Police: No Further Action On Man In Sheet

May 17, 2012

The police released a statement today [May 17] saying the incident last month in which a man was found bound and wrapped in a sheet was “regrettable and misguided,”and as there was no criminal intent no further police action is required.

Last month the police said that police were on patrol in the North Shore Road, East Park Lane Pembroke area when they drove past three men “carrying a long object” which turned out to be a man, bound by his hands and feet and wrapped in a sheet, left behind on the sidewalk.

ZBM carried an interview with the victim and alleged culprits, who said the whole thing was a prank, with the only intention being to leave the man on the road as he had been talking about Alcohol Awareness Month.

Today a police spokesperson said, “A thorough investigation has been conducted into the reported incident that occurred around 1:40am Saturday, 21st April 2012 where police officers proactively patrolling discovered a 50 year old man, bound by his hands and feet and wrapped in a sheet, left on a sidewalk in the North Shore Road, East Park Lane Pembroke area. At the time, three individuals were seen fleeing the scene. The 50 year old man was not injured.

“Detectives collected various items for forensic examination and subsequently identified all of the individuals involved. After relevant inquiries, it has been determined that the incident was regrettable and misguided; however there was no criminal intent. As a result, no further police action is required.”

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  1. lifeblood says:

    Lets see what we have here: A man bound by his hands and feet and wrapped in a sheet, being carried out of a house in the early hours of the morning by 3 men who fled after seeing the police, is considered to be a “regretable” and “misguided” incident? Well…thank goodness…at least we know not to panic the next time one sees a live body, bound and wrapped up, being pulled from a house at night by three men. Move on…nothing out of the ordinary here *smh*

  2. SMH says:

    As%es! And to think the bound person was a 50 yr old. Grow the hell up!

  3. Only here says:

    Sounds like he was in deep “sheet”! Brahaaaa!

  4. CYGNET says:

    I know all the individuals and they love to drink, so this was most likely a prank. However, this situation could have gone wrong and they could have dropped him and he received injuries. They all need to cut back or cease drinking after this incident.

  5. chief says:

    Ok if dnt kno the facts… bcuz its 3 coworkers that were drunk and decided 2 throw a prank and bcuz of the narrow minded bermudians (comments above) u decided to judge a book by its cover…which is really y the WHOLE OF BERMUDA wears them shoes

    • Hmmm says:

      Narrow minded Bermudians? Judge a book by its cover?? If they didn’t run and just explained to the police that it was a prank in the first place this wouldn’t have been a problem. I don’t know how we curious Bermudians are being narrow minded. It is not normal to hear of a man with his feet and hands tied rolled up in sheet being rescued by police some hour in the morning. The public was worried about the man… or are you trying to say the next time a situation similar to this occurs we shall just assume that it is some drunken idiots and keep driving along like we saw nothing???????

      Perhaps you should run tell the men involved in this GROW UP and sip on some water instead of wasting the police and public’s time!!!

  6. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    The next prank my be a concrete block tied around the ankles to bring awareness to the dangers of going swimming soon after eating.

  7. Mountbatten says:

    I guess thats a wrap .

  8. Child's play says:

    Complete waste of everybody’s time, like lifeblood said, next time we see something like this, we should just ignore it….. sad thing though next time it may be for real.

    They should be charged for this silly prank and wasting the police’s time

  9. Somebody is making sense... says:

    Please don’t tell me that Bermuda Police Service would rather investigate this prank than spend more time on the UNSOLVED MURDERS in this country.