St. George’s Police Station Closed For Repairs

September 20, 2012

The St. George’s Police Station is currently closed for repairs, which are anticipated to take six weeks to complete. Policing operations for the East End will continue from the Southside Police Station.

A police spokesperson said: “The public is advised that the St. George’s Police Station is currently closed for repairs by Works & Engineering. The restoration is anticipated to take six weeks to complete.

“During this time policing operations for the East End will continue to operate on a 24 hour basis from Southside Police Station. A phone located on the outside of the St. George’s station will continue to automatically connect the user to the Station Duty Officer at Southside Police Station.

“All units normally housed at St. George’s station will be temporarily relocated to Southside station with the exception of the Town Constable PC Litanya Smith who, in order to remain within the town throughout her shifts, will work from the Joint Customs Marine Police office on Ordnance Island for the duration of the repairs.”

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Comments (14)

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  1. Lanette says:

    Closed for repairs? Isn’t that why the Southside station was initially opened – to do renovation on the St George’s station? How major are these renovation? Will it bring it up to a standard that will give St George 24/7 policing?

  2. Concerned says:

    Hold on, Hold ON!! What repairs??? Why wasn’t these so called repairs done when place was shut up and renovations were being done then – is this a move to get votes???

  3. the word says:

    was it ever open?

  4. Soooo says:

    Putting the Cedar Beams back in?

    • what now? says:

      Apparently the lock on the front door rusted shut from lack of use and now they have to have a conference to figure out if it is worth fixing.The logic is, if any police come to town, they can always use the outside phone.

  5. the word 2 says:


  6. Opressed says:

    Maybe he’s adding another closet on, to store all those expensive , hand made in his US homeland, suits, that we paid for.

  7. St. George's says:

    Wait a minute. Closed for repairs? For what? They just did repairs. Is this some way of not giving us the PROMISED Police service? I want to know what was not done and why? The whole thing should have been done the first time.

  8. Terry says:

    Something is amis here.
    We need to hear from DeSilva.
    Getting back to other blogs and threads elswhere.
    Government are running the Police?

  9. BIG DOG says:

    How can you repair something that just GOT REPAIRED AND NEVER USED, CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

  10. TEE says:

    So tired of PLP

  11. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    The Cedar Beams were removed from the Post Office when the roof was removed and replaced. Not the Police Station.

  12. Stop the Nonsense says:

    It makes no sense having St.Georges, Southside, the customs police desk and the Airport police station all within a mile of each other. It is a waste of money, electricity and poor land use. Close St.Georges for good drive down the road. It’s unfortunate but that’s the operational police department….which should have been built in St.Georges proper or at the airport. Or better yet close them both and put computers in the police car, and buy more police cars. A police service with 150 cars and only 30 are marked vehicles. Absolutely crazy wonder how many police supervisors use their unmarked car as a second family car.

  13. Outside looking in says:

    If you can close down completely an entire police station for repairs (of an unknown nature too it seems) then it stands to be said that it’s probably not necessary in the first place.