Four Star Black Friday Special: $5 Pizza + Water

November 19, 2012

[Updated] Four Star will be offering 10-inch pizzas plus a bottle of Dasani water for only $5 as part of their ‘Black Friday’ special this coming Friday [Nov 23].

There is no limit on purchases per person, and advance tickets can be purchased from any outlet and are available as of today. The normal price for a 1 topping 10-inch pizza plus Dasani Water is $18.25, so Black Friday customers will save $13.25.

The special price will be on offer from 5am – 10am at their Hamilton location, and staff are expected in at 3am to start preparing for the day. “They can get in anytime between 5am & 10am but can consume it whenever they like,” Four Star said. A PDF with additional information is here and you can visit their website here.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Last year there was major push by Hamilton retailers to draw shoppers out for pre-dawn sales, and hundreds of people made their way to the City with massive lines forming by 5am.

Update 4.07pm: A statement from the Company said: “Four Star’s getting in the Black Friday spirit and offering some fuel from early morning for the big day of shopping. We’re offering this exciting special at this unconventional time to suit and add value for the thousands of early morning shoppers that will descend on Hamilton this Friday.

“Just because you take advantage of our 10′ 1 topping pizza & Dasani water deal for only $5 on Black Friday morning, doesn’t mean that you must consume it in the morning!

“Moms might want to treat their kids for lunch later or very early morning shoppers might want to pop over and a pick up a bite in-between shopping or just get it to eat whenever they like, but one things for sure, you’ll be saving over $13 this Black Friday morning with Four Star. Enjoy it!

“Limited Advance Tickets are on-sale now at all Four Star locations, get one or a get a bunch now to avoid disappointment.”

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  1. pizza for breakfast? says:

    5AM until 10 AM?? Who orders pizza for breakfast??

  2. SMT says:

    Very confused at this..I hope its a typo.

  3. Come Correct says:

    Or I could wake up at 10am, call four star, tell them screw you and bring back stuffed crust, crack 2 eggs in the frying pan, add some bacon, and presto! Breakfast for under $5! But wait! A free Dasani water? Water for free?! Unheard of! And here I was thinking I’d have to go dip my bucket in the well just to have quench my undying thirst…or I could just turn my tap on like usual… How about 5pm to 10pm! Noooo greasy pizza is a well balanced start to anyones day. What’s next, 5 free redbulls from 11pm-12am for anyone under the age of 8?

    • Jinjah says:

      @Come Correct: I laughed so hard at your post I nearly choked on my stale sandwich.

    • REALLY THO!? says:

      THIS COMMENT MADE ME L A U G H. I agree, couldn’t have said this any better. You most def came correct LOL

  4. St. Davids says:

    WOW this has to be the weirdest thing i have ever heard of.

  5. Killing me softly says:

    OMG, the comments are killing me but I do hope that it’s just a typo. I would think that they meant to put ’5pm – 10pm’ in lieu of ‘am.’.

  6. Family Man says:

    Pizza for breakfast. Haven’t done that since college and it was usually cold in those days.

    From what I remember though it was not a good breakfast food and I doubt it has improved.

  7. ABM says:

    WTF to that!!!!

  8. schoolgirl says:

    will they be doing delivery?

  9. afriking says:

    If everyone reads it right, you have pay for it by that time but you can get it anytime!!!

    • Come Correct says:

      “They can get in anytime between 5am & 10am but can consume it whenever they like,”

      Re-read it.

      @schoolgirl, its a $20 minimum for delivery so unless you’re getting 4 or more pizzas, no.

      Pizz for breakfast smh, only one other place has offered me worse at 6am, jerk chicken or shepherds pie, and that was Hamilton police station.

  10. Jimmy Dean says:

    Bring back the lunch time special 10″ Pizza for only 8 Bucks!!!

  11. sharky says:

    Kentucky Duck for $5 from 7:03 am till 7:05.If you sing outside it’s free,but uncooked.

  12. Bullseye says:

    I am impressed that they think thousands of shoppers will descend on Hamilton that morning.

    Maybe they could set up a stall on Reid Street and do $1 slices?

    Where is the action Black Friday? Brown and Co and Phoenix?

  13. Bermyalldeway says:

    I’ve always wondered how Four Star Pizza is allowed to operate in Bermuda if food franchises are not allowed on the Island. When I lived in Ireland there was one of their food chain operations down the road. What’s stopping me from starting up say a Dominos?

    • Burnt Tongue says:

      They are Four Star, not Four Star Pizza. So not apart of the franchise…

  14. Legal Eagle says:

    A crazy promotion!! Think anybody is going to get up and drive into Hamilton for that?? And further, where are these ‘thousands of shoppers’ descending on one ‘Hamilton Only’location going to park–line up–or even get served?? Get serious 4Star+ make the ‘special’ available at all of your locations!! Then ‘maybe…but only..maybe!!

  15. Mike says:

    Where are the black Friday flyers?

    I have on heard/seen two promotions… this and Digicell. I didn’t go last year and was considering it this year.

    I need to do some research before I stand in a long line at 3 am in the morning in the hopes of getting something that will be broken 10 mins after being unwrapped by my nephew.

  16. Sandra says:

    This is hilarious….really, if you think people are going to stop by the store and eat some greazy pizza and then go stand in line and the next thing you know as soon as the doors open for Black Friday, there will be long lines for the bathrooms……I don’t think so! Who’s bright idea was that?

    Make the special worth people’s time and $5 and have it from 5pm to 10pm.

    Lots of shops in Hamilton and other parishes are having Black Friday shopping ie Phoenix stores group of companies, AF Smith Trading, Hunt’s Food and Supply, Digicel from an above comment although I have not seen that one.

  17. Octavia says:

    So, if it’s $5 for a 10′ pizza, how much for a regular 10″ pizza?