Proceeds Of Crime: Bermuda Receives $672,225

August 15, 2012

[Updated with video] US Consul General Grace Shelton handed over a cheque for $672,225 to Premier Paula Cox this afternoon [Aug 15],  with the funds representing Bermuda’s share of assets forfeited to U.S authorities from an illegal internet pharmacy operation based in the United States.

The operation laundered its proceeds abroad, including through a bank account in Bermuda. In 2009 the operation’s leader Jude LaCour was convicted and sentenced to 97 months in federal prison for drug trafficking and money laundering. A U.S. District Judge also ordered the forfeiture of assets, including those in Bermuda, in the case.

Ms Shelton said the Bermuda Police and Justice system played an important role in the case, and she was “pleased to share the forfeited assets with our ally and friend, Bermuda.”

A statement from the US Consulate said: “Bermudian authorities provided important law enforcement assistance in recovering the money by restraining funds in a bank account in Bermuda under the control of Mr. LaCour and working with the U.S. Government to recover and forfeit those funds.”

Consul General Grace Shelton said “This was a very long, complex case on which the United States and Bermuda worked together cooperatively, as we often do, to see that justice was done. I am very pleased to share the forfeited assets with our ally and friend, Bermuda.

“The Bermuda Police Service and Bermuda’s justice system played an important role in this case, which is a excellent illustration of the outstanding cooperation among Bermuda and U.S. law enforcement agencies.

“When a country provides assistance that is important to the successful forfeiture of assets, the United States wants to show its appreciation. That is what we have done here today.”

“This is a prime example of great international law enforcement cooperation. The FBI and Bermuda Police Service have and continue to enjoy a productive, collaborative relationship,” said FBI Legal Attaché David Brooks.

It is the policy of the United States to recognize through international asset sharing all foreign assistance that facilitates U.S. forfeitures. International sharing is governed by federal statutes and international agreements.

Premier Cox said: “I am pleased to accept Bermuda’s share of forfeited assets — in the amount of $672,225 — arising from the successful prosecution in the United States of a drug trafficker and money launderer.

“Bermuda’s law enforcement authorities worked closely with United States authorities to apprehend and prosecute the leader of an illicit operation who used a bank account in Bermuda as part of its financial network. Upon sentencing, a US District Judge ordered the forfeiture of assets accumulated in the illegal operation including assets held in Bermuda.

“I wish to thank the Bermuda Police Service and the Department of Public Prosecutions and our Judiciary for the successful role that they played in the joint operation.

“I consider that this success underscores the important role that Bermuda plays, and continues to play, in the fight against global crime. It also highlights the strength of Bermuda’s cooperative relationship with our friend and neighbor — the United States of America.

“The funds will used to assist Bermudians in standing strong against the ravages of drug trafficking and drug use.

“Let me end by thanking the US Consul General Ms. Grace Shelton and the representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their assistance to Bermuda in obtaining a share of the forfeited assets,” Premier Cox concluded.

There were three FBI agents in attendance today: David Brooks, FBI Legal Attaché (Eastern Caribbean), Bridgetown, Barbados; William Nicholson, Assistant Legal Attaché, Bridgetown, Nassau and John Groeschner, FBI agent in charge of case. You can read the full FBI press release about the case here.

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  1. Crazy says:

    Let see where she takes her next trip too…..

    • pepper says:

      she should take her next trip to her husbands homeland ..and maybe consider living there.

  2. truth says:

    paula and the other MPS going on a nice trip soon with this money.

  3. it only hurts when I breath says:

    No wonder they are all smiling! Madam Cox and her PLP Friends and Family are all deciding how quickly and where they should spend this for the GROWING PLP/BIU friends and family plan.

    • pepper says:

      This money needs to help the poor unfortunate Bermudians who have had their electricity turned off !!! could someone find out exactly how many homes are without electricity ?

  4. longtail says:

    Great news!!!!
    Only another $1,499,327,775 (or thereabouts) to find and Bermuda’s debt problem will be solved!

  5. DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

    From the state of the US economy, we are going to need two telephone numbers and a work address written on the top please

  6. hmmm says:

    You all make me laugh. Can’t wait til election day to see who has the last laugh.

    • terry says:

      Welst while liviving high off the Cog (hog) you should be the last to speak.
      Demise is a bitch.

    • Come Correct says:

      Me either, I hear cycle livery just closed down, she might want to call it soon.

    • pepper says:

      we will have the last laugh, because people like you will vote your party back in …and we right thinking people will have left this island, as will your party who have homes abroad,so yes I will have the last laugh…ha ha.

    • Argosy says:

      Hmmmmm…..the “last…..”

      A Freudian slip???

  7. Goose says:

    That’s two days of interest payments on our debts covered.

  8. ella says:

    WOW! Spend wisely Premier Cox

  9. Shaking the Head says:

    Now we can afford a can or two of paint and paint Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, with money left over.

  10. Future says:

    So now our economy officially is relying on drug addicts for funding?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      LMAO! Why does your tone seem so distraught? Out of all posters I would think you’d be happy Uncle Sam & Bermuda Government have become one in the drug war. This doesn’t surprise me in the least although its a bit cynically amusing. Just as it says on the money novus ordo seclorum.

      Welcome to the carnival! ;-)

  11. Spider says:

    Don’t let Derrick B. get his hands on it. Bet he’s lickin his chops by now.

  12. smh says:

    Didn;t Wayne Perinchief make this act AGAINST the opinions of some other cabinet members? Don’t see him in the picture. Guess he didnt get the invite! We can see that the PLP is split all over.

  13. Kim Smith says:

    “The funds will used to assist Bermudians in standing strong against the ravages of drug trafficking and drug use”

    I’m not sure I understand what this means as regards to what will be done, specifically, with this money.

    • will says:

      basically its going to be wasted on a never ending and never winning drug war as basically she will waste this money.

      what it should be used for is helping the schools, divide it up evenly for each school so they can make a difference for once

      • More with less says:

        Exactly, maybe she should give a couple grand each to families that could really use the help instead. Or she could make a solid repayment to our grandiose debt? But it was probably spent before she even received the check.

  14. Check it out says:

    Wow lets milk it that should blow a hole in our debt ….NOT

  15. Is this before or after ... says:

    Before or after taking into account the actions of former politicians?

  16. Opressed says:

    Party on Paula!

  17. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Ahh duh dats all folks ! Now where’s the friggin rest .

  18. k says:

    no matter what amount of money that was recieved, the main thing is that the poisoner was caught,convicted and stripped !!!!!

    • The nitty gritty says:

      and here I was thinking after reading just the headline, gummint gave something back to the taxpayers!

  19. Disappearing bank notes says:

    Destined to vanish just like the US Base settlement cheque that was supposed to cover repairs for Longbird Bridge.

    Heather , please follow the movement of this cheque .

  20. Tommy Chong says:

    Closer & closer to becoming an unincorporated organized territory. Once we’re fully there I wonder if we can have some californian state laws past hear & a burger king so I can have it my way :-D

  21. missed this... says:

    ….and it’s gone.

  22. Kathy says:

    I think this money would be well spent for more teachers in Bermuda (lowering the class sizes). This is something Bermuda should consider for the future. It is proven that smaller class sizes work better. Yes, it ends up costing the taxpayer (in this case – companies doing business in Bermuda) more, but in the long run, we will have better educated children.

    Better educated children means lower crime rates!

    If you keep putting money back into the criminal system, we are not tackling our future problems!

  23. Verbal Kint says:

    No mention of the Bermuda Monetary Authority?

  24. Joonya says:

    20 inch rims and a new banging stereo for her BMW…

    • What Next says:

      Oh and lets not forget some decent outfits to wear!!!!

  25. Concerned says:

    Excuse me, the overseas folk in attendance for the presentation – did we pay their airfare/accommodation?

  26. My 2 Cents says:

    How about she gives this money to the BPS seeing as she cut their budget but still expects work to get done, murders to get solved, criminals off the street, etc. Im sure the BPS put in the work in this case (not her or the govt) so they should get the money.

  27. OBA sucks n so does PLP says: