

    • Margaret Smith says:

      Wonderful portrait of Charles and by Bermudian portrait artist!

  2. Robert says:

    Yes, a very talented artists

  3. Common Sense says:

    Great idea to have a young Bermudian, and a relative at that, paint former Mayor Gosling’s portrait instead of an expensive overseas artist. Ms. Gosling appears to have done an excellent job.

    The statement that “The Hamilton election was the first one held in which it was one vote per resident, previously votes were allotted to businesses” is not correct. Yes, this was the first election in which all adult residents of the City could vote (Mayor Gosling himself had strongly proposed that same amendment to the Municipalities Act).

    It is wrong however, to state that previously votes were only allotted to businesses. The truth is that any married couple with a home in the City could both vote. One resident from every apartment or house in Hamilton could also vote. They did not need to own a business to vote. Yes, the franchise also allowed one person from each business to vote, and this applied equally to all businesses so one person could vote if they owned or operated a barber’s shop and only one person could vote on behalf of the Bank of Bermuda regardless of how many buildings the bank owned or how much in taxes they paid.

    It would be correct to say that this was the first election to be held when the franchise was extended to include all adult residents of the City, but it was also the first election to be held when the franchise was completely removed from all persons who owned or operated any kind of business in the City despite the fact that those same tax payers contributed more than 95% of all taxes collected by the COH. It;s called “taxation without representation”!

  4. Miguelito says:

    Nice job Samantha!

  5. haha says:

    ya fine girl…lemme take you out for a fish dinna

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      hahaha…i was thinking the same thing…lmao

  6. Looks great Samantha. Congrats :)

  7. JM says:

    Fabulous artwork Sam!!!

  8. Nicky Gurret says:

    Great job to Mr. Gosling and Samantha Gosling! Looking at this picture there is evidence of much good thinking in producing this portrait.

    First done for choosing a young local artist and having faith in their talent.

    Second the portrait I believe recognises others. The background I am sure was specifically chosen to portray a mayor who wanted to recognise his team mates as I see there are several people in a picture in the portrait.

    Also the portrait recognises another Bermudian artist statue in the background.

    Well done!

  9. sage says:

    Friends and family plan?

  10. AstroTurf says:

    Is there going to be a portrait of “the Nightmayor”?

  11. Watcher55 says:

    Great job Samantha, one request could you airbrush the clown standing to your left completely out of the picture, that indeed would be a great public service!

  12. Debbie Haddrell says:

    Congratulations Samantha!! It is a great portrait and I feel sure Charles is pleased with it.

    Debbie Haddrell