Another Burglary At Vera P. Card In St. George’s

May 26, 2019

Marking the second burglary at the store this month, thieves “gained entry” into the Vera P. Card store in St. George’s early on Bermuda Day, stealing a quantity of jewellery.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 4am Friday, May 24th police officers responded to a reported burglary at the Vera P. Card store on Water Street in St. George’s.

“It appears that three suspects wearing dark coloured hooded tops gained entry into the store and stole a quantity of jewellery before making good their escape on foot.

“The scene has been processed and efforts continue to locate the culprits.

“An investigation into this latest incident is underway and witnesses or members of the public – particularly any passing motorists – that saw suspicious activity in the Water Street, Barber’s Alley St. George’s area between 3:30am and 4am Friday [Bermuda Day] are encouraged to call Detective Constable Seymour Foote on 717-2282 or Acting Sergeant Ian Taitt on 717-2371.

“Alternatively, anyone with relevant information can provide it anonymously by calling the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

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  1. kevin says:

    Soon the bell will ring ….get the police presence back in St.Georges
    Thank you plp this is all on you
    the crime will continue until that station opens and police are on patrol as they should be

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      The question should be if there were any active patrols in the area at the time. There is a police station in St.George’s already but really a police station doesn’t in itself make much of a difference. Actually wasn’t there a murder practically on the doorsteps of the St.George’s police station years back? A police station made no difference then either. The present police station is less than 5 minutes away and makes no difference even in the area it presently is (try knocking on their door night times for a response or try your luck to see if the outside phone is actually working at the given time. If the phone does work all it does is forward you the police dispatch in Hamilton & they then try to call the St.George’s police station which doesn’t always get a response). A new station is not the answer, ACTIVE & CONSTANT patrols are. Makes no sense the police sitting up in an office when the crimes are happening out in the streets.

  2. Captain Hook says:

    That’s it, say goodbye to another good vendor for the Town of St. George. Not a peep from the new Mayor or any newly elected Corporation members? Bad things happen when good people do nothing. Still think the Town doesn’t need a Police Station. The criminals think that way too.

  3. Kiprock was right but you took no notice says:

    if it worked once,it’ll work again and again!

    • Infidelguy says:

      They won’t listen to Kenny Bascome or anyone outside of their social circle of family and friends. That’s just the way things go in this Banana Republic!

  4. Vote no more says:

    Retail sales be even lower now, great job by all.

  5. MM says:

    Technology is one thing, the ability for appropriate people to arrive is another matter It is something we all need to be aware of.

  6. Dread says:

    Keep it closed… And fire the new mayor!!

    • wahoo says:

      Wow that is a little harsh don’t you think?

    • LV says:

      The guy just got in the post…geesh, give him a chance!

    • Kiprock was right but you took no notice says:

      the way things are going in the town soon everybody will close and the town will die.

  7. Cathy says:

    Where’s Kenny Bascome? He will get the job done and keep on top of everything that goes on in St. Georges!

  8. LV says:

    What’s that saying about the definition of insanity? The one about doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results? It’s about time this store made some changes. It may be a hassle but how about locking all the extremely valuable items in a safe every evening after closing? Better yet, invest in an alarm system and make it harder for the burglars to get in. Are these guys just kicking the door in or what? Time to invest in a stronger door so they break their toes next time.

    • LV says:

      Oops-I meant expecting a different result but you all know the point I was making…

  9. Y-Gurl says:

    Police station in St George anyone?