Michael Markham’s Report On Race/Politics

December 5, 2012

[Updated] A report — “Electoral Strategy of Racist Politics” — written by Michael A. Markham for the Young Progressives community group has recently made waves after the 19-page PDF was emailed to various media outlets.

Due to the similarities in names, the Young Progressives are sometimes erroneously thought to be the Progressive Labour Party [PLP] youth wing, however they are a separate group.

Mr Markham confirmed the report’s authenticity, and said it was not commissioned by either of the political parties or Independent candidates, and also noted the report is a “working copy” and is not entirely finished.

The former businessman is the co-founder of the World Council on Spiritual Diplomacy, and previously wrote the paper “Spiritual Diplomacy and the New World Order.

He has been involved in politics on both a local and international level, previously acting as a political advisor to former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, as well as serving as an official observer at the 2010 Belarus Presidential Election.

A former member of the PLP, Mr Markham recently resigned from the party as he said he was conflicted with the Young Progressives and other Independent Candidates he has been assisting.

A community and grassroots based movement which launched in the 1960s, Young Progressives members include Gershwyn “Shiloh” Smith and Cleveland Simmons, with Mr Markham acting as an advisor.

Mr Smith will be standing as an Independent in C#7 Hamilton South. He has participated in politics for many years as an Independent, having run in approximately five elections and bye-elections since 1994.

Mr Smith and Mr Markham pictured below at this year’s Nomination Day:

Mr Smith has long been a proponent of decriminalization of marijuana, previously calling for it to be removed from the criminal law and reclassified as a food. We spoke with Mr Smith on Nomination Day last week, where he said he hoped that something could be done about the medicalization of marijuana before Christmas.

The report is dated 2012, and is not addressed to anyone. It says it “will explore some of the elements of our present situation, the techniques racists use, and the defense against propaganda in all forms.”

Speaking on “racial platforms,” the report says: “White people in Bermuda are in fear of the PLP leadership and what they might do to the security. The elite black power group finds satisfaction and glee in perpetrating this fear as ‘payback for slavery.’

Speaking on “platform of political racist conspiracy,” the report says: “My telling the voter there is a secret group of racial people working against their interest suggests the voters should vote against those people of a specific race. The accuracy of the charges is not necessary just the publicity of racial charges in the public’s mind is enough.”

Mr Markham speaking at the Young Progressives National Heroes Convention last year:

The report – which is the second politically-based document ‘leaked’ in recent days — said “disinformation can be leaked in the form of forged documents, intercepted files, memos and confessions.” It noted this allows for “useful propaganda themes to be disseminated” at the “expense of proper debate.”

“In present day Bermuda racist polarization and promotion of leadership exclusively by race as a justification of representational leadership is a method of consolidating political power into the hands of a small elitist group,” Mr Markham notes in the report.

“Racist politicians utilize strategies appealing to emotions rather than sound logical reasoning. Their main technique is using a few simple points repeated again and again into the minds of the masses.”

“By polarizing the the electoral issue on the race issue there are unintended consequences such as centrist voters find little to like in either party, so they quit voting. What we find is fewer centrist politicians run for office or work in politics, instead the zealots and true believers rise to the top.”

The report continued: ”Racial propaganda displays contempt for the recipient. It says in effect ‘You’re too stupid and insensitive to respond to facts.”

Speaking to Mr Markham this morning, he said he feels that race based propaganda is an insult to voters.

Update 11.36pm: The Premier is holding a press conference and strongly — very strongly — condemning this report and the allegations made by another media outlet. We will post the video of the Premier’s statement later on today.

Update 1.09pm: The full statement from the Premier is posted here. She said she expects VSB news — who attributed the report to the PLP — to “issue a full retraction leading all of their newscasts.”

Update 5.34pm: Via their radio news, VSB has apologized and retracted their report saying they “were under the impression the Young Progressives were a branch of the PLP.”

The Young Progressives formed back in the 1960s and have always been a separate entity, although they have been confused for the PLP youth wing many times due to the similar names. The PLP youth wing is presently called the “Progressive Minds,” and was previously called the “Progressive Youth.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    The boogeymans are everywhere people…UBP,OBA,PLP,YOUNG PROGRESSIVES. Bermuda, open your eyes and vote on the Government’s record…full stop! Don’t let politricks blind you as a country. PEACE AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

    • swing voter says:

      jeeeeez more Jerry Springer shyte…..jerry, jerry, jerry!!!!!!

      I just wanna know who will keep me employed, who will attract foreign investment back to BDA, who will address gang violence, who will fix public mis-education, who will make government less expensive and more efficient, who will save the pension fund and who will contain the 1.5 Billion dollar national debt.


      • Please Leave Politics says:

        Simple isn’t it… instead of all this stupidity we have seen over the last few weeks…

      • Joonya says:

        AMEN for F*#$S SAKE!

  2. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    “Racist politicians utilize strategies appealing to emotions rather than sound logical reasoning. Their main technique is using a few simple points repeated again and again into the minds of the masses.”

    Do you see that, Roban? Remind you of anyone?

    • Come Correct says:

      The plp have used oba/ubp more times than Bush & Co. used the word terrorists lol.

      • street wise says:

        The plp are NOT trying to get elected… they are trying to STOP the OBA from getting elected. It seems a bit over-the-top obsessive to me….

        Vote wisely. For needed change. For reducing debt. For new jobs. For outside investment. For new hotels. For more visitors. For balanced budgets. For less crime. For anything BUT the plp.

  3. Rockfish#2 says:

    “He has been involved in politics on both a local and international level, previously acting as a political advisor to former Premier Dr Ewart Brown, as well as serving as an official observer at the 2010 Belarus Presidential Election”.

    What a surprise!

  4. CIA agent says:

    Markham is an opportunist. He needed status and played up to the PLP government to get status. Help them use the race card and now turning around to bite them because he feels the OBA will be in power. not a man to be trusted

    • John E. Thorne says:

      That is exactly what Wayne Furbert and the other ex UBP politicians that joined the PLP did. They are all opportunists and cannot be trusted.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      You’re a Centrally Ignorant A$$! Mr. Markham could care less about getting status & has not received any status from his work with PLP. He’s a philanthropist who thought he was doing something to help Bermudians. He was deceived as were all the others who believed the PLPs sob story of governmental discrimination from the UBP. The only reason he’s just come out with this is because he realizes that PLPs election rigging days are far from over & if he doesn’t snap the PLP supporters back to reality before election day there is a huge chance PLP will underhandedly get in again & Bermuda will be doomed.

      • A Bermudian says:

        @Tommy Chong,

        I agree that the PLP uses these tactics to help them win elections, but ain’t this all apart of politics? Didn’t the young man dickenson get caught in September, and someone brought it up the other day? Can I not say both sides play this game?

        On the history of the UBP, you expect Bermudians to believe that the did not discriminate during their time in power? IF you expect people to believe that, you my friend are the A$$

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Being that the UBP was in government even before segregation had ended I’m sure there was some discrimination early on but tis seemed to lessen in the late seventies. The majority of Bermudians who made something for themselves & their families did so under the UBP regardless of their race. Like you mentioned in your below post to me about the lesser evil I look at it this way. No matter what the PLP says about them doing this & that to help local unemployment in Bermuda the fact still remains that under Ewart governance there was more permits issued to foreign workers than any other time in the history of Bermuda. Now I don’t have a problem with the fact that having foreign workers is a necessity but if we look at all the businesses that changed their staff from a full Bermudian one to one local & the rest foreigners during this time & how the trend has grown over the years after it shows that PLP brought discrimination of ALL Bermudians into play. Like I’ve mentioned before in other post PLP doesn’t care about anyone no matter what their race is they only care about people as monetary values.

          • status! says:

            @Tommy Chong—the UBP did nothing to end segreagation until the blacks in society fought ,fought, fought against it!!!Everything that changed under the UBP to benefit the Blacks in Bermuda happened as a direct result of fighting for it!!!!There has never been any acknowledgement of wrong doing prompted by their own sincere feelings of what is right and wrong! And to compare just fourteen years to thirty years of rule is ridiculous! If the UBP would have had any sense of consciousness we would not still be fighting for justice! so that is their record! Not one of the UBP white members even wanted to take leadership in their last few years and instead they continue to hide behind black surrogates instead of coming out to explain their feelings on such issues as racism and how the party was literally destroyed because of it, all the party members just ran to another party and think we shoulod believe that they have a different agenda when they have not yet DENOUNCED their old agenda!

  5. GOD 1st says:

    A better Bermuda

  6. Private Pyle says:

    Who is this scarecrow?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Someone who was tricked into making a deal with the devil & now wants out.

      • Private Pyle says:

        Makes sense. :\

      • A Bermudian says:

        @ Tommy Chong,

        We do agree on one thing. I beleive there are devils in the PLP just like there are devils in the OBA. It’s a choice between the lesser of two evils.

  7. George says:

    BERNEWS please publish the report if you have permission to do so.

    • Bernews says:

      We may if we get permission. Mr Markham had to run to a meeting this morning so our conversation got cut short, but he said to call him later so we will check then…

      • Shhhh says:

        Get permission? Aye look. Just send me the report and i’ll email it out to everyone. Since no one seem to care about the real issues affecting Bermuda anymore let’s just see how many serect documents we can produce over the next week and a half.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I’ll bet he had to go somewhere today. Jetting off to NY or Marthas Vineyard maybe?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Mr. Markham is not the same as the rest of the PLP. He hasn’t touched any of the tax payers money & doesn’t squander on materialistic things. He is the type of person who jets off to a third world country on economy class to help the people there with his own money not someone else’s. He thought he was helping Bermuda by helping PLP & before he knew what was going on the government stabbed him in the back. Too badd he hasn’t gone into further detail about the immoral things PLP has done to him so others will understand where he stands but its probably due to legal reasons he can’t.

          • Triangle Drifter says:

            He may have had good intentions but if you get into bed with dogs you know what you get.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Maybe this report was a symbolic flea bath.

              • Ringmaster says:

                Maybe you should ask his brother where Michael got all his money. He would agree it was from his mother, but?

          • navin johnson says:

            And when in the last 14 years did he come to that realization Vato

            • Tommy Chong says:

              I think he came to that realization when he started seeing what Ewart was about. There are more things Mr. Markham had to set straight with PLP so its probably been a keep your enemies close type thing. I know those close to him warned him about PLP years ago but at the time it probably seemed like paranoid conspiracy theories. Some of the former members of PLP are very skilled at manipulation just take the fact that they manipulated over 30 thousand people in Bermuda two times over in to consideration.

              It’s easy to get into the gang but almost impossible to get out. You know what I mean holmes?

      • Bernews thanks for the reporting you do and this story goes a lot deeper and I hope at some point you can sit down in an interview with Mike and hoping he will go a lot deeper then his report that is on paper,we are so quick to judge those that have received Bermuda status and most of us will call them paper Bermudians,which basically is saying we don’t except you as one of us,but I say that we as Bermudians should do our homework and see who we really have amongst us.

        Mr Michael Markham has worked behind the scenes for many years in Bermuda in many areas and mostly in the Christian church and helping those that are gifted in many areas but did not have the means or the know how to reach their God given destiny in life,he has advise and shown the way to many young black Bermudians and also helped them through their process of becoming who they are today.prior to 1998 Mr Markham was the driving force behind most of what we experienced in the victory that we as a country saw and witness history in the making as for the first time the P.L.P became our Government,well who do you think was the strategist behind most of this.

        I say this publicly for one reason,we have many paper Bermudians that get status and never give back into our society and all they do is rape the country bare and set up great nest eggs in their homeland to one day expect to go back to for retirement and the majority of paper Bermudians are very disrespectful to the born Bermudians and treat us like trash and unfortunately a lot of these paper Bermudians are our very own employers who came here as Chefs and now running everything from restaurants,security firms,grocery stores,hotel divisions to corporations in Bermuda and you can pick the bones out of that.

        The fact remains that every now and then you would find those who did become Bermudians through marriage or length of stay,that there are some of them that have given over and beyond what many Bermudians have never done for their own and to these folk I say they are well deserving of all they have and accomplish here in Bermuda as they have come by it honestly by giving of themselves to a people and a country that is not their origin but has become their home.

        So I leave you with just a few and these same folk have made an impact in the lives of so many in the black community But more importantly Bermuda as a whole.Mrs Muriel Archer who spent over 25 years in our prisons teaching mostly blacks,both male and female how to read and write and done this form the heart and never once got paid to this or ask to do it but did it from her heart,I believe because of illness Muriel is still in England with her family but her greatest desire was to stay on in Bermuda and die with the people she loved dearly.

        Mr Michael Markham who hates being noted for the things he does as he would like to just be the one around the negotiating table that would give of his time and expertise to direct those who are on the front line to take the bull by the horn and challenge them to fight the battle through faith in God and having done all to stand,just stand.Mike is an inspiration to many and has impacted my life and it is people like him that I can say is not an opportunist but a man that knows his calling in life and applies himself to every given task that he is confronted with and does not back down in the face of fear.

        So to those above names that I have mention they are the true recipients of what I believe a true Man and Woman ordained by God to be upon these shores to become a part of us that may have direct us into the paths that many have gone before us and now we have to blaze the trail to make the paths brighter for generations to come.in closing man don’t always recognize you for the good you do but to you Mike and Reece Furbert many blacks in this country enjoy victories that the two of you have worked hard for them to achieve but I salute you and glad to do so as it can now be done publicly.

  8. Rockfish#2 says:

    Nigel Regan
    Chief Reporter

    There will be no live TV pre-election debate between Ewart Brown and Michael Dunkley, the Bermuda Sun can reveal.

    We asked both men what they thought of the idea yesterday. Dr. Brown told us: “It doesn’t fit our strategy. We think that it could have some entertainment value, but very little political value. No I wouldn’t do it.” Mr. Dunkley said: “I have no problem with it if that’s what the people want. Whatever people want, I’m game for it.”

    According to a poll on our website, 351 people or 91 per cent said of participants said they would like to see the party leaders hold at least one debate before the election.

    Now this.

    “The report – which is the second politically-based document ‘leaked’ in recent days — said “disinformation can be leaked in the form of forged documents, intercepted files, memos and confessions.” It noted this allows for “useful propaganda themes to be disseminated” at the “expense of proper debate.”

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      For the record,

      The article from the Bermuda Sun is dated 11/16/2007

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    My my my my my…isn’t 24 hours a long time in politics!!!! “The Young Progressives are not connected to the PLP” Yeah…RIIIIGHT! Connect the dots.

    Well now folks, why was this kept secret & not published much sooner? More cannon fodder for the OBA, as if they need any more. The record of the PLP can keep them well supplied way past Dec 17th.

    • J Starling says:

      No, they are not connected. When I was Secretary of the PLP’s Youth Wing we were occassionaly confused with the Young Progressives (people would attack us for something they had done, for example).

      I have no comment on their group other than to say that they formed in the 1960s, are based in Devil’s Hole, and see no reason to change their name, despite the obvious confusions that have resulted, of which this is one more example.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The Young Progressives are not connected to the PLP because if they were Mr. Markham wouldn’t be whistle blowing PLP to them. The reason the secret was kept is a legal one. It’s one thing to blast government from a blog & another to step onto a podium & do it & to do that you need all your ducks in a row first.

    • Undecided Voter says:

      You are such an idiot. The Young Progressives run AGAINST the PLP.

      You can’t really be that desperate can you.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        And the remaining UBP MPs run AGAINST the OBA.

        But I’m sure that’s “different” somehow.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Kinda like the UBP & OBA right???

  10. Private Pyle says:

    Always find these guys pulling strings and giving advise behind the scenes. It’s crazy because we, the public, mostly believe it is the people we voted into the postitions they are in that make decisions for the greater good of Bermuda… only to find these super old scarecrows behind the scenes, getting paid lots, advising, making decisions, writing the speeches and calling the shots for the people we actually see.

    Yes, there are people of power ‘backstage’ that remain so regardless of the party in power. And all of this bickering that we the public see is akin to WWF Wrestling. Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. Sure, in the ring they are rivals and hate each other, but backstage are best of friends and sip coffee watching their kids play together. Not to mention eveyrthing they say is staged and scripted! Same thing here folks!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The public shouldn’t be so naive. Of course there will always be a man behind the curtains but Mr. Markham was not one of those in the background with some devious plan he just didn’t realize that supposedly christian friends from PLP were actually snakes in the grass using his sympathy for the downtrodden as a means for their financial ends. Mr. Markham didn’t get paid anything & it’s actually opposite from that.

      To save you anymore shock I’ll let you know that Mr. Markham is not the only non African descended one that has been behind the curtain. One of the others is very far from needing any pay from PLP & could probably afford to buy out the whole of Bermuda if they wanted to. We’re not in Kansas anymore toto.

      • JOE says:

        “The public shouldn’t be so naive” – is that the politically correct way of saying the public is ‘uneducated’ when it comes to political matters?

        • Tommy Chong says:

          No its not. It’s a way of saying the majority of the public go by face value not because they are uneducated but because they have been taught that what you see is what you get through education. There are only a few in this world who will question what is underneath the surface.

          • JOE says:

            I disagree. You infer the ‘uneducated’ comment to mean literally uneducated (as in schooling). I infer it to mean ‘politically uneducated’. Politically uneducated and (politically) naive are one in the same. You might speak the truth but the truth often hurts…especially when it comes from a white man talkig about black voters.

  11. Concerned says:

    And all of this before Christmas….. makes my spirit heavy, bringing the song back to mind “All to Jesus, I Surrender, all to Him I freely give”. while others are probably singing “It is well with my soul”

  12. Tommy Chong says:

    @ CHEEKUMS BIE Do you still think my post you commented on yesterday is false?

  13. Real Talk (original) says:

    So does the Premier now have a press conference and distance herself from a report in the same way that the OBA had to distance themselves from a UBP Report?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Ho can she? It’s one thing for OBA to distance themselves from UBP & another for PLP to try & distance themselves form themselves. If this were a Euchre game Mr. Markham’s report is “De Benny” who cares about the term“surrogate blacks” after this. This report shows how PLP are racist to even their own & have no morals whatsoever. PLP are such fools for not thinking Mr. Markham would play his hand like this after they have mistreated him & those he cares about.

  14. Kim Smith says:

    What role is Ewart Brown playing right now? (that he was asked about a debate?)

    • Whatever role Dr Brown is playing,he needs to stay were he has been in the recent past and make it permanent and stay just there,IN THE PAST.

    • street wise says:

      He’s still the plp’s chief shot caller, behind the scenes strategist, ready to replace Paula with sock puppets inZane or Burgess… if the plp wins. Let’s hope they don’t….

      • street wise says:

        Oh, BTW, the debate he was asked about was in 2007.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Ewart Brown is a shot caller & as long as PLP stays in will always be. Just think about it, we have a big new hospital being built by Ewart’s right hand man’s company & Ewart is the only stem cell professional on island. All the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly. Just take for example how our connection with the American Government has grown over the years since Ewart was premier. I’m sure if it was up to Ewart & no referendum would have to be called we would go independent tomorrow & the next day become an Unincorporated territory of the United States. This is why Ewart tried for the American swat to be deployed in Bermuda & for the uighur deal.

  15. Marc G Daniels says:

    After more than enough time hearing about this “stupid not-so secret document”, that has nothing to do about nothing; on Tuesday, December 4, Bermuda was silenced by an explosion of epic proportions. In a soft and subtle tone, Mr. Peter Cattell of VSB News delivered a broadcast that sent shockwaves through our core.

    “A confidential report written for the Progressive Labor Party on the subject of electoral strategies for racist politics, by their white consultant, Michael Markham, has come to light today. The 19 page document prepared in recent months addresses the Party’s obsession with race often in critical terms. VSB News Brian Darby reads a typical segment of Mr. Markham’s writings”:

    “A fearful person will do anything, say anything, accept anything, reject anything, if it makes him feel more secure for his own, his family of his country’s security and safety, whether it actually accomplishes it or not”;

    “White people in Bermuda are in fear from the PLP leadership and what they might do to their security”;

    “The Elite black power group finds satisfaction and glee in perpetrating this fear as a psychological payback for slavery”;

    “The leaders thrive on contempt, crisis and chaos, utterly cynical, they seem to have believed only in self-justification of power. For example, party leaders blamed the whites and the previous democratic government for Bermuda’s dysfunctional state giving the people a reason to listen to the leader and become his followers”;

    “when people are afraid of losing their livelihood, any solution is gratefully accepted in these desperate times and the people could be easily swayed into believing what the party said without thinking; thus tactics are based on the need to create a common enemy to feed popular resentment and mobilize the masses”.

    Typed (not signed) Michael A. Markham 2012

    Oh my God! Did you just see that? What did he say? Did I hear that right? You have got to be kidding me. What the @#!* I told you about them! My blood is boiling! My heart is pumping! My emotions are running rampant! I do not know what to say. What do you think? Yeah, me too; for Real! Time for CHANGE. What kind of people are these? How can they run our country? This is the information they pay for? Silly rabbit. Wow! Karma is a …..!

    And so, we hit the blogs for Round 1 before the further rounds of DaCosta, Spence and Sherri-S kick off. We gloated to those on the opposing side of the political fence. We provoked the battles and we ridiculed one another. We tried to convince one another that this could not be so. We argued. But there could be no debate. The emotion is overwhelming.

    Yup, we have come back to reality and the world of ugly politics; the black and white kind. Meanwhile, some are kicking back laughing at the debacle below in amusement.

    To understand this in context, let us first try to understand the purported author. His name appears in one media networks broadcast and immediately we are consulting Google. We quickly find a Royal Gazette article, dated 3 January 2011, by Jessie Moniz.

    The caption underneath the photograph of the article reads: Michael Markham, Bermudian – Expert on Religion and the New World Order. The article is quickly posted on FB. We read that his mission involves breaking down barriers, ending hatred and wars. He has been close to government for 15 years. He was an advisor to Dr. Brown. He has managed money and was head of the Justice Fellowship, although now retired. He has spoken of corruption within the public service, which landed him in a hot bubble bath with the union. He brings to light the central banking system versus the gold standard. And finally, he confirms that Bermuda Monetary Authority is the New World Order. And this is only the first article on tap.

    So how does this gentleman get the ‘green’ light to be commissioned to draft this new and improved “secret” report, which deals with such uber sensitive issues as ‘electoral strategies for racist politics’ in 2012; much less, under the Hon. Premier Cox’s leadership? The same Hon. Premier who has run a clean campaign without any reference to race?

    The new and improved secret report made no mention of Markham being a paid PLP consultant, anymore than him being a CIA or MI5 agent. So where is this coming from and why now? Well there is that issue of the “stupid not-so secret document” that has been making airwaves of late.

    Could someone have used a little distraction right about now? Is it reasonable that PLP made up a fake document to suggest how or why the UBP transformed into the OBA, and then made up a real playbook to confuse people (but equally made up) to be released the next day in a masterstroke of strategic brilliance to confuse the voters and bring race back into the forefront of our electoral politics? While at the same time, harboring this vitriolic hate campaign? Is this the type of society to which we have been downgraded?

    There is an elite black power group in our midst! Could this be the 2012, ‘45 dub-plate special’ counteraction to the 40 Thieves legends of old? Or is it all part of the Mayan’s ingenuous plan to test our ability to tell time and make sense of the stars?

    So, is it true, that despite the obvious fact of the matter, the news presents that a ‘white’ consultant has struck a deadly blow for the ‘green’ house, only for it to be exposed by our super heroes?

    Does anyone within the white community truly feel this Mugabe-level paranoia because Zee Germans are coming??!! Hitler, Goebbels, Mein Kampf oh my! Does this document sound like the reading material that one would commission to be informed about them? Does this document seem like the type of instruction manual that some say the PLP have become masters of playing over the last half century? Or does this sound like someone’s opinion about how a certain segment views another within this tiny country? The opinion of someone fed up with the current administration? Does it resemble the myriad of conversations that take place among some of the most vocal anti-PLP voters in private?

    Now what did that other “stupid not-so secret document” quote about the less educated? Someone is clearly playing games people, I think it is the hand up Mona Lisa’s skirt; but you be the judge and let your reasoning be your guide. In short, this latest episode is madness. It is becoming as treasonous as our black on black crime and those that would appear to foster it. It is an affront to our character as a people who have yet to achieve living in competition and common-unity.

    Either way, it is absolutely ridiculous to think that the pompous elite black power group (“EBPG”) would seek to be reminded of their arrogance as evidenced by Markham’s “critical” language as referred to his purported “memo”. Has the EBPG surpassed the depths of “….. surrogates” in the game of thrones? Was democracy truly lost in 1998 along with everything else good in ‘Another World’?

    This ‘story’ is illogical beyond reason; it defies belief. And yet, so many of you more logical voters have jumped up and down with such euphoria at the idea that a further “secret document” could exist, lest one so damaging as this to shake the instructions that rocked an older Party to its foundation! Karma is indeed a beach.
    SHAME on YOU for playing these games, wherever you may be!

    This is a playbook all right, one that could quite literally be followed to the letter. But one thing is for sure, no one with any sense whatsoever can connect this document with that of the hallmarks, spirit or mindset of those proud members within the PLP’s highest and most humble ranks. In the post-game analysis, consider which playbook appears to have a ring of truth about it. Do you think that these “personal conclusions” were intended for the PLP, or for YOU? It seems that some of us are willing to pay top dollar to be spoon fed manure. I hope that you are sick of the taste. I know I am.

    Yes, indeed Watson, “TACTICS”.

  16. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Why can’t we see the report? It’s genuine, not a forgery. It’s in the public domain. It’s in the public interest.

    Is the PLP censoring things now? Why is it a secret? What is in there that they don’t want us to see? They seem to be very scared of the public seeing the full report.

  17. More Confused says:

    It is reported that the Report was written by a private person and addressed to no one. Why would the Premier need a press conference to “denounce very strongly” such a Report except to create more fear and confusion? Is she that scared that the contents accurately portray the election plans of the PLP? Will she also be “denouncing very strongly” the use by the PLP of the report leaked to the press relating to the UBP, or is she merely trying to impose Governmental censorship, and in the process make people fearful and intimidated?

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I guess the Premier has to be concerned about it. From what we have seen of the report, it appears to be highly accurate in describing the PLP’s tactics.

  18. Judge Dredd says:

    The myopic claim that anyone wants payback for slavery is a distraction from the inequalities of the present day. True racism is not to be confused with racial prejudice. Racism is an institution predicated upon elitism of one race and subjugation of another by means of educational, economical, political, religious, and cultural hegemony. Let’s begin with religion because the institution of racism begins with and cannot survive without the symbolization of one race as divinely eminent. Blacks worshipped a White depiction of the ONLY “son” of God for centuries as their only path to salvation and moral integrity. What if whites worshipped a black depiction of God with an afro and African features for centuries? What would that do to their psyche? These pictures are no less prevalent in the highest levels of society, government. For starters, although the population is majority black we have never ever had a black governor sent to Lord over us as the symbol of colonial and racial dominance has in the form of white governor after white governor. Not to mention the Royal Family, all white without a chance of black representation EVER! Black children grow up subliminally understanding that they are inferior and white children grow up subliminally knowing that they are superior, not a word had to ever be spoken and they are not required to be racially hateful or prejudiced towards blacks, they too are victims of this institution struggle to come to terms with it. Let’s talk about or money. Why did so many OBA/UBP cult followers go berserk when “Dreb” had the money printed with the queen’s face scaled-down? Because she is a white symbol of superiority over black Bermuda and when whites see a white face on money they can’t help but feel its effect. What would it do to the intellect of black children if they could carry just one black-faced note in their pocket with the power to place on a counter in exchange for goods or to save? Why don’t they deserve the same thing whites enjoy? Why don’t whites want to give that upor share it? If we understand the power of symbols we understand why some very racist people were enraged at the placing of the sally basset statue on parliament grounds and the naming of the courthouse Lois Brown Evans. Etc. they do NOT like that and view it as a threat to their identity of racial superiority. That’s why they are fighting so hard to deceive us. Its not their fault, they feel that it means their destruction but it doesn’t, it just means they have to accept their equal footing with us and allow that false identity to die. So I’m sorry Mr. Markham I don’t agree that black want to pay back for slavery, we are still under the yolk of an inferior depiction in the highest offices. I believe that one day we can live as equals because the whites of today are not responsible for slavery or the racism of the decades gone by but they are also not accepting responsibility for the superior status they enjoy as a result of the racist institution and are not ready to give it up at all. So with respect to racial prejudice which means “I don’t like you cause your black” that is NOT racism andI don’t think many whites are so evil. But the real racism they are victims of and the evil in it is much more subtle and evasive.

  19. Keturah says:

    Yet when white Bermudians stated the same things as mr. Markham they were ridiculed and labelled as racists. I hope we all start using our brains now instead of letting politicians tell us what to think just so they can get into power.

  20. Bermudican says:

    One would have to ask ..
    Just what gave the vSB spokesman the impression that the young Progressives released document ,
    was a PLP document ?
    Also why the PLP were so “Inflicted” by the production of the document to think it was all about their political views as bigoted racists …
    In other words how did these conclusions come about? What are the underlying factors that caused the reaction ?
    When there are far more important issues presented to PLP to answer to, why did they choose to answer to something they claim has no relevance to the conduction of their campaign strategy for reelection?
    I think that to be time lost to present some solutions to the current problems Bermuda faces as a people.
    If you appoint me Field Marshall of Elections, i will bring Tourism Back to Bermuda.


  21. GMarkham says:

    I’ve only just come across this online and cannot believe some of the comments. I personally as Michael’s Daughter thank anyone who defends him as these horrible comments have come out before the election at the end of last year. I would advise before people “jump the gun” and speak nasty or hateful words about people or stereotype anyone to do some research.
    the thought of Dad “jet setting” anywhere is crazy…I cant even think of any time he’s flown first class or taken a vacation! he works so hard every single day to help people…always going out of his way to lend any advice or help with things for a good cause. all of his children know what hard work is because he taught us to do our very best and give back to our community as much as possible. Open your eyes…..