Photos: 2012 Lines, Sales, Stores & Black Friday

November 23, 2012

Many of the island’s retailers opened early offering substantial ‘Black Friday‘ discounts this morning, and there was no shortage of shoppers out looking to take advantage of the lower prices. The first store to attract a line was Digicel’s Church Street branch with a dedicated shopper pulling up a chair outside late yesterday morning.

Digicel and CellOne were slated to be the first stores to open, both offering discounted phones from midnight onwards. The two establishments saw the largest lines by far, with hundreds of people gathering before the midnight hour.

The next stores to open were Annex, Brown & Co, Phoenix, P Tech, which all attracted lines of people before their 4am opening time. Numerous other stores offered early hours and Black Friday sales including Daisys, Daisy & Mac, ER Aubrey, Masters, Gibbons Company, Pulp & Circumstance and more.

Four Star was offering up $5 pizzas from 5am onwards, which had attracted debate as to whether people would actually go out at 5am to buy pizza. The answer this morning was shown to be a resounding  yes, with a steady stream of people making their way to the establishment, buying over 150 pizzas in the first hour alone.

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  1. Formidable Deviant says:

    Are those people outside Four Star Pizza at 5am, 6am idiots, or we in such a mess as a country that people will do this stuff? A bit of both I guess.

  2. Capt Obvious says:

    You’re right! It’s much better to sleep in and just wait for the pictures to be posted so you can say something negative!! =D

  3. Father, God only you know! says:

    How absolutely asinine! These are the same people that will cry that government is not helping them because the cost of living is too high! The prices of food has increased, everything you can thing of is so expensive and Rent is off the scale but these warped thinking people will pay for a phone (a phone that all you need to do is say hello and good bye on) or upgrade their phones but they have no jobs and are crying poverty!

    Is there any wonder that the island is falling apart at the seams!

    Wait! You have people that are living in tents, cars, etc; has no one thought to invest in the lives of people no matter how long the process will take, it will bring you greater reward than a gadget which will be outdated in a few months! UGH THE MAD THINKING OF SOME PEOPLE.