Fertig Sets NY To BDA Record: 21hrs 39 Mins

August 5, 2012

[Updated with video] At 8:09am this morning [Aug 5] Chris Fertig came roaring into Bermuda from New York aboard his 37-foot boat, with his time of 21 hours and 39 minutes setting a new record for the 760 mile ocean crossing. On the boat with Mr Fertig was his good friend and ‘throttle man’ Tyson Garvin from Missouri.

John Trimingham was on scene as the timekeeper, and Mr Fertig’s sister Kathy Hendrickson flew in from DC yesterday afternoon and was present this morning to greet him. St George’s Mayor Kenneth Bascome was also on scene to greet the arriving speedboat.

Chris Fertig in St George’s:

Mr Fertig, who is from Virginia, was aboard his Statement Marine 37 powered with twin diesel Cummins MerCruiser TDI’s and averaged a speed of around 35mph during the 780 mile open ocean transit from New York City to Bermuda. He had previously attempted the run last year, but had to turn back due to inclement weather.

Chris Fertig being greeted by his sister Kathy Hendrickson:

Created by the Boating Magazine in 1994, the Bermuda Challenge is an offshore powerboat endurance race which begins at the Statue of Liberty in New York City and finishes at the sea buoy in St. Georges, Bermuda.

Chris Fertig, his sister Kathy Hendrickson and timekeeper John Trimingham:

The first run was in 1996 by Larry Graf in his Glacier Bay 260 Canyon Runner with twin Honda 90s, and was completed in 37 hours. In 1997, a World Class 266 SF catamaran powered by Mercury Optimax 150s cut the time to 29 hours, 30 minutes.

Video interview with Mr Fertig at the finish:

The previous record was set by Bermuda’s Dr Neil Burnie in 2002 aboard a Renaissance Marine Prowler 302 in 2002.

Update 11.17am: You can view a photo gallery of the speedboat leaving New York here.

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Franklin says:

    Hey Bermuda, you wanna powerboat race? Try doing something like this instead of closing down half the island’s navigable water every year for your turtle killing fest that gets postponed if the waves are over 6 inches high

    • B3ST !N TH3 WoRLd says:

      close your mouth fool

      • courtney couch says:


        • B3ST !N TH3 WoRLd says:

          Why should I close my mouth when someone is bashing a Bermudian tradition in our round the island boat race? I get the feeling you are both ignorant or foreigners or both. If you are a foreigner let me remind you it is a privilege for you to be in our country!!!!!!!!!!

          • courtney couch says:

            Im an AMERICAN ! And Im sure you have traveled to the US right ? Thats my man and he is awesome ! Seems to me Bermuda is pretty happy to have him there ! Its cool race ! CHILL !

            • B3ST !N TH3 WoRLd says:

              You commented on an issue that is a Bermudian tradition. Your man done a great job; and i was responding to Franklin, and you not knowing what I was talking about took offence. Next time read before you respond and Franklin your clearly a foreigner…….. you people come to Bermuda and say whatever you please. I will be finished school soon and when I am all you little roaches who disrespect us our island and our traditions will be sent home.

              • courtneycouch says:

                I do apologize. I did read your comment wrong ! Please forgive me. Thankyou for all your support ! Sorry if I was confused ! I never meant any disrespect ! I hear Bermuda is a beautiful place !

              • Franklin says:

                The future of Bermuda ladies and gents…

                I’m clearly a foreigner? Why, because I dare to disagree with your clearly myopic (means “can’t see clearly”, specifically at long distances, since you’re away at school and all) view of the world?

                What do you happen to be studying while away from our lovely island?

                • B3ST !N TH3 WoRLd says:

                  you’re going home and that’s the bottom line

                  • Franklin says:

                    I am home ya dingleberry

                  • Franklin says:

                    Read my last post, apply some comprehension skills – I am home

          • Franklin says:

            Ignorant does not mean “does not agree with me” – look it up

            • B3ST !N TH3 WoRLd says:

              It was an ignorant comment since everything needs to be spelled out for you.

              • summer2012 says:

                okay no more fighting ! Everything is all good ! Big miscommunications here ! Lets just all get along ! I love turtles ! And boats !

    • courtney couch says:

      LEAVE HIM ALONE ! HE DID AN AWESOME JOB ! HE IS MY MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Logic76 says:

      I’d love to see these statistics on BPBA Raceboats killing turtles. Please include them in your response.

  2. Errin Butterfield says:

    Well done Mr.Fertig.

  3. charles spanswick says:


  4. Bill says:

    Congrats, Chris! Long hard fight but well done from planning to execution!

  5. Pete Scanlon says:

    Congratulations Chris!
    Big achievement for Statement Marine and their MerCrusier TDI engines!
    Now get some rest!

  6. Cinderella says:

    Well done Chris & teammates!

  7. swing voter says:

    I wonder if the government has looked into this event as a propaganda tourism tool…..NOT

    • Pick a side fool! says:

      @ Swing voter …….you smell like a person who is all OBA. We don”t need you anymore so go join the rest of the flip floppers who left the UBP to form the OBA. ….NOT

      • street wise says:

        The PLP has more ex-UBP members than the OBA has. Think about it… Who is your main PLP mover and shaker now?… the ex-leader of the UBP, Wayne Furbert!!

        But, in truth, the ones we do not need are the PLP Government who are financially and morally broke. And draging this once successful country into the Third World.

        • Pick a side fool! says:

          hmm you’re not the smartest one on the block street wise. The whole OBA team was the UBP check your figures again…..Failed

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Stuff like this is way beyond the scope of the PLP imagination. The Christmas Boat Parade is another.

      Tourists could not care less about cultural tourism but that is where the money goes.

  8. The Palone says:

    Great Job, we knew you could do it. Love the boat.

  9. courtney couch says:


    • Dixie Normous says:

      How many times do you have to say it? You sound a little insecure if not desperate .Is the writing on the wall dear? Plenty moe fish in the sea.

      • beachy29 says:

        NO she is not insecure or desperate at all. Chris’s girl is so sweet and and is just really proud of her guy for this race ! You and Dixie Chick are most likely some cougars that are just jealous ! How mean for you to say that ! I’ll pray for ya ! Maybe you can find your shark in the sea Perhaps a bull shark !

  10. Chris Hendrickson says:


    Way to go!!!! I followed until late last night and saw you made it this morning. Congradulations….

  11. Da plumber says:

    That boat is a rocket I love speed good going fellas

  12. Mark McDan says:

    Great job, we knew could do it!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sue says:

    Way to go, we are all very proud of you. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!
    Sue and Philip

  14. Triangle Drifter says:

    So when will a couple of dem byes in a boat powered by a 5hp Seagull gonna make d dash? Would take at least 3 cases of Heineken to get across.

  15. Sh%t Happens says:

    What is wrong with closing down half of the Island waters once a year. They block off Coral Beach for tennis and been doing it for years and i don’t hear you complane about that. they close off town every 24th of May do you complane about that. So go lay down!!! and let the power boat racers enjoy them selves. I would agree as soon as they get a little bit of wind they do cancel races that is what offshore racing is all about.

  16. Dixie Chick says:

    We partied last night like crazy with the winner! Good times!

    • Natalie says:

      I know for a fact you didn’t.
      He was staying as my family’s guest in our home, and spent every night he was on the island in our company. You are nothing but a pathetic wind-up merchant hiding behind a stupid name who is blatantly trying to cause trouble for a very nice man and his girlfriend and diminish his achievement. Get a life!

  17. Henk La Brie says:

    Chris, Ivy and I are busting with PRIDE, another great Fertig accomplishment, missed saying good by to you ate the Acedemy and call us if you are ever in Kennebunkport, especially with the BOAT! just kidding, semper paratis—-

  18. Barb Kersey says:

    Barb K says:

    Awesome Job Chris! We knew you would make it happen this time. Have some fun while in Bermuda. We look forward to seeing you back in Norfolk. Have a safe return!

  19. bermy drew says:

    @franklin correct me if I am wrong. SO the only place in the Atlantic Ocean that a Turtle can be hit by a speed boat is around our shores!!!!??