200+ Educators Receive Gang Education

October 23, 2012

Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief, spoke at the most recent Gang Education Workshop at the Berkeley Institute on Monday [Oct 22].

The Gang Education Workshop presentation was facilitated by Mr. David Mirfield, Assistant Commissioner of Police of the Bermuda Police Service and Mrs. Kimberly Jackson, Programme Coordinator of the MIRRORS program who provided information on preventing problem behaviors and community based resources available to schools.

The presenters shared valuable information aimed at helping Educators and other key personnel identify students involved in anti-social behaviour or gang activity.

School staff were given information on how to minimize and eradicate gang activity in their schools. The information provided also aims to allow school staff to put in place preventative policies and programs to assist students who may be on the cusp of becoming involved in gangs.

To date over 200 Counselors, Educational Therapists and Teachers from Primary, Middle and High Schools have received the training.

Minister Perinchief said: “These gang education workshops speak to the clear need for focused action solutions to address and minimize gang involvement in our schools. Our goal is to ensure that we provide gang-specific training for all practitioners.

“These problems do not happen overnight and so we renewed our efforts on all fronts with a commitment to reversing the destructive lifestyle that is the gang culture.”

The Minister continued: “Our educators are on the front-line and we must give them every tool necessary to make a difference in our young people’s minds. Today’s training continues a planned effort by the Ministry to sharpen our strategic focus and meet the issues in the community head-on. I am proud to support initiatives like this one, as it goes a long way towards ensuring safety and security for all.”

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  1. Richard says:

    Bottom Line says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    I think we need to state the fact that we are in this crime mess because the PLP made the decision some years ago to adopt a Policy of Co-Existence with the Gangs…and this policy has now blown-up in their faces. I think it’s a fair assessment and we need to remind people that this act was one of treachery. They created this mess by looking the other way in the hopes the gangs would simply keep to themselves and also self-police themselves. They, the PLP looked the other way because too many of their supporters were making too much money in the drug trade. This policy of Co-Existence has led to Bermuda becoming a gangstaa paradise.

    • Future says:

      Yes and no. The PLP didn’t create gangs. A lack of suffcient community and family standards did. The PLP responded to gangs. I agree their response was inadequate, all to welcoming and to this day creates an air that gangs are here to stay. But let’s be clear, gangs were not created by GUMMINT. They were created by “the people”.

  2. Richard:I hear your frustration but the P.L.P/U.B.P/O.B.A/ or the N.L.P did not create this problem or introduce Bermuda to gang style lifestyles,neither are they responsible for the ills carried out in society by some of the most cruelest acts we have known in our history on our shores.

    The gang culture and activity is a government unto themselves and are not govern by no political entity or agenda.one thing you can rest assure is the gang culture and mentality is here to stay and you know why is because we the adult population already open the gate way for it to come into our individual homes and lives in many forms and fashion and you cant blame the government for that.

    Government trying to coexist with the gangs is not an option,they have no other choice as these same gang population that we talk about is your relatives and mine and do live and move amongst us.I like to do research and based on information I believe that is available on the internet you can easily find that the drug cartels of the world are becoming ever increasingly stronger and in some cases more then that of law enforcement,so what do you do in a cycle of an economic egine that rules more then 50% of an economy like Bermuda,you see we once had an economy that flourished through the likes of tourism before International business and then coexisted for a short period with International Business until tourism became so far down the poll that international business and the drug cartel with its trade now scaringly run neck in neck.

    As a reminder the drug trade was one of the first International businesses that Bermuda had and it is the longest serving International Business that we have partnered with and still growing from strength to strength.this might sound like a whole lot of heckling but the bottom line is there is money being made and as long as business is booming you and I and everyone else will have to find ways of dealing with the mindset and the lifestyles of those that control from top to bottom,from the fancy office with the big desk to the scum on the streets,but a careful reminder is that what we see Mr Perchenfief conducting in the schools with the educators is somewhat good for them but childs play for those who are on the front line and recruiting the young soldiers who are coming up the ranks.

    Now one of the biggest mistakesd we have made is to make ourselves believe that 95% are male and atleast 80 % of those males are black and then the remainder 5% are women,get your damn heads out of the sand,women are alot smarter then men by far and play a very important role in how the under world really works and the precentage to me is a good 35% and even that of the white population is far higher then we give credit,blacks have to be notice and respected with fear for who they are,while whites prefer to secretly sit in the back drop and stay far from heat coming upon them or those close to them.

    Blacks need to be in a crowd and always be in company with others and partner with others to bring about their crimes,while whites try not to involve to many even of their own,so they can mastermind to perfection while others take their bullets and removed when getting to close to the threads.you see to catch a rat you have to think like one and sometimes you have to had lived a rats life to appreciate knowing even a rat knows his trap and in most cases have mastered even the greatest minds who set rat traps.

    Many Bermudians were up in arms that the P.L.P would partner with former gangsters and drug dealers but it is those same folk who can help but only to a degree because even those folk can only take you to street level and that is a sfar as they can go.you want the big boys then that is a whole different book because most of them have enough sense not to live in Bermuda but send their supplies from their head quarters an have an overseer here to manange on their behalf,oh yes Bermuda has long gone global in the drug trade,so stop the damn cops and robbers,cowboys and Indians,last but not least P.L.P look the other way because to many of their supporters were making to much money in the drug trade,Richard do some researched and see how many that dont look like me built their dynasties and empires here in Bermuda and abroad that was hard core U.B.P. supporters.hey what the hell do I know my mouth is a prayer book even though some dont think so.

    For my critics who would say well you know so much so why dont you go to the authorities or help where you can,my advice to you is I just did now shut up and what are you doing behind your rediculous pen names.
    Mr Perinchief as a former police officer and narcotics officer knows his greatest area of defense is not out in the streets but in some of the very same divisions he has worked in,the majority are retired and siting back living lavishly and getting old but God dont sleep.

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    Perinchief couldn’t help to prevent this problem as a cop and is even less efficient as a politician