2011 Black Friday: Massive Lines By 5am

November 25, 2011

[Updated] Hundreds of people made their way to Hamilton in the early hours of this morning [Nov.25] to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. Even before 5am, traffic was buzzing, parking was hard to find and long lines had formed on the streets.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

In the US, most major retailers open extremely early, often at 4 a.m., or earlier, and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season.

Although some individual Bermuda stores have staged Black Friday sales in the past, this year marks the first time there has been a major push by Hamilton retailers to draw shoppers out for pre-dawn sales.

As of 5am, the lines outside both the Phoenix and Brown and Co. buildings were approximately four-to-five people deep and both ran fairly long.

The Phoenix line ran from the store’s Reid Street doors onto Queen Street til it reached Kentucky Fried Chicken while the Brown and Co. queue snaked around almost to Front Street. Both stores were offering up to 40 percent off on merchandise.

With two hours left till the Digicel store opened, a dozen people were already stationed in line. Police were monitoring lines, with officers stationed at the junction of Reid Street and Queen Street, as well as on Church Street.

The throngs of people gathered in Hamilton in the pre-dawn hours were good humoured. They were excited by the bargains on offer, chatting with one another and — at one point — cheering loudly when it seemed that the stores were about to open their doors. Laughter ensued when the shoppers realized it was a false alarm.

Even past the official opening hour at 5.30am the lines prevailed, with both Phoenix and Brown and Co allowing people into the stores in groups and holding others outside so there was an orderly flow of shoppers into the stores.

Update 6.24am: One hour past opening time, there are at least 50 people in each line outside the two stores. A short video shot outside the Phoenix at 6.15am is below. The Digicel store appears to have opened early, having originally been scheduled to open at 7am.

Police continue to patrol, and there are some traffic issues as drivers keep stopping their cars in the middle of Reid Street and Queen Street to load them full with shopping bag.

Update 6.36am: The lines outside Phoenix and Brown and Co are considerably smaller, containing around 25 people combined.

Update 6.44am: Digicel on Church Street has been open for at least 30 minutes, and there is still a small line outside, as pictured below. Digicel CEO Wayne Caines is on scene handing out Digicel bags and umbrellas.

Update 6.47am: CellOne is not yet open and has a line outside, as pictured below.

Update 6.55am: CellOne is about to open at 7am, and have been giving out free food to the shoppers who are waiting in line, video below.

Update 7.08am: CellOne is now open, everyone walked in a very orderly fashion and staff — wearing special Black Friday t-shirts — organized everyone into two lines. There are still about 50 people in line outside.

Update 7.10am: Digicel has been open for just over one hour and still has a small line outside. There is a station set up outside the store serving coffee and pastries.

Update 7.27am: Reid Street is lot calmer then earlier this morning, there are no longer any lines outside the stores.

Update 8.25am: Quick video from earlier this morning with Digicel CEO Wayne Caines, who said they had lines outside both the Church Street and Court Street branches.

Update 8.56am: Phoenix Stores Head of Marketing & Communications Tina Adderley said it is too early to provide estimates of the dollar value of sales this morning, but called the sale a “resounding success.”

She said hundreds of people flooded through the doors starting at 5.30am with everyone “calm and happy”. Ms Adderly said the Phoenix had both security and extra staff in for the morning, however shoppers came in with ideas, knew what they wanted to buy and everything went extremely smoothly.

She said you “could not ask for a better shopping event”, and when asked if the Phoenix plans to hold the event again next year, she laughed, and said she “can see that coming.”

Asked how the store traffic was as of 8.45am, she said although it is not as busy as 5.30am, there were still large amounts of customers taking advantage of the 20% off, which was down from the 40% offered this morning, which they will be offering till they close at 9pm tonight.

Update 9.47am: Additonal videos are on our Youtube channel, and the video below has five interviews; one of the first shoppers in line who said she came into Hamilton at around 2.30am, Aziza Ahad from Digicel, Brown and & Co. General Manager Nicole Warren, as well as representatives from the Annex and CellOne.

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  1. Mike says:

    You people have lost your damn minds. I hope you got a realy good deal.

    • Thoughts says:

      Oh Shut Up! Let the people enjoy big savings! At least our stores opened at 5am unlike 12am in America. Go shoppers go…

      • Liz says:

        Enjoy the Black Friday experience but savings only on selected items unlike a real Black Friday sale. Those select items have already made a profit for the store ten times over.

        • imagine that says:

          Even in the States, they don’t put everything on sale. Brown & Co did a good job having most of their stuff on sale.

    • Shorta ranks says:

      Bermudians do have cash. Read both newspapers today: Cash for goodies but no cash for breakfast. No priorities. Qell I am going to join the shoppers then cry poverty to the Government and people of Bermuda.

      • ridiculous says:

        That’s were you are wrong…..i plan on taking those savings and donate it to a family in need. What ya gonna say now.

      • not surprised says:

        Wrong buddy, Maybe to those people , this is just what they needed to get the child or loved one something for christmas. This maybe an opportunity for them, that they would otherwise be forced to spend more. If they played there cards wright that could have had loads of savings today.

    • Dedicated Mother says:

      I was there since 4am and was the 3rd person in line! Yes I have lost my damn mind. I stood in line to purchase the Barbie Town-house for my daughter. It was originally priced at $329.50 with the 40% off I was able to purchase it for $197.70! Damn good price same as if I had purchased it in the US and had to bring it back as an extra piece of luggage. Often times as parents we will find ourselves going over and beyond for our children, this was one of those times. I would have never purchased it for $329.50 because that’s just a rip off. When I first went to price the town-house I had a talk with my daughter to let her know (she’s 5) that sometimes in life we can’t always get what we want, but to be thankful for what we do have etc. On Christmas morning when I see my daughter’s face and her excitement because she got what she had been wishing for (even though she had been told multiple times she might not get it) will warm my heart! And Yes it was all worth it! Yes I made 9am to work,on time, alert and productive! Came back town to stand in line again for pictures with Santa and my grand finale stood in line at KFC for nuggets! A special request from my daughter! I love my daughter and her happiness means everything to me. It was fun and exciting and I will do it again next year because the specials was worth it.

      • kiskadee says:

        You are out of your mind spending that amount on a 5 year old. Buy her a few good books or go to the Barn where they sell them for 25 cents. This is why we have so many spoiled kids in Bermuda

  2. Razor says:

    Nope, not so much. I was duped into going cause I thought it was 40% off everything at Phoenix. Turns out it was only toys. Hard to get a legit discount in the BDA.

    • ridiculous says:

      you should have read the email they sent around. It distinctly said Toys and Brown and Co. It did not say 40% off of drugstore items. Be prepared next time.

  3. Watching! says:

    Traffic Wardens will have a field after 8…tis the season!

  4. Shopping Fool says:

    I got 40% off at Brown & Co, saving almost $100.00… definitely worthwhile.

    • Shorta ranks says:

      Yes. Now use it to pay our bills and your child’s breakfast

      • Shopping Fool says:

        That’s the plan! Times are hard man, gotta save where I can.

  5. 1minute says:

    Some idiots decided to park their car in the bike spaces on Front Street. I couldn’t park in my usual spot. Hope they get a ticket…

    • 80's Role Model says:

      so today you learned , you jus race to beat everyone to the spot . you name aint on it lol cry me a river

  6. Nil points says:

    PLP better not try to take credit for this event…..it had absolutely nothing to do with them!

  7. wtf says:

    good! traffic will be easy to get to work then

  8. Phoenix / Brown & Co says:

    If you work hard and you really want something, your gonna buy it regardless of the price. At the end of the day , you really think Bermuda is gonna have huge savings on products? It’s always a catch to stuff as you can see from a previous comment. The TOYS had the biggest savings ! I bet they wouldn’t put the Electronics on sale????

    • Splendiferous says:

      Sorry! Your wrong….I got an ipod boombox and saved $300(Bermuda price). Went on line and it was still a savings of $50. Sorry you missed out!

  9. empora says:

    looks like a flock of lost sheep..sad.

    • OK! says:

      Not sad! GOOD for the retail sector. More retailers next year please!

    • Kat says:

      Maybe you should get a life and leave us who try to save a buck. We were not bothered in getting up at 4am why should it bother YOU.

      • Splendiferous says:

        Yeah we’re morning people. Early birds catching the worm!! :-)

    • KMHBermuda says:

      Baaaa…I was one of those “sheep”…it was fun. That was the main reason for going, as far as I was concerned. It marked a really pleasant start to the Christmas season> I didn’t go with a shopping list, or even any ideas for gifts in mind, but managed to find a couple of things I needed/wanted and got a nice discount to boot. Everyone I came int contact with (staff and customers) was friendly, cheerful and full of the joys of the season.
      A lesson you could perhaps learn.

  10. I sat up so late, thought I would wait it out….fell asleep and heard the alarm going crazy at 6am. My parking spot is worth more so off to that I go. Wish I’d known so many would camp outside the store…I would have been one of them. Next time!

  11. Brazil says:

    I received wonderful savings in Brown & Co! They had some of the same items in Phoenix and Brown & Co. I was able to get the larger saving in Brown & Co.- 40% instead of 15%. Just had to do a little investigating before this morning. Perhaps more stores will do something like this before Christmas.

  12. The One (Original) says:

    Full Fullish I tell you!

  13. Hip Hip Hooray says:

    Well it proves if the prices in Bermuda are reasonable people will support local retailers. Thank you Brown & Company for setting the pace.

    • Shopping Fool says:

      Completely agree with you. Hopefully more retailers will get on board next year. I’ll be there again, for sure!

    • My two cents says:

      This is the truth! This is what it will take for people to shop in Bermuda. All around lower prices all across the board.

  14. Razor says:

    Im surprised HellOne gave free food. Im sure they were surly as usual to people once they got in the store though.

    • Shar says:

      I bought a new phone from CellOne and they were excellent in serving everyone and getting people in the store and out of the cold as soon as possible. No complaints

    • sexygoldencrisp says:

      You must be a DigiSmell Customer or worker there at DigiSmell. I have been with CellOne for 11 years and never had bad service.
      Don’t Hate!

      • Shar says:

        I agree sexygoldencrisp! I’ve been with CellOne for 10 years and always receive good service. they just need to add a long committment award for us veteran customers and then they’ll be great ;)

    • So True says:

      @Razor: The folks at CellOne are miles ahead of Digihell and Vain Caines when it comes to service. Maybe it’s just you…..

  15. Bermyboy says:

    You go Bermuda!!!

  16. Crazy Shopping Lady says:

    Those of you who are nay-sayers can just pay full price. Of course there are exclusions, they are still businesses after all, and local products cannot be discounted due to the fact that they cost twice as much to source anyway! I had great fun, had a coffee in Buzz @6am after getting all me presents for 40% off in Brown & Co! Congratulations to the staff too, they were all in high spirits and did their usual great service for me in spite of the massive queues!
    Bring on next year, I’ll be much better prepared with big bags and a driver!!
    Go Bermuda- retailers CAN and WILL fix this mess they are in!!

  17. Maria Darby says:

    Negative negative negative.. thats all you guys talk about…
    I guess that’s why you don’t put your real names up!
    Next time you want to post, try and find something positive to talk about!

  18. Maria Darby says:

    It just makes me crazy how you can sit there and find ALL negative things (not all of you that have commented but 90%) to say.. these guys arent bothering you, hey they wanted to get up early… why does that bother you so much???

  19. black pearl says:

    @empora you should have been counting sheep instead of beening on Bernews with your negitive self irritating people. This is somthing for ppl to enjoy this can be the start of somthing we can have in bermuda every year and it benifits for the ones that cant travel our children and our seniors to enjoy the holiday @ a cheaper price so BUZZ!! off and stop begin negitive.

  20. N/A says:

    If only these people could get up this early to protest and rally against injustice in the government, Bermuda might actually start improving. But at least they got 40% off candles and soap.

  21. Kat says:

    Thanks for my great savings without traveling overseas. I had a fabulous morning and was able to get what my babies are asking for.

  22. rightious vigilant says:

    The best thing to happen in local retail since i can even remember! Its definately beautiful to see the support given to our local businesses. Much kudos Phoenix, Brown & Co, The Annex Toys and others for making history and for the great savings!

  23. Nice says:

    Morning Everyone, Hope everyone had a great day. Hope everyone enjoys it. Be safe everyone enjoy.

  24. not surprised says:

    This speaks volumes!! People are looking for savings anywhere they can. SO if sales today will bring prices lower then be all means take advantage. This should tell these retailers that people will not spend with their ridiculously high prices and bad serve. But lower to prices and you’ll see that we can look beyond bad service. They will probably make more today then they have all year.

  25. get off your high horse says:

    @ N/A just curious when did you become a freedom fighter, last time I checked the injustice in the world has been going on in this country a lot longer than 13 years.

    I find it sad when everything on this medium has to come down to either, race or politics.

    People are getting savings, we must stop being judgemental and let Bermudians excersise their options. I like the fact that retailers are being creative in order to make a dollar while giving Bermudians choices. Not every Bermudian that is in line is a lost sheep………….some of us actually save and plan out their existance, some would much rather buy now and save a few dollars in Bermuda rather than jump on a plane.

    This should be an eye opener to more people who own businesses in Bermuda to lower the prices, get a quality product and we will come.

    Bermudians are an educated consumer, and we now are exercising our demorcratic right of choice. So what people are getting up early………does that suggest they do not have a committment to anything else………..who died and made you boss/God.

    I wish sometimes that Bernews would make it so people have to leave their names.

    you would see a lot less crap on here.

    I like the facebook Bernews post…………..you can see the faces of all the people who put stuff up.

    it is purer.

    as people can not hide their beliefs as they sit, work, or live across from you. it would be a greater level of accountablity.

    here are my points in rap up:

    1. stop judging people you do not know their story
    2. relax, not everyone has a political or social agenda
    3. can we just get savings?
    4. not all Bermudians or people living in Bermuda are “sheep”

    • N/A says:

      I wasn’t making my statement to be judgmental, nor do I claim to be morally higher than anyone else. I have nothing against the shoppers that found discounts for their families, especially in these difficult times, I’m actually glad that they found a financial break. Nor do I know how long injustice have been occurring in Bermuda, you seem to be an expert. How you equated me with trying to be God for stating what I said, I’ll never truly know.

      Also, what difference would it make if people’s faces and names could be seen? If people like you found out who people like me were by their comments, all you would do is gossip to your friends/family about what he/she said on Bernews. I however, have a life so could truly care less who the people are behind these comments..

      Lastly, the only point I was making was that it would be nice to see us as Bermudians, come together in protest/rally for issues we support as fast and easy as we congregate when there are these sales, or the new Torch or iPhone is being released at a store..

  26. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonder how many standing in line this morning are the same people who normally are the one who can’t make work ontime & are the ones who always make sure they use up their sick days each year?

    Then there are the ones who simply must have the latest & greatest cellphone when they have one less than a year old in their pockets.

    Both will moan about the price of their rent or groceries but frivolous luxuries….no problem.


  27. The One (Original) says:

    Hey, do do what you can to save money nowadays! Congrats to the retailers for holding the sales and getting the public up early! Early to bed, early to rise and all that.

  28. joonya says:

    I wonder how many sick days were called in today…

  29. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    Yeah, High Horse, I was kind of thinking the same thing- why so negative?? If people want to queue up at 4 AM, then let them. Thank heavens they felt the streets were safe enough to do so! That’s surely not a negative thing. I bet they were chatting to each other, enjoying the experience. It might not have been my cup of tea either, but why rain on their parade? Agree about the lack of consideration with parking as a few have mentioned, and those people do deserve tickets or clamps, but really…what’s so bad about all of this? And- unless you KNOW that the people who were queuing for the deals are the same ones saying they can’t pay their bills or feed their children, then what the hell are you so upset about??? Ask yourselves this- do retailers employ anyone? Oh- they DO??? Wouldn’t it be great if those people STAYED employed, too? The way some of you sound, we should be banning all retail, full stop, because shopping doesn’t solve social injustice. Or because if people are spending money on…stuff, then they aren’t spending money on charitable works?? Does anyone else see how dumb this sounds? Good. Now let’s see if you naysayers can actually find something positive to post. And if you can’t…don’t.

    Negativity is also an ingredient in the mix of why our beloved Bermuda isn’t what it used to be. We never used to pi$$ on one another’s parades like this. If people enjoy shopping- well, let them. If it keeps people employed and off public assistance, then I’m all for it.

    Have a great Christmas, everyone. And let’s see if some of the more sourly disposed of us can adopt this as a New Year’s Resolution: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. If it isn’t helpful, keep it to yourself.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      YAY for you, Fed up Bermudian, and all the others who have positive things to say about an experience that sounds like it was great fun, despite the early hour, with good and cheerful service, savings for the shoppers and revenue for the retailers! What more could you ask for?!? I wasn’t there as I am not really a shopper, but I applaud the idea and I am glad for those who were able to take advantage of discounts that are normally only available to those who can travel overseas.

      More, please!

    • Sam says:

      I totally agree – you would think that those who have written negatively about those who chose to shop on ‘black Friday’, gave them the money out of their pockets to do so.

      If they want to be up all night for this and spend THEIR own money to do so well what is it to you – it is not your money!!!!

      What I would suggest for those folk who felt the need to write negatively about this experience would be to use their time more constructively and go write about how they are so angry and negative all the time – get a journal because a lot of you who write on these blogs are just very unhappy individuals. Always ready to judge, hate and throw stones.

      GET A LIFE!!!

  30. pebblebeach says:

    People do what they have to do, however, retailers, why not 40% or more discount store wide rather than only on selected products…not all of us are interested in toys…

  31. Peaches & Cream says:

    Too all those being NEGATIVE – misery loves company. Ok so you dont have the funds to shop so you stayed in bed! That’s your perogative! Their perogative was to Shop Bermuda! Kudos to the Retailers who offered Black Friday shopping, others should follow suit and maybe most will shop Bermuda.

  32. LAMG says:

    One thing about Bermudians, you can count on them to jump a banwagon and get in the spirit. Good job retailers. These are the types of things you need to be doing to entice your customers. The idea of sitting behind a counter and expecting a sale is long gone.

  33. mixitup says:

    I don’t see any teachers in the lines…LOL inside Joke!

  34. Inject some $$ into BDA says:

    If Bermuda retail was really serious about providing deals for valued consumers and injecting money into our economy they would offer sales and deals all year ’round/seasonally,monthly-whatever. Where are your business and marketing teams heads? In the sand? Offer worthwhile promotions, student discounts, coupons, new products on sale and alternate…Buy Bermuda???! This is exactly why we travel abroad or shop online! More variety and appreciation for our dollar! The difference is that they understand they are in compitition for your cash and they want it and will make prices attractive to get you to shop! Take a hint, why be so greedy.

  35. specialgirl4you says:

    I must congratulate the Retail stores for providing such large discounts to Bermudians on “Black Friday”. This is just great and impressive. This helps to ensure that the dollars remain in Bermuda. Also, ensuring that our economy continues to grow and stabilize. It also goes to show that Bermudians will support local stores, if something is offered to them. It was unfortunate that many other retailers did not follow in the same line of action. This is really great, and “savings” are important at this time of the year. Great to all persons who had success at the Black Friday Sales……well done. What happen to larger retail stores like Coopers, Gibbons….etc…………????? This is the to get the best deals…….

    • the usual says:

      Not paying attention to reality yet again ? ?

      Coopers and Gibbons have been having sales almost every two weeks all year.
      They even have sales on right now !
      20% at Gibbons tied in with a charity fundraising scheme
      25 – 75 % at Coopers

      Now , what were you saying ?

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Well if that is the case, great for them ! I only hope that it continues to encourage good sales in Bermuda and help our economy to continue to bloom. Great Sales is the way to go !! I love it…that’s what I am saying !!!!

  36. MinorMatters says:

    Um – last I checked Bermuda was in a recession. So people can line up to shop and then go banging on the church doors looking for food????? My charity will be expressed when I see a real need…this is just crap.

  37. Maria Darby says:

    Put your real name.. stop hiding behind this alias with your negative comments!

  38. VDC says:

    If you tell any of those people to go work at 5.30AM, they will tell can’t make it, but to go shopping they have the time!!!


  39. get off your high horse says:

    there are very serious undertones to alot of comments made on here!

    Bermudians not being able to make time, how many will call in sick, people using money to shop when they could use it for something else.

    please, assuming, and also not every Bermudian, is lazy, cant “make” time cant budget, and always looking for a handout.

    and that people standing in line looking for deals is somehow a sign that Bermudians have their priorities wrong.

    I was not in line because I did not want to be in line however, who gives me or anyone else for that matter a reason to judge persons who were in line’s motives.

    please stop putting all People living in Bermuda in the same category.

    Some of us to work hard, some of us, can be punctual (make time) some of us do budget, some of us happen to like deals and savings.

    not everyone is banging on church doors looking for handouts and who says that the people banging on the church doors are the same people in line for deals.

    Please stop judging people and allow us to be us!

  40. SMH says:

    Hi thought I would have read on what people got on sale so I would know to attend next year. Instead I had to read a lot of rubbish!
    Thanks to Bernews for this forum nevertheless.
    smh (shaking my head)

  41. Tired Mum says:

    I was there this morning. I am a hard working Mum of two who took advantage of an early morning shopping experience where I could be child-free, buy Bermuda and get some great deals. I even managed a coffee (clever Buzz for opening so early!). I then went home, woke up the family, and started my normal day. The atmosphere was electric – people were in great moods, laughing and chatting whilst in the queues – the very best of Bermuda spirit. How sad that some of you can’t see the positive in these experiences. As we Bermudians say, you people make me tired!

    • Sam says:

      Maybe-IJS a lot of them are not Bermudian, just maybe because it seems they are the ones who are always hating on Bermudians, calling us lazy, etc.

      There are many of us who do not look for hand outs, are not late for work or take advantage of our employers, have more than one job, have great children, etc.

      We know how to handle our stuff, we are survivors and not all of us depend on any government of the day!!!!

      We are Bermudians who know how to make a dollar stretch.

      They don’t know or don’t want to know about that hard working mom who knows how to handle her own.

      Yeh, I agree they make you tired. They are haters that’s what they are!!!

  42. Onions says:

    Got love us bermudians we love ta get passionate about shopping and eating

    • prefer to sleep at 6:00 am than shop says:

      As a Bermudian I like to shop & eat, BUT do love to sleep-in too!!! So tho only things that get me up that early are a flight, a hospital appointment or to put the turkey in the oven for Xmas lunch. . . definitely not shopping for the unknown!
      PS Fortunately, we have Xmas dinners now as the kids have grown-up : )

  43. Chardonnay says:

    Some seriously sad nay-sayers out. I’m a Granny who had a blast this morning. It was pure FUN to get up early and shop for some bargains. What’s not to like about books, art supplies abd wrapping paper at 40% off? Thanks to George and his fabulous staff for putting FUN back into shopping in Bermuda. All you miseryguts – get over yourselves!! Hope you refuse ALL gifts given to you this Christmas and donate them to a worthy cause, but I wouldn’t bet a penny on you doing that, all you can do is gripe, like the Grinch who stole Christmas!

  44. Loves it says:

    CellOne! Loved my OJ and pastry.. Awesome service all smiles this morning!

    • CellOne says:

      You are most welcome and of course, thanks for your business!

  45. prefer to sleep at 6:00 am than shop says:

    When will retailers realise they have trained us to wait for sales!!!I Wonder what it cost them in overtime this morning? So if they priced things reasonably from the start, things would probably move out of the stores quicker, but choice & service are still an issues here.

  46. strong says:

    To all those with the negative comments,stop hating cause you had no money!!!!!My bills are paid check!!!I was able to shop 3 places and i got to save some money check!!!Truly can’t wait till next year cause its gonna be bigger and better…….

  47. Pastor Syl says:

    Some people are never so happy as when they can be miserable and complaining. Truly half-empty cups! Poor y’all!
    Sounded like a good time was had by all. Think I’ll talk to my boss about joining in next year.

  48. The Ridiculist says:

    To all the naysayers…for real….its a no brainer that it was your responsibility to partake in the pre festive holdiday season..You chose not to be a part of it so shut the fish stix up. How could you comment on the people there if you were not there to see who was in line and to assume people’s well being is just plain ridiculous. More often than not you have the ones that are on the outside looking in wishing they were there. Or maybe they did not want to come out their home for fear that people would see them coming out their homes that time of morning…the man caves in the bushes. Its ok you all. You secret was safe. Thats right I went there and I assumed that is where you live…SMH..

  49. juno says:

    All you guys up at 5 a.m . Hope you made your time to work.

  50. Redman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday what next Bda the 51st State ?? … Please Spare Me!! Sad Really.

  51. KMHBermuda says:

    I was there. At 5.30 this morning, we parked on Bermudiana Road and walked to Brown & co..wow. I couldn’t believe how many people were out at that time of day. But what fun! The staff were friendly and cheerful; there was no pushing or shoving; Christmas music was playing and the atmosphere was incredible. Would I do this again next year? HELL, yeah!!!

  52. Y-Gurl says:

    The Phoenix is a rip off, more so now than before it was sold, 30% off still leaves the prices 300% more than what they should be. I bring in tooth paste and mouthwash by the case for me and friends from Amazon and even with the over 200 bucks shipping and duty it still is more that 50% less than the rip off store these stores only care about themselves not the consumer

    • kiskadee says:

      I agree. Their prices are ridiculous. The tins of Quality Street sell in supermarkets in England for less than 5 pounds. Check what they sell for in the Phoenix. I find Peoples Pharmacy much cheaper. So even with 40% off they are still making a big profit at Brown and Co

  53. Marco says:

    Have you seen the Marketing Director of the Phoenix Group? Very attractive and down to earth. Heard she was from the Cape Verdean Islands. Praise my Lord I am happily married!!

  54. observer says:

    Listening to your comments here shows me how uneducated most of you seem to be about retail, and businesses in general. Retailers here DO NOT mark things up by 300%, if you believe that you are ignorant. Please remember that retailers must first GET THE GOODS HERE (which is extremely expensive whether you rent a conainer or fly in) then they must PAY THEIR STAFF (who are making a decent wage because it is Bermuda afterall, and people need to survive) they also have EXTREME RENT and UTILITIES to consider, amongst other factors. Having worked in retail all over the world, I can safely say that peoples BAD ATTITUDES are more the problem with retail here than the prices. there are numerous ways to get discounts in Bermuda but you people DO NOT WANT TO TRY NEW THINGS such as getting up at 5am. You complain about money, but how many of you drive cars into Hamilton and pay for parking and gas EVERY DAY, instead of using the bus? How many of you will gladly pay $12 for lunch in Buzz EVERY DAY instead of making a sandwich yourselves?
    Als- @redman- you too are isolated in your opinion, as UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Canada and many other countries do the same “door buster” deals for early birds on this day.
    Bottom line- Bermuda, you are your own problem. Wise up, change your lazy attitude and get rid of the negativity you all seem to have been born with, or nothing will ever change for you.

    • Sam says:

      Only when they are forced to, observer, only when they are forced to. We are a highly privileged, entitled to people.

  55. 4real says:

    Now everyone has bought their stuff for Xmas the stores will be quiet just not enough people in Bermuda to make this constant sales work