Olympics: Jillian Terceira Finishes 47th

August 5, 2012

[Updated] Despite a valiant effort this morning [Aug 5] in less than ideal rainy conditions, Bermuda’s Jillian Terceira will not progress to the next round of the Olympics - missing the qualification by only one spot.

Ms Terceira, riding Bernadien Van Westuur, completed today’s round with two knock-downs which incurred 4 penalties each for a total of 8 penalties. The 1 time fault carried over from yesterday giving her a total of 9. She came very close to advancing, and should someone’s horse be injured she will be called upon to compete in the next round as she is the first reserve.

Yesterday she had a strong first round which qualified her for today, with the BBC commentator calling her “one of the stars of that first round.” Ms Terceira finished tied for 47th in a field of over 70 world class show jumpers.

Ms Terceira joins her fellow Olympians Roy Allan Burch, Flora Duffy and Tyrone Smith in improving upon her 2008 Olympic appearance, as she placed over 20 spots higher this year than she did in 2008.You can view all our Olympic coverage here.

Update: Speaking after the event Ms Terceira said: “I am pleased with how I rode and how my horse was jumping. Tomorrow is the 3rd round of competition, and 45 riders progress. Unfortunately I was 47th and will just miss tomorrows event.”

You can view photos of Ms Terceira in action at the Olympics here and here.

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  1. Rick Rock says:

    Well right now, as Andy Murray is playing Roger Federer in the tennis final, I have a choice of a ping pong qualifier or a medal ceremony. Of course the tennis final is not being shown. What absolute crap we have for coverage.

    • argosy says:


      Rubbish. The price of living in paradise!

    • Laurence Fox says:

      Go to cnet.com and download expat shield. Once it is installed go to the bbc site and choose from 24 different sports.

  2. Moonbeam says:

    A ‘jolly good’ try Jill – your ‘win’ is in getting to the Olympics in the first place ! Well done !

  3. charles spanswick says:


  4. Pelican says:

    Well done Jillian, you and all of the Bermudian athletes have put in fantastic performances on the world stage.

  5. CHEE KUMS BI says:

    shouldnt the horses get medals?? I mean their doing all the jumping

  6. Jayne Young says:

    As a Bermudian born – living in the U.K – I was so proud to see our team in the Olympic opening and I have been watching each and every one of the competitors – so proud to see our athletes do well. I have been gone for 20 years now – but still am a Bermudian more than anything else!

  7. Local says:

    Well done, Jillian. So proud of you. You are world-class.